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  1. Hey i know the thread ist old but..no no not gold ^^ i would like to know how ich can return a bool value from this example. So if i have a match true else false. i get alle the time "<null>" when i format the result. // init.sqf RemoveActionByName = { params ["_object", "_name"]; {if (_object actionParams _x select 0 == _name) exitWith {_object removeAction _x}} forEach actionIDs _object; }; Ich know the last result is the return value. So i tried. // init.sqf RemoveActionByName = { params ["_object", "_name"]; {if (_object actionParams _x select 0 == _name) exitWith {_result = true}} forEach actionIDs _object; result = false; };
  2. fortune144

    Model in ground

    Hey, i made my model with blender. I applied Location, Location & Scale but my model stuck in the ground. What i'm missing? It's a litte box it should be flat on the ground.
  3. I imported the ToolBox to 2.8 and run in the following error when i export to p3d:
  4. Hey, i made some cfgFunctions for my clan test server. They running quiet good, but i'm the only one who can start them. That means, i have to execute them before all others can activate them by them self. I'm stumped. There is nothing about my name id or what ever. So any ideas?
  5. fortune144

    Arma 3 closes

    I found the problem. It's my headset
  6. fortune144

    Arma 3 closes

    The problem is still there....
  7. fortune144

    Arma 3 closes

    I switched the Malloc to System..it seems to work..
  8. fortune144

    Arma 3 closes

    yes i did. The 32Bit is not the solution. Crashes with DX11 out of memory. So the 64Bit must run but it doesen't
  9. fortune144

    Arma 3 closes

    After i posted here i switched to 32bit version and it seems to work..wtf but i would like to know what causes this issue
  10. fortune144

    Arma 3 closes

    Hey there, since a few days my arma closes for example when i get in a car. The rpt: Fault time: 2019/03/31 10:37:33 Fault address: 8000A90E 00:8000A90E Unknown module file: tempMissionSP world: VR Prev. code bytes: 00 00 48 8B 17 EB 5D 4C 8B 42 58 4D 85 C0 74 0E Fault code bytes: 49 8B 00 48 89 42 58 66 44 01 6A 74 EB 2E 4C 8B I tried a lot. Reinstalled Nvidia drivers, reinstalled Arma 3 nothing helps me for solving this issue. So what could it be?
  11. I know this thread is dead but i would like to know where i can get this camo pattern. I like the contrast and brightness
  12. fortune144

    UV map resize

    Hello everybody, I ported a wool cap from Arma 2 to Arma 3. For that I used the original textures and therefore also the original UV maps. This texture is all in 2024x2024 before this is much too large for my use case. Now I wanted to create with blender a new UV based on the original for a size 512x512. original texture texture i use now result wool hat after using only the needed area i think the texture i use now is not the best solution. But there is something i don't understand with uv maps. In my opinion when i make a new uv map 512x512 from original and fit in the part i need from the big size texture it should work.. So what im doing wrong?
  13. Hey there, i would like to add the arsenal to my custom ReammoBox_F - box in UserActions. The Problem is the arsenal opens only on click on my action then the action menu contains Uniforms and Arsenal. yeah i know with open i can solve the problem but then i cant add my custom classes to it. class UserActions { class Rifleman_Uniform_Arsenal { displayName = "<t color='#FF9900'>Uniforms</t>"; priority = 6; radius = 4; position = "camera"; showWindow = 0; hideOnUse = 1; onlyForPlayer = 1; condition = true; statement = "[this] execVM ""crates\data\arsenal.sqf"";"; }; }; arsenal.sqf _crate = _this select 0; ["AmmoboxInit",[_crate, false, {true}]] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal; _availableHeadgear = [ "UK3CB_BAF_H_Wool_Hat" ]; _availableUniforms = [ "UK3CB_BAF_U_Smock_DPMW" ]; [_crate,((itemCargo _crate) + _availableHeadgear + _availableUniforms), false, true] call BIS_fnc_addVirtualItemCargo;
  14. Hey guys, i would like to retexture the Land_sign_berezino https://imgur.com/a/IOFTO5o the problem is this setObjectTexture [0, "sign.jpg"]; this attachTo [sign, [0,-0.05,0.8]]; with classname the Land_sign_berezino and object name sign doesn't work. _textures = getObjectTextures this; hint format ["%1", _textures]; gives me empty array. so how can i retexture this sign?
  15. fortune144

    Left Hand Weapon Script

    I added to initPlayerLocal.sqf but is not working