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  1. I think the best way of saying it is: 1st Gen = WWII Era 2nd Gen = Just after WWII, into things like the Sabre and MiG-15's 3rd Gen = Early Cold war, 60's/70's, things like F4's 4th Gen = First Real Modern Ones, Latter Cold war Planes and into the early 2000's 4.5 Gen = Mainly seam like stuff as the Su-47, Showing a Early stage of the 5th Gen's 5th Gen = todays Aircraft, F-35's and the such well, thats the way I see it
  2. Yea, we hope to include more realistic stuff at a later date, right now we lack a modeler to make Kraz trucks although we want to keep the filesize low, it still would be a good Idea to have the proper equipment, And I believe Vilas does have a Kraz truck though
  3. I swear I already replied But I'm putting in the other Retired vehicles just because to be honest, but after this mod we hope to move onto other less shown Nations in most games And yea, thanks about the woodland camo, Glad it looks something like the real deal. Will get it brighter when I get around to it
  4. We hope to follow on with other projects of the same, reasonable size (If I can control myself to stop!) with other country's not commonly represented in most games and whatnot
  5. Vist the Decades of Development Fourm What is Operation Bulgaria? Operation Bulgaria is a new add-on currently in development for ArmA II: Combined Operations, which focuses on the armed forces of The Federal Republic of Bulgaria. The pack aims to add the faction for all members of the ArmA community, and for use by the Bulgarian Community itself in their servers and missions. Who is making it? Operation Bulgaria is currently being developed on by two members of the Decades of Development Mod group; Rlast and Jake Wedding. Both being Co-Leaders of the mod with Jake Wedding doing texturing and config and Rlast also doing texturing. What does it include? The Operation Bulgaria pack will encompass the Bulgarian Army and Air Force in both the desert and woodland theatres. At the moment, our focus is on the desert theme, and the proper development of any woodland add-on will occur after the release of the first update. I am also looking for away to have Randomized Vests and Uniforms, PM me if you know a way The current plan for the project is as follows: Infantry - Regular infantry in Desert and woodland configurations, possibly in both realistic loudouts and ArmAII styled. also UN Personal and specialized branches may follow Vehicles - HMMWV's of course will be included, along with Ural trucks. Possibly later we may get a few Mercedes Vehicles to put in as well Armoured - Your basic Eastern blok stuff, T-72's, T-55's, T-34's, BTR-40+60's and BRDM2's, Looking also to have the BMP-23 as well modeled Aerial - Your run of the mill Su-25's, Mi-17's, Mi-24's and L-39's. Looking to include some MiG's as well at a later date Contributions and Joining while we are looking to keep the file size down (Already is up to the 60mb mark), but more content is always a nice thing, so if you want to give us something, Go ahead! And with joining, we at decades of Development are always looking for me guys to help out, we have this project, Decades of Tiberian and Over the top running, PM us on this fourm or on our own fourm if you want to join Screenshots: (Hope their not over the limit, Re-size if you must admins) Infantry WIPS - 4 color Woodland and 3 color desert, Vests are still not done http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/2094/arma2oa2011120609592411.png >100kb!! http://img215.imageshack.us/img215/9141/arma2oa2011120609550958.png >100kb!! BTR-60 - Plain green, in both New and worn versions, camo will follow http://img18.imageshack.us/img18/1391/btrwornb.png >100kb!! http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/7591/btrnewa.png >100kb!!
  6. Just adding into Stop some of the confusion with the Current weapons in the Russian Army the Ak-74 is still used, Mainly in Training and in Forces stationed on Islands and other Logistics Nightmare places (In the Colder Regions I've seen this in use) The Aksu is still used mainly by Weapon Crew Ak-74p is still used in limited numbers Ak74m is now the Standard Ak-105 is being slowly put into Service, Ive seen it with Weapon Crewmen
  7. Cant give you details or Examples but the Horn is a Weapon, so to get a Siren working on your Ambulance you need to create a new weapon class based off the Horn and change the fire sound to your new sound Pretty easy I would think if you know basic Addon stuff (If you need to find the Horn Weapon Entry, then just look under this web site: http://browser.dev-heaven.net/ Its a bit slow, but you can get all the Data without needing to Un-Pack and whatnot the files)
  8. Well, it is Realistic, Try Running with Full Combat Gear Weight, you wont be able to stop instantly. Theirs a Rule to it also, If you dont need to run, then Dont run! You Should also be able to go from 'Sprint-Jog-Stop' Instead of 'Sprint-Trip-Stop'
  9. JakeWed

    Thoughts on using enemy uniforms

    Well, if you already know Arabic, then that's a Plus to you, its just that everyone else has to learn some basic stuff in Arabic, Basic Questions could be taught in a Tutorial (I mean, your Special Forces, Why wouldn't they teach you some basic's of the guys your going up against?) Of course, A New Iranian Dialect could be made, just adaptions of Arabic to be used, so Arabic Speaking people dont have so much of a advantage But Race of your guy will be essential the way I see if, Being some really White guy in a crowd of Tanner Iranians, I think they would notice pretty fast. This could be Counted by just having faces Locked to each Side, so in the Player Options, a NATO, Iranian and Greek Face/Voice can be chosen The weapons would also have to be factored as, as Previously Said back a bit. Having a Modern M16A5 or whatever NATO will be using in a crowd of Militia will raise an eyebrow or two
  10. JakeWed

    Actionmenu too cluttered

    Would be Cool to see a Take on Heli styled Interaction with your person, having to Put mags in the Pockets and take them out etc.. As well as having to Attach the scopes realistically (eg, Having to Release the Catch and Sliding off PSO scopes etc...) Although, that's Probably a Bit far off, Maybe ArmAIV eh?
  11. Maybe Useful for the Tutorial, Having the Combat Segments be done over A system like this
  12. Dmarkwick, you can find it in your Gear Screen, at the Top by your Name. Took me About a Year to Realize myself! But, Having A Rank Dependent System of Attaching/Detaching Men from Unit to Unit would be A Huge Plus to the Professional MP and the SP Guys. With the Ability to Borrow AT Specialists from a Other AT Unit would allow Weapon Platoons and Groups to Loan out their Men, Allowing for Players to Navigate AI into Effective Positions and Command them without having to go though the Weapons Group Squad Leader if the Weapons Group need to cover a Larger Area and the Leader can not Effectively Control each Member of the Squad
  13. Hello Comrades! We are looking for able Officers and staff to start up a OPFOR Training Program. we are Looking for: Graphical Artists Officers Trainees Benefactors Graphical Artists: We need some Graphical Artists to join up to give us a more Professional Look, For Our website and Documents Officers: we are also looking for People Able and willing to Teach or learn How to teach Players more advanced Tactics and skills, have a Flexible Time table and of course be skilled in playing with Russian Equipment Having a Good level of Skill in a Select area is a Positive as well, You will have full Permission to write your own training Regimes and Provide new members with your valued Skills Trainees: We are looking For you as well! Join Up and Test our system of training Be ware though, their will be Hick-ups along the way as we are not fully Operational Benefactors: Yes, I don't like to say it, but we are looking for Donations. I would Greatly Prefer it to be by members so they can see where their money is going but any outside help by Communities/People would be of Great value to us we still need a Dedicated forum and website as well as a Server for ArmAII If you are Interested, PM/Email me And I'll get you started!
  14. JakeWed

    Dune RTS for ArmA2

    I Could Probably Rip the Sounds Off the Dune Game if you want, Pretty Simple Just need to extract the MIX Files and convert the audio Format
  15. Whoa, thats looking pretty Good Mate!