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  1. Ice, get me on the Discord, what ever kind of support you need ive got a group of guys willing to help. ...... a couple more old friends in there too...
  2. you can keep up with progress on our discord at: https://discord.gg/bUJeNcg
  3. ........ cause asking in every thread possible for a T-62 for every possible faction is simply a veiled attempt at an addon request. There is a specific thread for that.
  4. what you are referring to are the groundholders i do believe.
  5. and you said you would never do it 🙂 !!!!
  6. wld427

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    the feel good post of the day?
  7. wld427

    [Criticism] Arma 3 shouldnt exist?!

    Arma 3 the unofficial expansion to Arma2.... Granted there have been a lot of upgrades engine wise... a lot of that work is rushed and incomplete. I agree with some of the original posters sentiments about the game having.... issues. In the end it really is a new game. From a modders standpoint there have been so many improvements and technological advancements it brought me out of a 3 year hiatus. I hate the story and the concept of A3. It is why i quit. We have lots of new tech like: render to texture, radars, dynamic loadouts, the tanks penetration systems, physX.... well ok the physX is a friggin joke and needs a full revamp. Nearly all.... ok all of this stuff should have been in the default game and some of it is still horribly broken, but it is still there. The artwork of the models that came with A3 is sensational. I will never take that away from the model and texture makers. The concept is absolute shit. The amount of content in vanilla A3 compared to past BIS titles is lacking, disappointing, and blatantly stupid to say the least. Sadly in this day and age of licensing likenesses and paying big bucks just to have the shape of a vehicle in game or to use a military designation for it, i see the point. Then again i just dont like future shit and star wars stuff so my opinion is always biased. I build my mod based on what i saw, used and fought against during my own military service. In passed titles that was easier to replicate in A3 blatantly impossible without mods.... I always felt like A3 vanilla content was a teaser and BIS thought the modding community would carry the game forward.... I think in the end it just chased more of the community away. im done rambling for today....
  8. wld427

    Project RACS

    On our way to the front.....
  9. wld427

    Project RACS

    We are using imgur now, but im not going back through the thread and fixing them.
  10. wld427

    Project RACS

    T-80 yeah about the screenshots.... screw photobucket.....
  11. wld427

    Project RACS

    out of curiosity.... or maybe i misunderstand your statement.... what vehicles would you liek to load in an M548? like pallets and such?
  12. wld427

    Project RACS

    We get closer and closer every day!
  13. I have some ideas like these in the bull pen.... you will see some stuff like this soon. Right now focusing on getting the airplanes lined out right and fleshing out the RACS portion of the mod.
  14. wld427

    Project RACS

    necro topic...... If any of you old fans are still monitoring this and have not found the arma3 threads... please do so. We are always looking for more testers and folks to join our Dischord discussions.
  15. nice to see that ole bird make a comeback..... i still have the Project RACS version if you want it... has M240H door guns