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  1. Its from the video that shows in the new menu when you hover over the editor option.
  2. derk yall

    Apex Gear Feedback

    Noticed an issue with textures on the syndikat uniforms but this issue is present also on some AAF/FIA uniforms that share the same model. The textures seems to be done for the AAF officer version of the BDU jacket wich has angled flap ends, but the model used is the CSAT officer version with the downward pointing flap ends. It is not a major issue but it take away a little from the immersion. This error is present on "Guerilla uniform", "Paramilitary Garb (Jacket)", "Syndikat uniform". There is another error with the "Syndikat uniform" where the flaps of the trousers pockets are sticking trought the jacket. I like the Syndikat camo, could it be possible to add some more hats or a boonie hat in that camo at some point? I kinda feel the former(?) tanoan army (wich I presume is the source of that uniform) could be a thing to expand a little in the future, maybe with some low tech stuff to make them different from the other factions.
  3. derk yall

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    When looking at the horizont outline on that picture, at the far left. Is it just wishfull thinking or do I see a outline of a larger naval ship?
  4. derk yall

    Bohemia on the right way with Arma 3?

    BL1P: Do you use any kind of network management program? I have on my PC "Killer network manager" and after the change from gamespy to steam I wasnt able to host ArmA 3 until I figured that it was the network manager blocking the server. After changing the options of the manager I was able to host again and it work without problems.
  5. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    I mentioned it to lighten up the discution. He was drunk during his working hours, that's the funny part. No need to be so grumpy.
  6. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    Not exactly related to Ukraine situation, but writing sober minded and meaning Miloš Zeman is very funny. Try to find Miloš Zeman drunk (or "opilý") on youtube. :D
  7. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    Miloš Zeman is pro-russian, it's not secret and everyone know it. He had such opinion on Ukraine for several weeks, yet he still made the very important statement of what he will do if russia will try to annex or will annex eastern Ukraine. Or you already forgot what he said about NATO and military presence?
  8. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    What, explain that a president have a personal opinion? I think that any normal people know that anyone in any position have personal opinions. I have a question, do you understand czech language or you are using a online translator? AKM74: Whatever. So you know, this president is pro-good relation with Russia.
  9. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    ArtTem: Since you are qouting czech media for several time. Can you translate or quote the important bit for english reader? I think that pasting the whole message in non-english language, without any translation or clarification is maybe breaking the rules. And no one is or was expecting for ukraine to enter very soon, so nothing he said is new. Just that by his opinion it will have to take 15 year, wich is what it is, his opinion.
  10. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    Artem: Nothing unexpected from Václav "Tunelpapá" Klaus Narcis I. . As always he has no touch with reality :).
  11. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    There is a huge difference between protest against governament and supporting further annexation/invasion by a foreign country. Something you are choosing to ignore in your rethoric. And why should they not be named separatist? They want to separate from the country and join another? Yes, so why should they not be named that?
  12. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    The difference is that then it was a protest against the governament within the country. Now the country was invaded and part of it annexed and "protestor" are pro-futher annexation. Also with the chance of new "polite people TM" emerging, there is propably not much time from the perspective of the Ukrainian governament to do it less violently.
  13. derk yall

    Ukraine General

    Written by Vit Hassan, interesting reading, but still with him you have to take his stories with large bags of salt.
  14. Done, hope that I did it right. :)
  15. Noticed a weird bug. Tested with NATO and CSAT forces with the same results. Don't think that I noticed it before. Tested with me as target, and also with AI target. In both case the unit was almost not affected by primary and secondary weapon fire. But was affected by grenades. Branch: Stable and DEV Reproduction: Put unit into water, near the shore Put enemy unit/s on the shore Condition: Unit in the water is not moving Results: Unit in water unaffected by hostile fire in most cases. Affected by grenades. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=247421590