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  1. Yes but for russia an Austro-hungary faction had not a lot variety of weapons , equipements and uniforms, i need to do more stuff( mannlicher m1895 and steyr 1912 is missing), but i will publish the content even not complete. the tanks and amored cars yes ( i have a rolls royce ac and a garford-putilov workinprogress, and if i don't try to get ingame before 11th, i will made some update after)..
  2. eaglke

    Flying Circus

    nice work !
  3. Hi all, i'm please to tell you the next release of the mod is set to the 11th november 2019. before this day, i will polished, redo some older model like mg08/15, and add new infantry for austrian faction. This version will add all the new stuff, especialy the tanks and amored cars.
  4. The ai driving is very bad on terrain with many object close to it, but i work on it
  5. No, i dont have the time to make one
  6. yes i'm aware about that but no i dont use their stuff for some reasons, but anybody could do it and made addon with that if they want. Thank you Digger James i hope the a7v is what you expect, i never seen an A7v IRL and maybe i do some mistake, specialy for the interior of the tank. Thank you !
  7. some arty nest test : Thank you again for you incredible map CptAwe !!
  8. Not at this time, i prefer polish some of my weird model and texture before the next release and add some equipement for russian side. exemple a 76mm m1909 Putilov field gun: and nieuport 11 retextured:
  9. thank you for the info, i modeled the interior of the tanks but not as detailed as in real life, just enough for immersion and optimization
  10. some news about the progress: the a7v is now fully playable, textured and animated, i've ported the mp18 from our A2 mod, and made custom helmet skin: i hope publish new version of the mod soon
  11. New MG 1914 model and texture Lewis Mark 1
  12. "Will there be any naval units,ships,boats??", not for the future release, i will focus on tanks, amored car and adding new stuff ( like lewis mg), remodelled and retextured old ones.
  13. Salut 🙂 je t'avoue que j’ai pas rebosser sur ma map de tranchée depuis un bon moment, je me suis concentré sur l'infanterie et les véhicules, mais oui je serais bien intéresser de voir comment améliorer les tranchées. some screen of the new content:
  14. When the Mark 1 Male and Female, The A7v and the new Hotchkiss 1914 3d model will be in-game. Actually, the Mark 1 Male is almost 90 per cent modeled, the A7v need to be completly redone to fit the A3 graphic level. All the tanks in this mod will have interior modeled, its a real challenge due to the lack of reference. (100 years ago).
  15. Yes Austro-huangaria and Russia faction, but just basic soldier and nco for each. Also tankist model, with special clothes and helmet for each factions. I hope, but i will release the tank before redoing units 3d model