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  1. Hi guys, i'm please to present you the successor of the ww1 arma 2 mod. It's not the final version, its just a preview i made for the 11th november remembrance. its the current state of the mod started more one year ago. Its not the blood trench mod (we choose an other way and me and my team doesnt work together with them). I know some texture are ugly, some model are buggy, but we still working on this. I hope you will enjoy this small release. features: planes: - Fokker EIII - Fokker Dr1 - Albatross DIII - Nieuport 11 - SE5a - Caudron G4 (wip) cars: - Mercedes 1914 GP - Ford T truck - Daimler Marienfeld truck - Fiat 15 ter truck - Berlier CBA 1915 - Legano 1908 - Peugeot 6cv - Renault AG 1910 - Cadillac 1903 amored cars: - peugeot 1914 (mg version) - ford T mg units: - pilot ententes - pilot allies - german Rifleman 1914 - german Rifleman 1915 - german Rifleman 1917 - german crew - german NCO 1915 - german NCO 1917 - german Medic 1915 - german Medic 1917 - French Rifleman 1914 - French crew - French Rifleman 1915 - French marine 1914 - French marine 1915 - French NCO 1914 - French Chasseur Alpin 1914 v1 - French Chasseur Alpin 1914 v2 - French Chasseur Alpin 1914 v1 (arty crew) - French Chasseur Alpin 1914 v2 (arty crew) - Italian Alpini v1 - Italian Alpini v2 - Italian Alpini v3 - UK Rifleman v1 - UK Rifleman v2 - Austro hungarian rifleman (wip) Weapons: - Kar 98 gewer (in 4 version) - Lebel - mas 1896 revolver - mauser c96 - p08 pistol - MG08/15 - Chauchat - lee enfiel n3 - carcano 1891 Heavy machine gun: - MG08 - Hotchkiss 1914 - Fiat revelli 1914 - Vickers MK1 - DWM LMG 1914 - Flak 1914 - MG07 skoda Arty: - 280mm Krupp (coastal gun) - FK96na - 15cm FH1893 - 75mm Skoda - 75mm Model 1897 - 65mm de Montagne - 75mm deport 1911 - 155mm de bange - QF18 pounder - Crapouillot 55mm - Stokes mortar Map: - WW1 map ( only 10 percent of the map is finished..) - Trench MAP ( trench system test) MOD NEEDED: - ATS Train by DUDA - CUP TERRAIN - CORE - CUP TERRAIN - MAPS - CBA 3 - EUROPEAN_Buildings - IFA3_AIO_LITE OPTIONAL: - Sab Aircraft libs - Sabres flying Circus - Blascore Edited( standalone version) other: some unit are include, just for test, they are not working well and are not finished yet. keep in mind this mod is not finished. it is just an early preview for all who want have fun with this. Credits: - BIS for config and pilot model, and this awesome simulation - DUST Sabre for his help - Felix for his help (specialy on the vickers and the trench map) - Pertlach for his high detailed german infantry and weapons - Tankgun for his help, particulary on brittish infantry and vickers mg - Skeligandrew for his help on the previous arma 2 mod DOWNLOAD: Steam workshop ww1 mod
  2. thank you, "les glieres" is a test map for a mountain map style mod during ww2, i forget to get it out the ww1 folder when i publish the mod. yes but for now i will continue to focus on the ultra detailed Rolls Royce amored car (interior, motor, ect...)
  3. Yes but for now i need to improve my quality 3d modeling on characters by redoing italian infantry and create Ottomans factions not yet but maybe something neither seen before in arma if i had the time...
  4. for armored cars it will be in the order: Rolls Royce ac (with fully interior), in second Putilov-Garford, and third the Austin armored car
  5. thank you, yes i need to redo the base texture, but in real life the paint scheme was like that during ww1 :
  6. I fixed it, now the A7v got optics working
  7. its 1.5 gb update, maybe desactivate or uninstall it an redownload it : steam link
  8. The new update is here 🙂
  9. Yes, i'm currently uploading it at steam, it will be avaible within 2 hours i think
  10. Its due to many A3 patch since the mod release year ago. So in the next update this map will be no longer avaible, CptAwesome made a specific trench map called Ypres :
  11. Yes but for russia an Austro-hungary faction had not a lot variety of weapons , equipements and uniforms, i need to do more stuff( mannlicher m1895 and steyr 1912 is missing), but i will publish the content even not complete. the tanks and amored cars yes ( i have a rolls royce ac and a garford-putilov workinprogress, and if i don't try to get ingame before 11th, i will made some update after)..
  12. eaglke

    Flying Circus

    nice work !
  13. Hi all, i'm please to tell you the next release of the mod is set to the 11th november 2019. before this day, i will polished, redo some older model like mg08/15, and add new infantry for austrian faction. This version will add all the new stuff, especialy the tanks and amored cars.
  14. The ai driving is very bad on terrain with many object close to it, but i work on it
  15. No, i dont have the time to make one
  16. yes i'm aware about that but no i dont use their stuff for some reasons, but anybody could do it and made addon with that if they want. Thank you Digger James i hope the a7v is what you expect, i never seen an A7v IRL and maybe i do some mistake, specialy for the interior of the tank. Thank you !
  17. some arty nest test : Thank you again for you incredible map CptAwe !!
  18. Not at this time, i prefer polish some of my weird model and texture before the next release and add some equipement for russian side. exemple a 76mm m1909 Putilov field gun: and nieuport 11 retextured:
  19. thank you for the info, i modeled the interior of the tanks but not as detailed as in real life, just enough for immersion and optimization
  20. some news about the progress: the a7v is now fully playable, textured and animated, i've ported the mp18 from our A2 mod, and made custom helmet skin: i hope publish new version of the mod soon
  21. New MG 1914 model and texture Lewis Mark 1
  22. "Will there be any naval units,ships,boats??", not for the future release, i will focus on tanks, amored car and adding new stuff ( like lewis mg), remodelled and retextured old ones.
  23. Salut 🙂 je t'avoue que j’ai pas rebosser sur ma map de tranchée depuis un bon moment, je me suis concentré sur l'infanterie et les véhicules, mais oui je serais bien intéresser de voir comment améliorer les tranchées. some screen of the new content:
  24. Napoleonic Era Addon's This is the improvement of the Napoleonic Mod started by Icewindo. Icewindo share the unbinarized version of this mod to the community, and it is a very good base to continue this mod. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6apeybmc8bbm714/ice123_musket-mlod.7z I start this thread to give to community more content for this Era. Curent content to DOWNLOAD here -> -> : http://www.mediafire.com/download/ce8io49cs65mytq/%40Napoleon.rar <- <- Content by Icewindo : - Generic English infantry - Generic French infantry - "1777 Charleville" musket Actual New content : - "Canon de 12" artillery gun new - "1777 Charleville an IX" musket reworked