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  1. Congrats for the release !!! My memories of the good old days come back 😉
  2. After a long time there is another video from the multiplayer test
  3. @Piter306: Barrels can be added/removed via VhC
  4. Thank you for encouraging words. We try to do our best 😉
  5. Hi, it's a brand new model made from scratch, like much of the vehicle and unit models in our MOD for ARMA3 😉
  6. We are using only our own assets or assets from A3 or A2 (include vegetation). There are many brand new big objects like houses, dominants,.. etc (I stopped their counting at number 150 few months ago 🙂) ... and many additional small objects like walls, military objects, ....etc.
  7. Sorry, but my computer is running ARMA3 only in normal/low settings in 20-25FPS so I can't record videos (or take screenshots) in better quality :( Good news from this is, that Homeland and addons looks much better on powerful computer than you can see on my videos and screenshots ;)
  8. @eh chaser: Some info about our ponds was described few pages back (7,8)
  9. @Comrade Ivanov: It is not soviet RD54 backpacks but civilian backpack which US spec. forces captured during mission behind CSLA lines on Homeland ;) .... And note that those pics are still WIP - the stuff there is still not in a final phase.
  10. Same problem here :( 90MB PBO (packed): - previous version of binarise - 4 min (40kB log file) - latest version of binarise - 2 hours (3.9MB log file flooded with many warnings)
  11. There will be a number of variants based on M113 chassis.... mortar version too.
  12. Goggles will be replaced with new ones when we will have some free time for make it ;) Thanx for suggestion.