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  1. thesun

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain

    You should be able to use that path normally. The flag(pole) itself is in the 3den editor under Signs -> Flags -> Flag_AFMC.
  2. thesun

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain

    Hey there, afmc flag texture is located in \csla_misc\signs\flags\flag_afmc_co.paa for more flags and other emblems/insignias, there's (hopefully) complete list on bohemia wiki
  3. thesun

    Arma 3 Creator DLC: CSLA Iron Curtain

    The issue with OT-62 interior happens when you run ČSLA and CUP together. The cause of this was found a resolved internally and will be in the next patch.
  4. Hey there @Damian90 your're the first one to notice this. 🙂 Luckily, we know about this and it's only a mistake in screen labeling. With that I have to inform you that you are only partially correct regarding the tank's versions. The naming corresponds with versions manufactured / operated in Czechoslovakia. The versions were as follows: T-72 (early) - no smoke discargers - "no" side skirts and different type front mudguards - weaker armor - optical rangefinder TPD-2-49 - only 31 delivered directly from USSR in 1978 T-72 - laser rangefinder TPD-K-1 - rest is the same as the one before - made in CSSR since 1981 - numbers produced vary greatly T-72M - smoke dischargers - rubber sideskirts - rubber fuel tank and toolbox protection - weight +0.5t - ammo increase from 39 to 44 - other minor improvements in manufacturing process and other - about 251 producedin CSSR (incl. export) since 1985 T-72M1 - basically the same as above but... - new cast turret with armor steel + ceramic materials inserts - thicker (16mm) front glacis plate - again, other improvements on suspension, engine compartment, driver hatch and some others. - about 338 produced since 1986 (87 in service) The M1 is actually the only one that comes close to T-72A produced and used in USSR. And here is correct screen:
  5. @Chortles As was already stated, these are still very WiP. Main reason why there are still no loadout variants is that these ports just reflect the variants we had for our mod in A2. At that time we had no option to choose the variants since the Su-25 and L-39 were BI models which we just retextured because there were no sample models available. We will put more effort into our planes in the future, that's for sure.
  6. Congratulations to your release guys. Althought there's room for improvement, I'm glad to see some czech army stuff released. Do you also plan on adding some new stuff besides the content of acr dlc?
  7. Hi guys, the work is going quite slow at the moment due to lack of free time, but here's some small update on the CZ805... @_William Thanks man, i really appreciate your work. @1986Marek Units are curently at the bottom of the to-do list, sorry.
  8. thesun

    ACR weapon pack

    Thanks for reporting the bugs to all of you. I've managed to fix all of them. I'll release new version once i'll have something more to add (hopefully soon enough). @colonel stagler Yes, the M4A3 is supposed to have all three modes, the new config inherits from M16_base which has all of them so it's ok.
  9. thesun

    ACR weapon pack

    AW is used by 601st SFG for sure.
  10. thesun

    ACR weapon pack

    @Old Bear and Sickboy Thansk guys! @J-Guid I don't use ACE, but i'm sure the problem with sounds would be the same even with ACE.
  11. thesun

    ACR weapon pack

    Iron sight above ACOG is not defined, my bad, i'll fix it. As for the sound mods, i'll fix that too. I don't use any so i simply forgot about that.
  12. ACR weapon pack addon V0.5 This pack contains several models of weapons used by Czech army, be it special forces or regular infantry. A lot of the weapons are present in ArmA already, these just add more varability to them. I plan to add more in time. For more news please follow this thread. Weapons and ammo can be found in an ammobox under EMPTY->AMUNITION->WEAPONS AND AMMO[ACR] All weapons (except for CG and G17) come in woodland/green, black and desert camo. Weapons use BIS mags as well as new mags with according models. Each weapon has it's own custom hand animation.(http://www.armedassault.info/index.php?game=1&cat=addons&id=1473) Classes: Installation: Copy both the acr_weapons.pbo and the acr_weapons.pbo.ACR.bisign in Addons folder in your ArmA2:OA / ArmA2:CO installation directory. Credits: Author - TheSun Yano from CSLA - Sa-58 base model Required version: 1.59 Download (104MB): Gamefront Edisk.cz Armaholic mirror thanks to Big ArmedAssault.info mirror thanks to Old Bear Six Updater mirror thanks to Sickboy Some screenshots: NOTE: Some of the models are quite dated (a lot) so please bear with their quality and of course report any bugsyou might encounter
  13. I'll be going mostly for the Meopta stuff since (i believe) that is what is part of the contract. I already have some of those but thanks anyway. Thanks for those.
  14. Thanks guys. I'll still have to find out more about the accesories for this rifle, meaning red dot and other optics, there's not so much reference for those.
  15. thesun

    Tatra 815-7

    Very nice. Perhaps the driving wheel could use more polys for pilot view.