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  1. Anizay

    Looks stunning @Temppa just checked it out on steam, will defo be getting my arse handed to me tonight playing on this.
  2. Whatever the weather supplies will get through Addons used Arma 3 & DLC, Recolor, Enhanced Video Settings. HAFM ships and Alias waterfall
  3. NATO ships perform ship to ship replenishment during Operation Atalanta @EUNAVFOR somewhere in the Indian ocean during operations. This is an extremely dangerous procured for crews and ships. Emergency Breakaway is an important training procedure. Addons used Arma 3 & DLC, Recolor, Enhanced Video Settings. HAFM ships, 3den enhanced, 3cb units/gear/vehicles, PLP Materials/Beach, Royal Navy Uniforms and Royal Navy smocks.
  4. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @haleks Thanks, I thought I would try something out of this world for a change. I have a video too of me messing around In space and the moon looks great with some music going over the edge of space.
  5. Somewhere in space overlooking the moon I go on a new adventure. Addons used, Arma 3 & DLC, Enhanced Video Settings, Recolor and PLP barriers.
  6. Pook BOATS pack

    Very cool, cant wait to see how this one goes.
  7. HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    @Devastator_cm Thanks, I made it in Eden using reference pictures to work from was a little bit tricky but was great to play with, in the pictures you see I'm also flying supplies over from one ship to another I have a video of that will post it when I upload it.
  8. HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Thanks for dreaming the dream and bringing us this fantastic work Αplion and Devastator, I've been having a blast using the ships especially the resupply ship you can see some of the fun I've been having using the ships on twitter https://twitter.com/Arma3official and the full story here
  9. Authority 20 player coop.

    Lol I swear I never shot him, just his car a tiny wee bit
  10. Bohemia Interactive Studios. Edita Bohemia Tank looking good in the early September light Addons needed Arma 3 & DLC, CUP Vehicles/Terrains/Core and PLP Materials, PLP barriers, 101 editor, Eden extended objects, Sullen skies for cup, Enhanced Video Settings, CFP and Recolor
  11. Authority 20 player coop.

    @Tankbuster I'm the same its the first time I've seen that bug but hey it was great fun, wish I could have recorded it from the start but was too much fun being taken for a drive in a ghost car. Heres another video of us playing Authority in thebuckfastwine server 24:10 for some failed rocket action from @section 20 was a great night of action.
  12. Bohemia Interactive Studios & surrounding area.

    Hello all, I've been working in the area in and around our favourite Bohemia tank. Edita looking good in early September light.
  13. Authority 20 player coop.

    Brilliant stuff guys, I stuck it on my server the other night we played for 8 hours straight was some epic action going on, will be posting some of it when it is uploaded and I even got kidnapped by a ghost car, sometimes arma gives us the funniest bugs, looking forward to some more great action in the next update.
  14. Welcome to Glasgow

    @laxemannlol I sure hope it was Jeff from accounting at NASA who liked and then removed the like on Twitter. I did manage to screen grab the like they gave. @Zippy91 @Spatsiba practice those Scottish accents lol @road runner Thanks, Oban is a lovely part of the country indeed and yes Glasgow is cold and wet 99% of the time I can feel winter in my bones already. @EO i can never give the @EO to link right lol, I've been thinking hard about those cranes at the docks and have decided to add them back in for now Now onto some quick picture of Welcome to Glasgow With EO'S excellent Sullen skies and rain, will post more rainy sullen skies days soon.
  15. Happy Birthday!

    Fantastic Stuff @Rich_R and @GEORGE FLOROS GR We are celebrating Arma 3 5th birthday on Twitter too