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  1. FF mod can made French soldier 1940, but not haven good weapons. Therefore i am made this.
  2. I know. "Interaction with bodies - No Req" mod add function to class CAManBase / UserActions, CSA38 use another "UserActions".
  3. Thanks peope. Happy New year 2019. Matilda II still WIP.
  4. Czechoslovak guys combar in Free France Army , defend Bir Hakeim... Defend Filipinen 1941. During WWII combat in Peru-Bolivian war :D and more.
  5. VALENTINE TANK MK.II ITS ON LAST UPDATE CSA38 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=641305739 CSA38 NOT ONLY ABOUT CZECHOSLOVAK ARMY 1938 :D