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  1. I was about to post the same, I was already working on one for Arma 3, but never got to finish the model, maybe we could team up on this one
  2. I'd love to see a 93R as in Battlefield or a 44. Magnum, there is no mod with a 44. Magnum afaik. There is one for the 93R, but it's pretty old and outdated. There are a lot of pictures available for both of these guns
  3. We haven't planned adding this for now, but we will consider adding it in a later version. Thanks for your suggestion.
  4. The animations from SMK are just "Cover" animations, beside of those we are currently working on takedown animations, surrendering, arresting and other actions. We will add more at a later date, but for now we want to get the core of this mod out there.
  5. Hey! Today I want to announce our latest project, the "Advanced Combat Animations" mod, by "our" I mean Mihal, Maximili and me. This project has been a Team effort from the beginning on and this team has brought this mod that far, that we can finally share this with you guys. So what is this mod even about? This mod adds many new Animations to be used in PvP or even PvE Combat. Many of these Animations are from an Arma 2 mod, called "SMK" by Smookie, he did an awesome job on these animations, but sadly he's not active in the Community anymore. So we decided to bring his mod back alive in Arma 3, but this mod won't be a straight port of his mod, we are adding new animations and features, building up upon his mod from Arma 2. What's the current Status and ETA of a release? Well, we've been working on this for several weeks now and we only got a few issues to fix. Once these Issues are solved we will release this mod on the official Forums, Armaholic and Steam Workshop. We are aiming for a release before the end of march. If you are interested in the development of this mod, make sure to join our Discord Server here! Here are some screenshots: LICENSE CLARIFICATION
  6. https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_CfgMagazines there you can find the smoke shell Classnames. Try to use some sort of createVehicle or so, not sure if that command is the right one, but you can find others here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Category:Scripting_Commands_Arma_3
  7. A small teaser on what's to come. https://i.imgur.com/NqBIBbV.gifv This Selectionwheel will be used in the Animations and Actions Extension and also in another upcoming mod that will be announced very soon! It will be Open Source for everyone to use with their own addons
  8. That looks pretty cool^^ Thanks for sharing this
  9. Arma 3 Third-Party DLC Pitch Discussion

    Awesome idea :) I'm pretty sure there are many skilled developers out there, that are willing to tackle this. I did not see this coming, but as we've seen with the Jets DLC, it can work out pretty good. Good luck, I'm hyped to see a final result :P
  10. It's been a while since I worked on this mod, but I'm back now. I will completly remake this mod, with costum animations and gestures without the need of ACE. Alot of updates kinda destroyed this mod and I justdon't want to depend on ACE and it's updates AND Arma and it's updates. So I will basically reduce the chance that an update brakes anything by 50%. Which means less work for me. .....kinda I have to rewrite everything and make my own costum GUI, scripts etc. It will take some time until this is done, but I just want to let you know that I'm working on it. (All MP issues and issues with Servers based on the Life Framework will be fixed in this version). Don't expect it to be out very soon, I have 2 other big Projects, I will announce one of those soon, if everything goes according to my plan.
  11. Thanks alot, I will try around some stuff next weekend. I'll text you then
  12. First of all, I think it's an very good idea to share your files if you're not working on it anymore, but that the community gets what you started. I was working on something similar, I've made some knife models etc. I'd love to take a look at it and get this done :) Maybe even with some more people.
  13. Hello, I'm a "cheater"!

    I don't think anyone could change anything about that. I've been "insulted" as a cheater multiple times in Games like Rainbow Six Siege, it's quite common among FPS. Just live with it, I can understand that it might be hard to play a game, when nobody want's to play with you, but there's not much you can do about it. Maybe play "fair", not as fast as I've seen in your vids. Don't use overpowerd guns, with 6.5 "and" a 50 cal. Yea, it's a good gun, but a Protector 9mm will do the job as well, and people won't flame you all the time. Or the may flame even more, because you kill them with this "shitty" gun, as I said, there's not much you can do. Be nice and try to find someone to play with, who's as good as you and let him join the enemy team, maybe that works ^^
  14. No idea then, sorry. Good luck fixing it, if you find a solution, it might help others if you post it on here.
  15. I have not really fixed it, try to re-export your model or delete some parts in your model. Then it works, at least for me. Redo what you've deleted in the model. That's the only solution I found.