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  1. More picture: Valentine Mk.I Valentine = Vickers Armostrong Ltd. Elswick Newcastele upon Tyne Tank Valentine use Czechoslovak army in Tobruk.
  2. Time for modeling Valentin 2 days :D ...... if its good artworks not problem.
  3. last Panzer III its Ausf.N, production 7/1942-5/1943. All panzer III use Ral 7021 (1940-1943). 1938-1940 RAL 7016
  4. You like only game picture? Why not: 1) zimmerit at germans tanks december 1943-september 1944 (at Tiger structure i see zimmerit). From februar 1943 use germans tanks europen yellow... at Tiger this color with this combination not posible. 2) panzer IV H. production april 1943 - july 1944. From februar 1943 german tanks use europen yellow.. this color not posible. Nice... you made to arma3 BFV ? And next tiger with africe yellow? nooo... in africa use olive color.
  5. Imaginar camo, not posible in reall.. Panzer IV.
  6. What its problem? CSA38 not have 10 member as core or 50 as external as another mods. Models its WiP!!! You write old assets? What its old? Bren Mk.II not old, cromwells C, D too not old, and sten Mk.II, SMLE? This not old. OA vz.30 i have WiP and at cannon need more artworks, momental museum its closed, reconstruction. No my bad. I have WIP more as Neubaufahrzeug, Panzer III A, Panazer IV D, Bren Carrrier and more. And no problem add new models but BI development A3 and i am work at fixed this all news. Its big problem if "i have done" and now update and all no function. Many hours at work fix. I work im me free time, this not me Job. Big models need many artwork and time. Example i am at Praga RV work one year. And next... cca 10 people send in week bugreport but 9/10 not bug report and its big problem with this people write, only write bug, bug, bug but bug made another mod or its problem ArmA engine.
  7. What you think? This all in mod its. CSA38 not only czechoslovak army but many other. Bren with tripod its under British army.
  8. Work in progress... momental i am add periscope. Interiours for tanks its at long time. WiP its too still panzer IV, in CSA38 panzer IV have position commander, driver, radist done..
  9. Your problem, if you make mission or save with "On" mods. This same made IFA3, ACE and other. "ON" give properties to characters and weapons. This problem i have too with another mods if forgot "off". Fix mission need manual rewrite (small fix) in mission.sqm