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  1. So tried almost everything nothing works.... kind of give up on steam workshop right now: No matter what size or what folder or mods it doesnt "find" it and wont simply upload anything.. "Steam Error code: 9" "FileNotFound" weirdly enough its in a folder am i the retard or is it the tools? :P Publisher RPT Logs (some of it):
  2. Stuart Island Hello A3 Community ... I choose to continue the project from Kerkkoh(h) who ported it over to A3 - for (Arma3Zone) The original Heightfield was 5x5 but i turned into 7.6x7.6 to create more elaboration. Stuart Island is remixed to make the RP lovers feel more comfortable in playing This Map is not made for the poor rp communities ~ :P I will not release source but a play-able version for everybody to have fun with! (Just to note i have only used 2 weeks on this project, and this is how far we got) Note: these pictures belong to A3Zone and are taken ingame http://i.imgur.com/UnZxB1J.jpg http://i.imgur.com/hlfWNAk.jpg http://i.imgur.com/QvpSeQJ.jpg http://i.imgur.com/DU5uNBN.jpg http://i.imgur.com/h2speqM.jpg http://i.imgur.com/JxtUwUj.jpg http://i.imgur.com/ODQGJmS.jpg more pics will come soon..
  3. Hey there we at A3Zone (Danish Community) need someone to make the catalina objects (Source files) accessable Buildings that need interior + accessable doors/gates(10): - 6 houses - verizon market - Nob hill (BIG) - Mc Donalds - Taco bell - Custom Bank i dont know the exact prices as this is a bit of work else we can discuss it at my steam profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mr_Theranger If you have extra knowledge with cars or skinning we can also discuss some work there.. so we basically need a freelancer :D
  4. Mr_Theranger

    Terrain Builder is dumb

    Terrain Builder is always dumb :P
  5. Mr_Theranger

    Road Object Pieces - Buldozer Problem

    ill do a video to show it later on its cuz of doing 4lane roads, i need to do it in BD :P
  6. Mr_Theranger

    roads not showing in buldozer

    ups haha my bad :P
  7. Mr_Theranger

    roads not showing in buldozer

    Wrong comment - ignore
  8. Hello there, i have been having trouble with roads, not only custom but a3/a2 roads as well. Its not the shapefiles but objects placed such as 4 lane roads or whatever roads. I can move them around but if i wanna see the new position of the roads, i need to restart buldozer. If anyone got any fix please let me know.. Already Tried: Reinstall + ccleaner registry Dev Build Arma 3 tools
  9. Check out Xcam By Silola, they let you place roads and use their addons.
  10. Mr_Theranger

    Edit Altis Island?

    There is also this method Add a invisible helipad somewhere on the map and the code in it: //1779863 is coordinates for the building u want removed this enableSimulation false; this allowDamage false; delh = [0,0,0] nearestObject 1779863; delh hideObject true;
  11. yea, anyway im still having some real trouble could you maybe pm or answer the one i sent :P
  12. found out it was 2 of my bridges crashing buldozer from cup core pack, fixed it thx anyway RoF
  13. So the Core pack "cup_terrains_ca_buildings" etc would be in "ca" folder? because im having trouble when using it in TB, cant launch bulldozer with having them in ca folder but if i remove the files i can launch it