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  1. The SAMs will use data link fir the radar. Missile will lose track upon loss of radar contact.
  2. im making SLA mod.... not interested in doing anything "universal".
  3. Jets DLC Terrains

    bad post..... please disregard.
  4. I wonder what the current mod work state is. Are you still testing? I am waiting for the completion of this mod and I support it.

  5. Project RACS

    Scorpion and Scimitar are included.
  6. Hidden selections is not available for use with the new RHS ACUs..... not even for those of us who work closely with them. It is the wishes of the author of the model.
  7. Recent picture from the emergency UN Security Council meeting concerning the buildup of SLA forces. The recent arrival of arms from China, Russia, and other suppliers have set off red flags among the countries monitoring the cease fire between the Kingdom of Sahrani and the DRS. The representatives of the DRS vehemently deny any offensive intentions and that any strategic weapons are to counter the Kingdom's missile programs. The Prime Minister of The Democratic Republic of Sahrani has stated this morning that the entire UN can "piss off" via twitter. Social media reaction has been equally supportive of his position challenging the UN to make some sort of fake attempt as asserting its authority. All DRS troops involved in peacekeeping operations around the world have been ordered to stand down and return home for immediate border defense preparations. Russia and China have both asserted their staunch support of the DRS, and "will stand by our defense partners".
  8. the bigger issue is yes those hardpoints can carry can carry KABs and yes those can carry RBKs, is it usually done at the same time, no its not..... but it sure looks cool.....
  9. That is the double edged sword of the dynamic loadout system... sometimes not overly realistic but it demonstrates how the player gets to tailor it to what they want for a mission... As stated before i am still narrowing down the group and have been working on the mod very hard. I have added some people to the testers group and have removed some as well. If you have not gotten a "no" message from me then you are still in the considerations pool.
  10. i send your pm. sorry.


  11. If you have not been contacted back by me for testing duties please do not despair. i will getting back to some more of you shortly.
  12. @bars91 this one is for you....laying tracks as you requested.... have not had time for side skirts yet. Am focusing a little on rounding out the logistics... 2 more medevac vehicles. a Ural and Mi8 rigged for stretchers.