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  1. Ya A3 takes getting use to :)
  2. It is with a heavy heart that I bring sad news to you all. I am sorry to report that the mod will no longer be made for two reasons. 1: All of the mod team members have moved over to working on the Arma 3 WWI mod known as Blood trench, I advise all of you to go over there and give them the same love and support you have given us, for they will carry on the flame. A WWI mod will exist and it will through Blood trench and so again I saw show them what fans can do. Without you fans I would never have had the ability to even keep the mod alive in its early days and without you great fans the mod would never have stayed alive but the appearance of Arma3 had always been a problem and this was foreseen and uncontrollable but what will happen will happen and I am indeed sorry I have to write this as I feel like a parent abandoning their child but reason 2 has gone in to heavily influencing this choice as well. 2: With a new job and hours that rendered work slow and even none existent and with no team left I was hard pressed to complete anything on my own. Slowly however my health began to diminish and though I pressed on I eventually ran in to worsening health and now am at a point where focusing on the mod is impossible due to my issues and so I am forced to write this and betray what I had written previously to the fans, I understand if people won't be happy about this or with me but it is with a heavy heart that I must do this, for my health and again just due to the fact that Arma 3 is superior in every manner and will allow the setting to be done better justice then Arma 2 could. I have thought long and hard about this choice and feel it is for the best, I am sorry but the only good thing about this is there will still be a World War 1 mod. See you all in No Man's Land and take care of your self's *Salutes*
  3. Its still alive, just we are looking for dedicated members to help work on it is all :)
  4. May they rest in peace, least we forget.
  5. No, that is a place holder for when we build them, as for missions we are working on those in the form of possibly hiring a mission maker :)
  6. We indeed hope to have one :) Its always a pleasure to hear thanks for sticking with the old game, thank you for your continued support :)
  7. I'd like to take a moment to wish everyone a Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year as we here at Decades of Development and Over The Top always tried every year to do. We have had our ups and our downs but the team is still here in one capacity or another to try and bring the A2 community at the very least a finished 1.0 release. We also would like to thank the continued support of the community and to say that without it the mod would have surely died so thank you and may your holiday season be joyful and wondrous.
  8. We should be thanking you, if it wasn't for continue support for the Arma 2 version then we wouldn't be here :)
  9. WOOT, gonna put it up on ModDB right now! :D
  10. I talked it over with the Blood Trench mod leader and it is cleared and ok that two instances of the mod are being made. This is so those who can not afford or run Arma 3 are not left out, especially the loyal fans who would be chucked to the side and abandoned. No sadly not :(
  11. Nice find, thanks. This is indeed fascinating :D
  12. Thanks :) You should put that on a shirt, I'd buy one :D
  13. Yes we are still alive and it is amazing to know so many support us still. We are sorry we haven't been very consistent with our releases or news of late but both real life and mod issues are keeping us hard at work right now. Also awesome pictures Eaglke :D
  14. NOTE: The team is hard at work on the next mod version and fresh news, we are sorry for the delay :)