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  1. For our creativity we have AFMC and FIA ;)
  2. tom3kb, thanks you for your feedback. Any your remarks we will incorporate in mod. But a lot of your bugs anybody from team can't duplicate.
  3. Boxed version? I have 2 boxed ArmA 2:CO, 1st from 2010 and 2nd from 2012. And versions of game in this boxed ArmAs are different.
  4. Is A3 campaign delayed? Don't worry, play CSLA!
  5. Old: CSLA_cfg\scripts\xyz AFMC_cfg\scripts\xyz FIA_cfg\scripts\xyz New: CSLA_scripts\xyz We had a lot of scripts in version for CSLA, AFMC and FIA, now we have only one version for all factions (if it's possible).
  6. ... - addition of ammunition into infantry static weapons (MGs, GLs, ATGMs, mortars, T21) from personal inventory (take ammo from backpacks or ammo boxes and go into static weapon; since 2008) - bandage for healing (since 2008) ---------- Post added at 07:52 ---------- Previous post was at 06:25 ---------- ... - and backpack with two 20l canisters refills fuel ;-) (since 2010)
  7. Yes, ACE mod isn't compatible with CSLA mod.
  8. faly

    CSLA for A2CO

    9M113 Konkurs is magazine, no weapon. You must build AT firing emplacement and go in with 9M113. Bayonet is fake. It's prepared for further mod version. Heavy barrel is heavy for fire from hand ;-) It's part for - you must have UK-59 tripod backpack, UK-59 heavy barrel and ((Meopta ZD 4x8° scope and UK-59L) or UK-59L with scope).Bipod is for Sa-58P - take Bipod in your GEAR and open Action menu.
  9. faly

    CSLA for A2CO

    ACE mod isn't compatible with CSLA mod :)
  10. faly

    CSLA for A2CO

    CSLA on Tartarus Cast: CSLA on
  11. AFMC are a poor armies. Their goggles may be a ski goggles ;-)
  12. Sorry, modern? Materials was changed, but appearance...
  13. faly

    CSLA for A2CO

    If you define new magazines / features for weapon, it could happen that CSLA mod will rewrite your definition. The same problem is between CSLA and ACE: ACE rewrites CSLA definitions because BI OFP / ArmA / ArmA-2 Engines are not able to merge definitions of one weapon from two mods.