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  1. Has anyone ever noticed that as a gun gets farther away it sounds like its fire rate decreases? I was experimenting with the MG3 and MG42 and the gun from distance and up close had completely different fire rates. Does anyone know of a mod or workaround for this? Kills my mood when the buzzsaw just sounds like a normal assault rifle.
  2. CommissarCoda

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I am looking for a mod that would let you zoom in with RMB but only when mounted against a wall or using a bipod. Does anyone know of such a mod? If not then how can I go about making one? Any help is appreciated
  3. Hello all, Does anyone know any issues caused by TPW_Fall relating to a unit's health? Units seem to have less HP than they would with this module disabled, causing them to be able to take far less bullets as well as die from much shorter heights than they normally would. I would love to use it but this makes it basically unplayable as everything is incredibly fragile. I tested this with only this mod and CBA_A3 loaded.