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  1. Hey there, i'm scripting a multiplayer script. Therefore i have in the "Game Logic" the [this] execVM "someScript.sqf" command. Everything looks fine but not for the first player on the server. The second one who joins has everything what i scripted. I don't understand the problem. Has someone an idea?
  2. fortune144

    Community Texture Templates.

    Anybody has a Bergen psd/gimp file? That would be awesome.
  3. fortune144

    Unit config vest items

    Nevermind i found Drongo's Config Generator...edit the config a bit and it's working now. thank you
  4. fortune144

    Unit config vest items

    So my vest is empty everything is in the uniform.....but i want to define what magazines/items are in uniform and in vest....the eventhandler script what makes my loadout overwrites my loadout when i edit one of the units, after mission start...
  5. fortune144

    Unit config vest items

    Ok and Items[]={}; then for everything in the uniform? That's not working. With that method i can't add for example ACE CableTie to vest..only magazines. How can i add none magazine items to vest like ACE can do?
  6. Hello, i'm making a new faction with my custom gear. Everything works fine with custom items in Uniform and Backpack. But i can't get it work that for each Unit different items in the vest. I tried via script but that resets my arsenal loadout conifg. The vest inheriets from a mod. i tried althought via containerClass. The vest is cfgWeapons so i cant use class TranportItem How is the proper way to fill unit vests with custom items? Thank you
  7. In the first part i took the AK from the ground so the civillian can't take it.
  8. Hey, i made a british patrol pack in blender. After i port it in the game the webbings are in the pack. What causes this behavior? Are the sections the problem? Maybe i don't understand whatspine 1, spine 2 and spine 3 is.
  9. Hey, i need some help. I made this british patrol pack 3D model but i can't texture it right. I'm seachring for one who wants to be part of the party and can help me to texture the pack. Maybe it's neccessary to adjust the UV layout.
  10. Hey, i made this plce webbing with flashlight. I thought it would be cool when the flashlight can be used. My config for the vest looks like: My model has the memory lod with the sections "flashlight_pos" and "flashlight_dir". It's not working. What i'm doing wrong? Is this method only working with the pistol_base class? Is it better to illuminate the light via script?
  11. fortune144

    Model between legs

    Yeah, it works. I wrote my class wrong. Can be closed. Jesus.
  12. fortune144

    Model between legs

    Nope i tried the config of the samples model.cfg
  13. fortune144

    Model between legs

    Hey, i made a 3D model for Arma 3 in Blender 2.8. (Edit Arma 2 Ghillie Asset) I followed the instructions from this Video > From Blender to ArmA 3 - Complete process tutorial. But my model appears between the legs. I added autocenter=0 to the geometry lod and detected the components. I consider the case sensitive skeletoneBones strings for my sections. As you can see i would like to configure it for the glasses slot. I tried the vest config too but nothing seems to work. Object Builder screenshot: https://gyazo.com/4483c5a81ce39290850130f3bf5a5e27 Result screenshot: https://gyazo.com/23fc4bd4060bf235c446c007d66d5ef0 config.cpp model.cfg
  14. Hey i know the thread ist old but..no no not gold ^^ i would like to know how ich can return a bool value from this example. So if i have a match true else false. i get alle the time "<null>" when i format the result. // init.sqf RemoveActionByName = { params ["_object", "_name"]; {if (_object actionParams _x select 0 == _name) exitWith {_object removeAction _x}} forEach actionIDs _object; }; Ich know the last result is the return value. So i tried. // init.sqf RemoveActionByName = { params ["_object", "_name"]; {if (_object actionParams _x select 0 == _name) exitWith {_result = true}} forEach actionIDs _object; result = false; };
  15. fortune144

    Model in ground

    Hey, i made my model with blender. I applied Location, Location & Scale but my model stuck in the ground. What i'm missing? It's a litte box it should be flat on the ground.