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  1. Also we should probably clarify that you don't need to be a professional voice actor or anything. If you speak Russian and have a mic, we'll give it a shot. :)
  2. The bug is fixed and everything will ready in the next update. ;-)
  3. Info from FAQ: My weapons are missing optics/sights! * I am gonna assume you are on Steam, have downloaded our mod via Workshop and are using CBA/ASDG? If that is the case, you have the use the special ASDG config which is included in the \Arma 3!Workshop\2035 RAF subfolder, and replace the one in the "Addons" folder with it.
  4. Thanks friend. :-) The function of Pantsir was bad at the last update. The missiles worked on the IR track and the activity of the device itself was bad too. Detection of air targets was very slow and delayed. The missiles were inaccurate. But now everything has been fixed. The missiles work on the radar and for a longer distance.There are short distance cannons. Even the Pantsir tower itself now works better. It is best weapon in our mod for me. :-) Unbeatable for helicopters and difficult to overcome for jets. I think you have something to look forward to. :-)
  5. Compatibility with RHS is not planned, at least not from our side. From the very beginning the purpose of the mod was to add a russian faction that would seamlessly mesh in/supplement the other 2035 factions in vanilla game. Thanks to many requests we have added compatibility configs for ASDG and ALiVe, but that's about it in the forseeable future. There are too many mods and it is not in my power to solve every compatibility problem separately on my own. In addition, both RHS and our mods are focusing on different things - RHS is a total conversion adding 3 high quality factions while we mostly just focus on putting the Russian Armed Forces in the 2035 era. Of course, people are more than welcome in writing their own compatibility configs. :)
  6. Hello guys, we plan to release another version of our mod in the weekend. Everything is done, and we're just testing if we've done anything to fix it. During these other days we will try to add some pictures at least. :-)
  7. Thanks for supporting our mod, buddy... :-)
  8. Reactive armor for both heavy vehicles. DLC Tanks standard... Various camouflage for new vests and uniforms. New basic colimator 1P-87 from "Ratnik" standard. Many reworked vests variants and others items. This is just a small sample of the next update. The news will be much more... :-)
  9. The retexture vanilla vehicles are in our mode still, but their scope is set as invisible and continue to be optional. Respectively their scope=1. I will try to add the class names our mod in the future, where these will be included to be used for missions.
  10. Thanks. :-) I do not in plan the vehicle interiors for now, but I continue working on the next update. Most news will be in next update. I reworked most vests and other items. Other vests variants in various camouflages. I fixed bugs and improved physical model for vehicles, planes and helicopters. I think you will be happy from next update. :-) In the evening I will upload some new pictures from the next update. ;-)
  11. All right, you're not annoying... :-) Change the side is very simple in the editor. ;-) Divers are planned for the next update of our mod. We do not plan this group for now... Thanks... :-)
  12. Thank you for your post. I'll look at this link and we certainly find some inspiration for vehicle group expansion. :-)
  13. Mindas

    OFP photography - Questions & comments

    @CameronMcDonald It´s the RHS one, but we are going to make new weapon pack which will be included in the final RF mod.