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  1. Like tactical hand signals? It seems like they vary between countries, someone already asked me if I could make some for his german unit since those in ACE aren't accurate to what the Germans use. I'll think about it, but as it would probably be quite a few it won't happen in the near future.
  2. KokaKolaA3

    Arma 3 pre-apex tree LODs

    Nope, you can't edit the models. All you could do is use the A2 ones since the source files are available in the licensed data packages. Or you have to make them yourself. (If you're planning on replacing them on the vanilla maps, then that's even more complicated) But why would you in the first place? The lods of most trees seem absolutely fine to me
  3. Update 29.06.2020 ACE 3 Extension (Gestures): -added 28 Animations -added Hotkeys to perform and cancel Animations -added CBA settings -restructured ACE menu -merged KKA3 Gesture Pack into Ace Extension (Gestures) Update available on Steam. I will be updating the other Ace Extensions in the near future as well, I have over 25 new Animations planned for the Ace Extension (Animations and Actions), as well as some new Extensions. Images of some new Animations:
  4. Update 29.06.2020 Version 1.3 Radio Animations for TFAR: -fixed bug when respawning the mod didnt work anymore -added cba settings -removed old UI Radio Animations for ACRE2: -fixed animation while talking but not on radio -fixed bug when respawning the mod didnt work anymore -added cba settings -removed old UI Update available on Steam. It's been a while since I've worked on my addons, I'm slowly getting back now. Sorry for the long promised updates that took me so long. I'm currently also working on my other addons with loads of new content and some fresh addons. If you encounter any issues, just let me know and I'll fix them asap!
  5. KokaKolaA3

    BO 150 Problem

    No problem, the issue with the heli sinking when the AI is the Pilot is standard Arma bahviour, not a particular problem with GM or the Bo-105. If you lock up a target quick enough, then the AI will hold line of sight with the target you selected. It's not really great, but it's probably the best solution for SP, if you want to actually play properly, you gotta do it in MP.
  6. KokaKolaA3

    BO 150 Problem

    You can also stay in the Pilot seat and order your Co-Pilot to engage a Target by looking at one and pressing "T". Once he's locked up you will see a rectangle and you can then tell him to fire the weapon by pressing the fire button (Not sure if it was just LMB or CTRL+LMB)
  7. They do work and we had a couple of tests already, but it turned out that it still needs some serious work in order to actually work like we want them to. So at the current time we will not release the files as they are now.
  8. Still have the files on my computer and still wanting to continue this, although currently there is no time. Working on another project which consumes all of my time, once it is done I'll get back to this, hopefully together with the rest of the team!
  9. KokaKolaA3

    Error with config.ccp

    put this line below displayName: scope = 2;
  10. KokaKolaA3

    Panavia Tornado AWS

    Looks awesome man! I love this plane, but it's way more immersive with a good cockpit :D. If you need help with the basic textures (not the gauges etc) I might be able to spare a few hours and let substance painter do some magic.
  11. Solution: [player, 'CLASSNAME'] remoteExec ['switchMove', 0]
  12. Not yet. I hope that I'll have more time in the coming week in which I will hopefully fix this and add Cba Settings instead of the current GUI.
  13. I stated on Twitter already that I'm again working on my mods. Slowly but surely. This error doesn't affect the game, it's just ugly 😄 So it's no priority at the moment. I've considered making some of my projects open source, but it won't happen in the next few weeks.
  14. Just a little thing I can add here, the reload animation for both of the Koclize shotguns is too slow. Also the Pellet Shells are green, but in their UI Picture they're red. Other than that, no big things functionality wise, just some smaller stuff like "Unkown Community Author" instead of BI...
  15. Try this: [ace_player, 'ANIMATION_CLASSNAME'] remoteExec ['switchMove', 0]