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  1. Hey bud,


    I posted in the find/offer help section.


    I havnt had any contact regarding Admins.I have found someone to help with the mod so please remove the post now thanks.:)


  2. ANZACSAS Steven

    GF Vegetation Replacement Script - Mod

    This is handy and very cool.Well done m8 and thank you.
  3. Hey guys, The South Asia map i have ported has to be ran standalone.I am interested in making the terrain CUP compatible but had troubles with the Dummy entries for the TKOH files.Iam currently trying to get someone to help with creating a new folder/pbo to contain the runway piece files.If anyone from CUP team would like to contact me in regards to working around the conflicts with the dummy entries and to possibly include South Asia in CUP.A standalone version is still appreciated by many so any help from your team continuing that would also be greatly appreciated. By just now visiting this thread i have found out that I am using the CUP terrains Complete version and it is outdated.Iam going to dload the latest CUP files and see how the south asia map conflicts (without the Roads_E.pbo installed).
  4. Add this to your init.sqf - ["Initialize"] call bis_fnc_loadFunctions; fixed it for me.The weather .hpp was my problem. EDIT - problem has returned. Final solution - Open the functions pbo and physically take out the .hpp and .inc files you need and add them into your mission folder.Change filepaths to call them from inside your mission folder. No more errors now.:)
  5. Extended Grass Mod for Chernarus 2035 - Increases the distance grass/clutter is rendered by 100% from Bis values. - Works for Chernarus 2035 Only. - Signed and has server key. - Thanks to bis and the community. - Enjoy 🙂 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1653360077
  6. ANZACSAS Steven

    Reduced Haze Mod v3.1

    @LSValmont,Thanks for the kind words.:) I am not aware of a way to use this mod as script form iam afraid.
  7. ANZACSAS Steven

    What was your Gateway Arma?

    I got hooked in OFP .Especially when the vietnam mods came out.Havnt been able to shake it since...:)
  8. ANZACSAS Steven

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    @Defunkt,Thanks for your interest.:) The file size is due to the terrain being 10 times the size of normal terrains.The hi res textures for a map this size makes for big file size.No way around it. The objects are only a small fraction of the total size. I had a go at coding out the dummy entries from CUP but i was still getting texture issues and other graphical errors. The problem is the objects in used in south asia are from a complete different directory etc.Even with CUP loaded this terrain is looking for models of a slight different name. I just need some help with swapping the models and changing file paths.Iam not a modeller or tex guy.I would like to use the arma2/cup objects for their interiors and rename them,change file paths etc. The terrain is coded to be 3200m above sea level.Also the river is flowing downstream so adding in water would flood almost all the low lying areas and still leave the majority of the water areas still above water level. Steve.
  9. ANZACSAS Steven

    Mission title in scenarios

    Iam having this problem without running the eden enhanced mod. using the %20 for spaces works for in editor name but still no good for the scenario menu space.
  10. ANZACSAS Steven

    Mission Name Problem

    Iam having the same problem.tried everything.The underscores in the file name show up in the scenario menu.Aswell the island file name is shown.
  11. Not that i know of.The ai freaks out given the slightest bit of freedom. There was an addon made that made ai follow some type of waypoint on the carrier deck.I dont know the name of addon or author unfortunatly.It may be what you want.
  12. I usually use this flyinheight 0; and then flyinheight of e.g 100m to make the ai take off. this flyinheight 100;
  13. ANZACSAS Steven

    South Asia v1.3 No errors!!

    Update Version 1.3
  14. ANZACSAS Steven


    roger that.:) Edit :Looked into what was giving the enhanced lens flare effect and it was my reducing of the haze in the terrain config.This makes the sun/rays more pronounced.
  15. Extended Grass Mod For CUP Terrains by ANZACSAS Steve. - Increases the distance grass/clutter is rendered by 100%. - Works for All CUP terrains. - May work for addon island/terrains based off these islands/classes. - Signed and has server key. - Thanks to bis and the community. - Enjoy :) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1635420374 https://www.bohemia.net/community/licenses/arma-public-license-share-alike