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  1. Thanks peope. Happy New year 2019. Matilda II still WIP.
  2. Czechoslovak guys combar in Free France Army , defend Bir Hakeim... Defend Filipinen 1941. During WWII combat in Peru-Bolivian war :D and more.
  3. VALENTINE TANK MK.II ITS ON LAST UPDATE CSA38 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=641305739 CSA38 NOT ONLY ABOUT CZECHOSLOVAK ARMY 1938 :D
  4. Valentine Mk.II For UK army, too for USSR and as captured for German army. Marking not finall.
  5. More picture: Valentine Mk.I Valentine = Vickers Armostrong Ltd. Elswick Newcastele upon Tyne Tank Valentine use Czechoslovak army in Tobruk.
  6. Time for modeling Valentin 2 days :D ...... if its good artworks not problem.
  7. last Panzer III its Ausf.N, production 7/1942-5/1943. All panzer III use Ral 7021 (1940-1943). 1938-1940 RAL 7016
  8. You like only game picture? Why not: 1) zimmerit at germans tanks december 1943-september 1944 (at Tiger structure i see zimmerit). From februar 1943 use germans tanks europen yellow... at Tiger this color with this combination not posible. 2) panzer IV H. production april 1943 - july 1944. From februar 1943 german tanks use europen yellow.. this color not posible. Nice... you made to arma3 BFV ? And next tiger with africe yellow? nooo... in africa use olive color.