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  1. thank you, "les glieres" is a test map for a mountain map style mod during ww2, i forget to get it out the ww1 folder when i publish the mod. yes but for now i will continue to focus on the ultra detailed Rolls Royce amored car (interior, motor, ect...)
  2. Yes but for now i need to improve my quality 3d modeling on characters by redoing italian infantry and create Ottomans factions not yet but maybe something neither seen before in arma if i had the time...
  3. for armored cars it will be in the order: Rolls Royce ac (with fully interior), in second Putilov-Garford, and third the Austin armored car
  4. thank you, yes i need to redo the base texture, but in real life the paint scheme was like that during ww1 :
  5. I fixed it, now the A7v got optics working
  6. its 1.5 gb update, maybe desactivate or uninstall it an redownload it : steam link
  7. The new update is here 🙂
  8. Yes, i'm currently uploading it at steam, it will be avaible within 2 hours i think
  9. Its due to many A3 patch since the mod release year ago. So in the next update this map will be no longer avaible, CptAwesome made a specific trench map called Ypres :
  10. Yes but for russia an Austro-hungary faction had not a lot variety of weapons , equipements and uniforms, i need to do more stuff( mannlicher m1895 and steyr 1912 is missing), but i will publish the content even not complete. the tanks and amored cars yes ( i have a rolls royce ac and a garford-putilov workinprogress, and if i don't try to get ingame before 11th, i will made some update after)..
  11. eaglke

    Flying Circus

    nice work !
  12. Hi all, i'm please to tell you the next release of the mod is set to the 11th november 2019. before this day, i will polished, redo some older model like mg08/15, and add new infantry for austrian faction. This version will add all the new stuff, especialy the tanks and amored cars.
  13. The ai driving is very bad on terrain with many object close to it, but i work on it
  14. No, i dont have the time to make one