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  1. Project RACS

    Morning foot patrol between Ortego and Corozol looking for any signs of enemy activity in the sands.....
  2. Project RACS

    looking for someone with knowledge to help edit weapons. The meshes are all in game, textures done, need help with zeroing and adjustments/testing the like.
  3. Project RACS

    No. I originally toyed with the idea of another Takistani extension, but witht he way A3 turned out and the large mods(CUP, RHS, VTN etc) not being very compatible with each other, it just didn't make sense. Today's news..... morning foot patrol around the Parasio Airfield in new Arid Sahrani DPM. Also lugging it about in the new rifleman version of the Sahrani Military Industries licensed copy of the CIRAS vest and LWH.
  4. Hello, Mr. wld427 I am ARMA 3 user living in Korea. We were first impressed with your add-on and would like to help you calculate the value of your Add-On aircraft, PhysX, even though you have no experience. If you want to contact me, I will be watching AM 09:00 to AM 1:00 in Seoul, so I would appreciate it if you contact my ARMA Forum PM or sundryh@naver.com

    1. wld427


      I have plenty of experience..... i just need help as this is an overwhelming task right now. 



      What experience do you have?


       Right now i do not need any more testers. I need workers who would be involved with editing. 

  5. No thank you. The closest thing maybe will be a D-44 but i dont see much more than that for large guns.... Also. If anyone is interested in helping out i could use a lot of help on the PhysX for the plane wheels and flight profiles. The planes are all set up properly and working but fine tune adjusting the values is tedious and time consuming. So if anyone is interested in getting the opportunity to help out and play early withe the addons, and understands the PhysX. PM me.
  6. precisely why your request will simply fall on deaf ears.
  7. well then maybe if you tried doing this stuff yourself you would learn to appreciate just how much work goes into each and every thing an addon maker has to put into the game for you. You would stop begging for things and appreciate what you do have a little more and stop using phrases like "low quality". everyone has different opinions on different things. There is no such thing as standardization unless BIS put it in the game for us. Try recommending changes to an addon makers content with some "quality" feedback if you find errors or dont like something. You expect something to be perfect for you in your liking yet you wont put in the sweat to do it yourself..... sounds like entitlement to me. You need to consider things like maybe the addon maker made the weapon lighter or heavier to work with a specific vest or to counter the stamina system. You could also consider learning to make your own "patch" pbo where you can change things in the config you dont like. Again try something yourself instead of standing around waiting for somebody else to do it for you. That is how this community was built.
  8. anything is possible.... especially if you are willing to get off your ass and do it yourself...... The Arma engine and tools provided by BIS leave us all with a wide open world. Anything you can dream up can be put into this game.
  9. Project RACS

    @FallujahMedic -FM- was that a forum issue or did i make a boo boo in posting?
  10. Anyone ever work deeply with particle effects? I want to make the crater left behind after an explosion larger. "Cratereffects" is just another particle. What controls or leaves the "crater" texture on the ground? i cant seem to find it. Is this a case of hard coding? if so then why can i change the crater texture between "HEshellexplosion" and "BombExplosion" and get a different mark left on the ground... or is this all controlled by "impacteffects"
  11. Thats going to be impossible because the Tochka is a scripted missile.