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  1. HeisenS

    Nam Map

    Looks nice, will be testing this out later.
  2. Oh I never knew that, very nice! Thanks for letting me know :o
  3. Well you can decrypt the EPBO's however I don't recommend it.
  4. HeisenS

    Tanoa Buildings Indestructable?

    Would be nice to see more of the Tanoa buildings enter-able e.g. the tower in the middle of 'George Town'.
  5. HeisenS

    Whats your favorite gamemode?

    One of the best well developed game modes in my opinion is the 'Exile Mod', purely because I like the survival aspect of the mod which it brings to the game also I like the fact that they're reliant on pushing out continuous updates.
  6. If I was you I would use extDB3. This is an extension for Arma which allows you to connect and retrieve/set data from MariaDB/MySQL databases. The usage of extDB3 can be found here. Also to present the data from the MySQL database for example on a website, I assume you will need some experience within php. Additionally if you do scrap the idea of presenting the data on a website and so forth you could just use iniDB which from personal experience is quite reliable. Hopefully this briefly helped you.
  7. HeisenS

    Global Ban Help Me

    Maybe 'Cheat Engine' was running in the background without you knowing, if that was the case I highly doubt your ban getting removed. All I can say is appeal the ban with 'battleye' directly as @Richie already suggested.
  8. Looks nice, hopefully someone can utilize this effectively :D
  9. HeisenS

    Animation Problem

    Provide screenshots please :)
  10. If you ask me that's bullshit, creators spend a lot of time and effort using Bohemia tools to put their work in Arma. Then they can't even get paid by whom ever they are doing it for because they used BIS tools, that's stupid in my opinion. And I'm fully aware of what you stated about 'started packs', 'perks' and whatever, however your missing my point I'm trying to state that creators use a lot of their time learning BIS tools and through them putting their creations in Arma through the tools they can't get paid? Like I said that's stupid, I don't think you understand what I'm trying to state. Also I did say I wasn't 100% sure on BIS terms fully, only information I have gathered from various sources... read first.
  11. Not very specific on what you actually need help with? 1. You don't know how to export a mask image | Pretty sure it will be under export: http://prntscr.com/d1n7hc 2. So I know where to change terrain? | What do you mean by this? Thanks