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  1. Why does your Server now allow this? You could change the @ name yourself for your server, the players don't have to have the same @ name as the server, only the same pbo names?
  2. I know about this, it worked before I released it, must have changed something. I have to redo the anim Configs anyway, as I will add more. Will be fixed in the next update!
  3. @Keithen Yep, that's where the problem seems to be. I'm currently working together with the ACRE Team who are adding an EventHandler, in the next update, that I can use. This is probably the most performance friendly way possible. I've also been asked by the ACRE Team if they could integrate this into their own mod, this will be done once my Mod is done (new Animations and bug fixes).
  4. Thanks for this information. I will look into this, I'm pretty sure that my code cannot cause this issues, but I'll make sure! I did not have a single issue with the mod so far and the tfar mod seems to work fine for more than 1000 people. So I know where to look, as the basic code works just fine and it's probably just the Acre specific stuff. If only some people have this loaded, does this cause their loading screen to crash or for everyone? Also there is no need to load this mod on the server. It's client-side only atm.
  5. oops. I thought 1.0 was the first version, as "first..". Anyway, yea it works as Dedmen said :P
  6. I don't know if the EventHandler that I use is already in that Version, you can try :) But I'd guess yes. I did not execute the animations on every machine, but as far as my testing went, Gestures are always executed globally, so it should work but it's not tested on servers
  7. While having your weapon up, the animation is still played, only the left hand is animated. You can still fire, but you can't aim. You can disable the animation in the menu, if you want to aim while transmitting over the radio.
  8. I've been working on this all day and it's finally done. Nothing big, but it's a nice detail :P I'm going to add more Animations and improve the UI at a later date. Radio Animations for Task Force Radio & Advanced Combat Radio Enviroment 2 Release 1.0 Features: -Performing Gestures while transmitting over Radios from Task Force Radio & Advanced Combat Radio Enviroment 2. -2 different Animations that you can choose from. Screenshots: Download: For Task Force Arrowhead Radio For Advanced Combat Radio Enviroment 2 Upload on Armaholic is allowed. Credits: License:
  9. You could set a variable to true once you've attached objects and put this variable in the condition of the second Action to detach the objects. Then in the detach action, you need to set the variable back to false.
  10. When is that part executed? I'd guess you run it only once. You could either run it in a loop or you can use an EventHandler. Also iirc then sleep does only work in an scheduled enviroment. Something like this: {_x allowDamage false;} forEach allPlayers; gh1 addEventHandler ["GetOut", { params ["_vehicle", "_role", "_unit", "_turret"]; if (!alive gh1) then { [_unit] spawn { sleep 5; _unit allowdamage true; }; }; }];
  11. So as far as I know you can just publish it under a different Name. That's how BI did it in this Game as well, they don't have a license for all those models, instead they just chose different Names. The Katiba is called KH2002 in RL, the Nyx Tank is called "Wiesel", the Mohawk is called "Merlin", the Hunter is called "Oshkosh MATV" and the list goes on.... (this is just speculation!)
  12. It's been a while since we gave a status update. Just to clarify at the beginning: No, the mod is not dead. I've been quite busy in the past few months and couldn't spend alot of my free time on this mod, the other 2 Dev's had similar situations. We are back and we are working on it, but there has been a big change. As you might have seen in the Initial Post, SMK has no License, so I contacted BI to ask if they could tell me if we can use his work or not. They came back to us, explaining that a mod without License, is automatically licensed under the APL-SA License. But now, a few months later, we discovered randomly that this is not the case, we are basically not allowed to edit, distribute and work upon his mod. This is a big issue, as we originally planned to port his mod and work upon it. But we are not stopping here and ending the development, instead we decided to scrap what we have right now and make a similar mod, but completly from scratch. Also our MP Tests have shown that the Animations and how they work weren't giving you a big advantage, so no one really used them, meaning they would need to be remade in one way or another. That being said, we are now looking for additional animators, who can help us make some Animations for this mod. Two of us are experienced with animations, but we also have to focus on other stuff of the mod, so Animations lack behind currently. Those Animations aren't super complex, we have some tricks to make the animations look good, without the need of Motion Capturing. We can't pay you, but you'll get any assistance you need when working on the animations. If you would like to help, but have no experience with Animations, you can join the Team and we will teach you how to do it. In the end we hope you stay and become a major part of the Team. Interested? You can contact us via this Forum: @KokaKolaA3, @mihal190, @maximilionus. Or on our Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/bjPEB26.
  13. Weapon Animation not working

    Is this your whole model.cfg? All that's in there is the trigger, which is animated when you shoot.