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  1. Bleep bloop. On teamspeak, go to settings - plugins - select acre 2- settings - you will have two cool bars to turn up and down, this overwrites the teamspeak volume, the affect only works in-game. Individual volume for specific people can still be set by right clicking the name, and changing volume.
  2. I've done all of the following recommendations but the issue still persists, it seems to me at any point a bullet is fired near me, it happens. The issue even brings me to 1 frame at times.
  3. I've been getting this issue on Arma 3. The issue is when I take fire, I lose a majority of my frame rate. If I spawn myself in the editor with 3 enemy Auto Riflemen, Ill have 40-55 frames. But as soon as I take fire, I go to about 6-13 frames. I ask my friends to be put into the same scenario with me and they don't have this frame drop at all. No mods, just vanilla pure game play, however the issue of course exists as well on modded. PC specs: I7 3930k 3.2ghz GTX 680 4gb vram 16gb ram. Please help me narrow down this issue as I am the only person out of everyone I talk to, that has this issue. Thanks, Wade Pritchard
  4. The interact not working for some people is a known issue. For now they have to reconnect.
  5. Can I get my name changed to 'Wade'? Thanks in advance BI!