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  1. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    Thank you again for your work😊
  2. strayer49


    ARMA3 Hackers in Server
  3. strayer49


    The hacker displays text on all players’ screens throughout the server,As the video shows. Not just on my server, but on other servers as well. I checked the server logs, everything seems to be in order, the hacker into the server twice and interference, but the logs do not seem to show. BATTLEYE enabled. And sorry, my English is not very good. Can BI provide some help?
  4. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    This's a good idea😋
  5. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    Hi, it’s me again. Is it possible to turn the music off with a button instead of the player turning the music down on the Audio? Sometimes the music sounds so...
  6. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    Arma3 - Eden Editor Tutorial - Auto Repair Rearm Refuel Planes Can you take a look at this video? I think this kind of maintenance should be more convenient. Some friends complained to me that their wings would hit the car while the plane was being repaired, and the car would block the plane.😂 If I wanted to add two OPFPR pilots, what would I do to give them the ability to also have earplugs and Change Hud colors? I’ve tried adding two OPFOR pilots directly, but they don’t have those options (earplugs, Hud, etc.) .
  7. strayer49

    co10 Escape

    Hello. It’s happened to my server. It turned out to be a problem with RHS. I just put the RHS key in the keys folder of the Arma 3 Server. If I put the entire RHS folder containing ”addons” into the root of the Arma 3 Server folder, my problem is solved.
  8. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    Bug:The planes spawn air assets can not be refreshed. The wreckage will remain where it crashed!!!!! Then, here is the task diagram after I added Chinese in Stringtable.xml. https://drive.google.com/file/d/14ShnhuMBg6cTyKvBtU-HEZA0XZKyP7cB/view?usp=sharing
  9. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    Perhaps this increases the number of simultaneous tasks, or the difficulty of the task.
  10. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    Tip: You can mark the supply area on a map,I think this will allow the player to land and know where to resupply
  11. strayer49

    [SP/MP][COOP] LMS 1-8/2 CAAS

    I like it, but forgive me for making some changes. I added some planes from other factions,due to my friends like 201 and 199 better : )
  12. strayer49

    Apex Framework

    https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/join Arma 3: "unlimited" (3000+) :) BI does not seem to have considered this issue.
  13. strayer49

    Apex Framework

    How to change the maximum team size,anyone know? 50 people in a team, and they're all talking on the team channel, which is confusing, so I thought I'd change it. Each team can only hold 10-15 people. But I can't find the file about the maximum team size.