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  1. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Always depends on some very important facts spot this one landing deck and superstructure begin however thanks for spot i will take a look on model! :)
  2. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Yes interiors on Zumwalt Burke and Ticonderoga but need texture work OHP Daring and IX-529 are without still Ticonderoga is next with retex and small fixes on model Burke awaiting overhaul it's really sucky sucky boom boom
  3. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Small fixes on Zumwalt class destroyer and new textures..etc
  4. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Hi it's finished but i have some problems with textures when using rvmat i hope i will find fix soon
  5. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    :D made me confusing first time i saw pic of OHP
  6. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Thanks wansec :)
  7. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Hello people ahh what to say i was busy whole summer and till the yesterday a lot of things changed so i will just skip boring part where i was been, what i did...etc current models with ships and other stuff were still in W.I.P except howitzers that i dont know but i have problems with their textures only thing i can say that i have started today remodeling of current ships and retexture i know they are not perfect so i decide to start with OHP today...
  8. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Rendered in Lumion 6
  9. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    Thank you brother ;)
  10. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    M777 and M198 we done ! some small tweaks with config and it's ready
  11. srbknight

    War Sim Studios

    This one is called Borei or Yuri Dolgorukiy and it's SSBN For next stage when i release western ships i will take more time for Russians it will include -Borei Class SSBN -Yasen Class attack submarine -Admiral Gorshkov Frigate -Buyan-M class corvette -Kirov class -Project Lider -Ivan Gren class -Raptor class -Steregushchy class -Gepard class -Storm Aircraft Carrier