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  1. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    Greetings and thank you to Bohemia and the Arma Community May the blessings of Christmas be yours and happiness fill each day of the New Year Collection of Traditional German Christmas Songs Country: Germany Natal de Cavaquinho - Samba cover Title: Noite Feliz (Stille Nacht Heilige Nacht/Silent Night) Country: Brasil X-mas music video by Sara X Title: Jingle Boobs ?
  2. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    News & Music Strasbourg Attack French TV station apologises for playing ‘I Shot the Sheriff’ on air after police kill shooting suspect Cherif Chekkat During BFM TV’s broadcast, the channel screened footage from the area where counter terror police had killed Chekkat, before the reggae classic began playing. The Independent Mentioning Bob Marley did remind me on a pretty cool jungle mix version:
  3. oxmox

    France General

    The running gunmen from the Strasbourg Chirstmas Market attack is dead like most know already, they shot him. I did combine music and news about it in the music thread. @Vilas wrote: "return Europe to for natives...so fight for your rights and vote for freedom-capitalistic" Its unrealistic to have no migration, but there is a certain trend in the last years which got promoted, where migration, open border ideas, neoliberalism and parts of the left are comming together. Migration is for the economy big business and the World Economic Forum, which has an annual meeting in Davos, did promote it. They did publish a paper in 2013 with the title: "The Business Case For Migration" some sentences from the content: http://www3.weforum.org/docs/GAC/2013/WEF_GAC_Migration_BusinessCase_Report_2013.pdf
  4. oxmox

    France General

    Besides the "Yellow Vests" there was another terror attack on the largest Christmas Market in France. Most did probably already see that in the media. Christmas market attack: France declares Strasbourg shooting to be act of terrorism https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/europe/french-police-sought-to-arrest-suspect-ahead-of-strasbourg-christmas-market-attack/2018/12/12/5f47366e-fd95-11e8-a17e-162b712e8fc2_story.html?noredirect=on&utm_term=.d4457f17a34b Strasbourg shooting: French and German police hunt gunman https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/dec/12/strasbourg-france-christmas-market-shooting-gunman-was-listed-as-potential-terror-threat
  5. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    never gets old..... probably everyone knows it Movie FDTD: Titty Twister - Pussy Lover scene Country: USA Band Name: Tito & Tarantula Title: After Dark Country: USA Band Name: Tito & Tarantula Title: Angry Cockraoches Country: USA
  6. oxmox

    Germany General

    Famous HESCO company a.o. for military base fortification (Hesco MIL): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hesco_bastion Protecting Berlin Christmas Market Two years after the terrorist attack on the Breitscheidplatz Christmas market, Berlin, authorities have taken action to increase ground security at this year’s events. TERRABLOCK is designed to protect against possible attacks by vehicles and will provide unrivaled perimeter protection throughout this high-risk season. https://www.hesco.com/more/news/protecting-berlin-christmas-market/
  7. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    They could both fit into the 90s, isnt it.... Band Name: Dinosaur Pile-Up Title: My Rock N Roll Country: Great Britain Reminds me on Downset... Band Name: Whores Title: Daddy´s Money Country: USA
  8. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    Band Name: Waldeck Title: Shala-Lala-La Country: Austria Band Name: Waldeck Title: Senorita Rodeo Country: Austria @Roman Petruchyk, yeah such experimental bands are often quiete interesting, cool website thank you ....
  9. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    Band Name: Wolfsheim Title: The Sparrows And The Nightingales Country: Germany Band Name: Motorama Title: Heavy Wave Country: Russia Band Name: VNV Nation Title: When is the Future (brand new release) Country: GB/Ireland
  10. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    Band Name: MC Yogi Title: Shanti (Peace Out) Country: USA Band Name: MC Yogi Title: Ganesha Country: USA Band Name: MC Yogi Title: Elephant Power Country: USA Band Name: MC Yogi Title: Born to Fly Country: USA
  11. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    @Rydygier; Oh yes I like Faun a lot and the mentioned song Federkleid is really great. Thx for the sip of Rum :P. Ye Banished Privateers is specialized into "pirate music", worth to check em out if you are looking for more. some disco gems from Italy... Band Name: Pino Presti Title: You Know The Way (unrel. Special Disco Version) Country: Italy Band Name: Adolf Stern Title: Twenty Seven Country: Italy Band Name: Pino Presti Title: You Know Why (unrel. disco version) [rel. 2018] Country: Italy
  12. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    @Rydygier, maybe this Video from FAUN (did post some songs already before) fits a bit with your post. By the way both bands together, Santiano and Faun, did create one or more songs, cant remember which one: Unofficial Video - Game Of Thrones scenes The song is about Brendan the Voyager ; patron of the adventurer & mariner Band Name: Faun Title: Brandan Country: Germany The next one is quiete cool to watch, it is a 360° pirate folk music video. You can look around using your mouse. Band Name: Ye Banished Privateers Title: First Night Back in Port Country: Sweden again
  13. oxmox

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    Possible Links to Terror Groups: The Netherlands cut off money for Syrian White Helmets [Standard.at - Sept. 17, 2018] The Dutch government is now cutting its funding for the Syrian non-governmental organisation White Helmets and other NGOs, which it accuses of possible links to terrorist groups. This was reported in the daily newspaper "Volkskrant". Last week, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sent a report to the Parliament saying "very little transparency" about the white helmets. There is a danger that Dutch money earmarked for the organisation's rescue and salvage operations could fall into the hands of extremists or be used for illegal trade. 12.5 million euros of Dutch tax money have been transferred to the white helmets since 2015. According to the report, the fact exist that this cooperation takes place at least occasionally is demonstrated by the fact that the white helmets are active in areas that control "unacceptable groups" for the Dutch government. The fact that the white helmets cooperate with local authorities belonging to these groups is "inevitable". (google transl.) more..... google transl.: click me or the NL Source: click me
  14. oxmox

    Music Recommendations

    Band Name: Amon Amarth Title: The Way of Vikings Country: Sweden Band Name: Sabaton Title: To Hell and back Country: Sweden
  15. BIOSYS: Survival Adventure Simulation Biosys is one of those absorbing adventures where you start off feeling that you have to carry on to survive. It's a game that sucks you in, like a good book or a gripping film. You feel like you have to find out what happens next... You play professor Alan Russell, an eco-activist who was offered by a company named Subtech to design Biosphere 4. Biospheres are large complexes holding artificial ecosystems. Russell wanted to develop a synthetic plant that could efficiently transform CO2 into oxygen. But those plants soon turn to be killers: they can move and suck CO2 from the lungs of human beings. Russell opposes any further works connected to those plants, but Subtech continues the researches and is unable to prevent a disaster... Russell is trapped in Biosphere 4 and has to find his way out. There are four ecosystems ("biomes") in Biosphere 4: rainforest, savannah, ocean, and accelerated evolution. Russell has to overcome all obstacles and to stay alive in this bizarre world. Biosys is an adventure game with simulation elements. You control the environment in the artificial world, but you also have to take care of your own condition. You must drink, eat, and sleep. Different kinds of nutrition will have different effects upon you, your condition will change depending on where you decided to sleep, etc. The rest is standard puzzle-solving gameplay: finding items, operating switches, etc. Its on of the first PC games I bought and still have the CD flying around somewhere, i think it did belong to one of the best games in this time. Never released on the US market. Really cool game, if you like to check out older games - dont miss this ! --> More details, review, how to setup the game easily in the description and a lets play - here: