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  1. @Contrarian yes, there will be an CUCV with M50 on the deck @wsxcgy Many thanks for this reference. It can be helpful.
  2. A small comparison of assault rifles and their accessories of two major factions
  3. Today another set of screens with few details on main three factions
  4. Yet another update ... few new screens with interesting details on actual Homeland
  5. Thanks for your comment slovakianlynx, but consider two things. The first, Homeland is still in development phase therefore some "things" are still not finished or they are there as a placeholders. Second, A3 is not a train simulator - "our" trains and their environemnt are there to improve the overal atmosphere and look of country.
  6. Nice idea, but without the "Tomcat" it will be a low priority ;)
  7. Sorry dude, you will need to wait a little bit more :D
  8. Thanks for these words Ant the Gord. It is always a pleasure to see someone with such experience and a good memories to our prehistoric Mods. :) And to keep you and the rest of the community updated, here are another screens from our "under the development" Homeland map.
  9. Yes, as mentioned many times in the past, our map is based on a real location in former Czechoslovakia.
  10. Hey folks, here is another update of our progress on the map structures ( houses, villages, city ... ;) ) On the screens below, you can look inside the main army barracks located just near the CSLA air base
  11. Two more in-game videos from testing of our landscape Homeland ;)
  12. Another short video from our last MP test
  13. Hi Donbass, currently there is no exact transport plane in our roadmap, but later on we would like to re-born the L-410 Turbolet plane from OFP modification.
  14. We are going back to the typical Cold War era as was mentioned somewhere in the past (CSLA vs. US), AFMC faction is now „sleeping“. Traditional forces are now our focus and later on, if there will be a free time to play with something unusal, AFMC may be released as some UN forces.