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  1. Welcome back, real life always comes first but it's damn great seeing both you back Smokedog and M1lkm8n.
  2. EO Enhancements for Arma 3

    Oh nice, I'm looking forward to the Underwater update EO
  3. Arma3 Videos

    Scotland's finest reserves on patrol. Massoud circle, Kabul, Afganistan 2007.
  4. Thanks for the updates @shay_gman I dropped you a mention in my Bohemia interactive Arma 3 #CommunityProfile #01 interview https://arma3.com/news/community-profile-001-thebuckfastwine#.XDlbDfZ2vM1
  5. Arma 3 , project the cave

    It's had a few cave-ins with past updates, however I have been slowly fixing the cave-ins in my spare time. This was made before Eden was out and was a nightmare to find the way out the cave system.
  6. Welcome to Glasgow

    @Spatsiba I'll add 2 versions one with and one without Brazilian armed forces, I know how it can be with having too many mod dependancy's and yes all permissions will be sought once we finalise the mod list before any release including private testing. @Breaker12312 Sorry not at the moment and good job on the (W.I.P) UK Map you are making. @jacknorrisukThanks, we are still not sure how big and workable things will be, performance playing the map is the key. I've been watching the work you do on Woe Betide, UK its great and those double yellow lines are bang on the money I'm always open to sharing ideas so thanks for the offer. @Thumperdevine lol yes this is so true regardless of the weather you will find people walking about in shorts even if its a full blown storm including myself because of the fantastic tropical humidity in the Glasgow area.
  7. [WIP] No Cure

    Excellent work, dropped a thread follow too.
  8. Anizay

    Looks stunning @Temppa just checked it out on steam, will defo be getting my arse handed to me tonight playing on this.
  9. Whatever the weather supplies will get through Addons used Arma 3 & DLC, Recolor, Enhanced Video Settings. HAFM ships and Alias waterfall
  10. NATO ships perform ship to ship replenishment during Operation Atalanta @EUNAVFOR somewhere in the Indian ocean during operations. This is an extremely dangerous procured for crews and ships. Emergency Breakaway is an important training procedure. Addons used Arma 3 & DLC, Recolor, Enhanced Video Settings. HAFM ships, 3den enhanced, 3cb units/gear/vehicles, PLP Materials/Beach, Royal Navy Uniforms and Royal Navy smocks.
  11. Arma 3 Photography : Questions and Comments

    @haleks Thanks, I thought I would try something out of this world for a change. I have a video too of me messing around In space and the moon looks great with some music going over the edge of space.
  12. Somewhere in space overlooking the moon I go on a new adventure. Addons used, Arma 3 & DLC, Enhanced Video Settings, Recolor and PLP barriers.
  13. Pook BOATS pack

    Very cool, cant wait to see how this one goes.
  14. HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    @Devastator_cm Thanks, I made it in Eden using reference pictures to work from was a little bit tricky but was great to play with, in the pictures you see I'm also flying supplies over from one ship to another I have a video of that will post it when I upload it.
  15. HAFM NAVY (Ships) - v2.0

    Thanks for dreaming the dream and bringing us this fantastic work Αplion and Devastator, I've been having a blast using the ships especially the resupply ship you can see some of the fun I've been having using the ships on twitter https://twitter.com/Arma3official and the full story here