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  1. Re-Headset lowering - that is true it does reduce the sound of incoming radio traffic significantly it's intended as an option when the radio becomes overwhelming and you need to focus on talking with those around you. The spectator stuff only applies when the spectator mode is active. Anyone with spectator mode active can hear all other spectators at a constant volume - This headset lowering keybind doubles up as an option to mute them. As you can also hear people talking on direct speech from the camera viewpoint. Re-hearing players out of game - This typically tends to be a niché request for small communities. It seems the vast amount of ACRE2 users tend to play without wanting those out of game to disrupt their ingame expierence. I can understand that this can be desirable for small amounts of players/mission-testing type setups. However ultimately it doesn't seem like it is worth the time invested to make it happen. The project is open-source so someone could potentially implement this as a toggle-able feature. There are options to adjust the volume of Teamspeak in game that aren't so obvious that may help. Escape -> Settings -> Game -> configure Addons. The pre-mix and post-mix volume sliders can be used to adjust the Teamspeak volume. Could you expand a bit further by detailing what you expect to happen re-sidetone?
  2. I assume you mean unconscious, in which case it depends on the system you are using for unconsciousness. ACE3's medical system will prevent unconscious players from speaking in ACRE2. As for other systems, it depends whether they added support for this or not. I imagine if you are using vanilla stuff they should be able to talk on direct speech.
  3. There was never a version that worked with ingame VOIP and that will probably never happen. There was a version that didn't require teamspeak but used a seperate tool we made called JVON. JVON has been permanently placed on hold, who knows what the future will bring but I think it is unlikely it will appear again for Arma 3.
  4. Firstly it is always nice to have more options and thanks for sharing. But I do feel it is important to point out that as of the new version (v2.4.0) the plugin installation is now part of the game boot process when the ACRE mod is loaded so this shouldn't be necessary. If there are bug/issues with that process it would be handy for us to know about them (i.e. github ticket/message us on slack).
  5. It should! I will say that we haven't done any large scale testing ourselves yet. ACRE2 v2.4.0 is compatible with Teamspeak 3.1.1 ACRE2 v2.4.0 is compatible with Teamspeak 3.1.1. ACRE2 will attempt to auto-copy on game launch - Trying starting the game and restarting teamspeak after the game has launched. If you still have issue you are probably experiencing a bug it would be good to report that either on our github or just us on our slack with as much information as possible.
  6. Indeed there's a dev-build of ACRE2 that supports the new teamspeak. Dev-builds are only accessible through our slack (you can invite yourself by clicking on the slack button (in the readme) on our github page). This is because Alt+Caps is a different push-to-talk button as part of the multi push-to-talk button system. Check your ACRE keybindings when in-game -> Controls -> Configure Addons -> ACRE2 - You can remove the keybinding if you don't want it.
  7. The behaviour in ACRE if you are in Zeus is as follows - direct chat and radios will continue to work from the location of the zeus entity until you remote control a unit in which case they switch to unit being remote controlled. It seems you would be best creating a ticket on our tracker with some client RPT log files -> https://github.com/idi-systems/acre2/issues This page may also be useful for looking into signal strength issues - http://acre2.idi-systems.com/wiki/frameworks/radio-signal-debugging
  8. A quick english tutorial video on the SEM52SL on this wonderful radio that Raspu modelled :D
  9. The default value for PTT Delay is 0.2 (200 milliseconds). So that would shorten it.
  10. Usually I'd ask you to create a ticket on our bug tracker but unfortunately it's down for now. For now feel free to PM the complete server rpt (client RPT would be helpful too), and ideally the mission file. The next version will already have some improvements to the unique ID system that may help. They are both the same because an error was made, and that's correct the example should be what you suggest.
  11. This was a feature for ACRE1 in Arma 2 wher eyou could use the radio in the backpack of a team-mate or one in a vehicle. At present ACRE2 does not support this, For now the solution is to give the commander a big enough backpack that fits 2x 117Fs
  12. By default in ACRE2 all radios start with their max TX power. The 148 and 152 radios both have a maximum output of 5W. The 117F has an maximum output of 20W. This means that using the 117F will output a stronger signal. The 117F can pretty much reach anywhere with direct line of sight. The 148/152s with direct line of sight last I checked can reach 20km. However direct line of sight at those ranges is rare to achieve but for air assets it is common.
  13. http://gitlab.idi-systems.com/idi-systems/acre2-public/issues/105 At present the OE-303 is just a static. When re transmission is implemented it will probably be revisited. jus61 is correct: http://gitlab.idi-systems.com/idi-systems/acre2-public/issues/94
  14. I'll get in touch with you privately as there's a lot to be said on implementing radios in ACRE.
  15. At present this is select communities but this will probably change in the future. This sounds like the infamous linux server pbo limit (once the linux server loads enough pbos the above described behaviour will occur) - https://feedback.bistudio.com/T117183 How many are mods are you running ACRE2 in combination with?