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  1. Hey guys, Iam having issues when i use the simulation = rtd; line from the helicopter class.My problem is when i have the advanced flight model working ,if i turn the AFM off in the options the heli flight controls become crazy sensitive. Anybody have any issues with this? this is what ive added in the config - simulation = "helicopterrtd"; unitInfoTypeRTD = "RscUnitInfoAirRTDFullDigital"; unitInfoTypeLite = "RscUnitInfoAirRTDBasic"; unitInfoType = "RscUnitInfoAir"; class RotorLibHelicopterProperties { RTDconfig="ncs_nzdf_uh1h\RTD_Heli_Transport_01.xml"; defaultCollective = 0.625; autoHoverCorrection[]={3,2.45,0}; maxTorque = 1100; starterTime = 20; retreatBladeStallWarningSpeed = 85.5; stressDamagePerSec=0.0033333332; maxHorizontalStabilizerLeftStress=10000; maxHorizontalStabilizerRightStress=10000; maxVerticalStabilizerStress=10000; horizontalWingsAngleCollMin=0; horizontalWingsAngleCollMax=0; maxMainRotorStress=200000; maxTailRotorStress=25000; };
  2. ANZACSAS Steven

    Huey's of the Heer

    They look really great bud.Nice work.Ever thought of doing a vietnam usmc huey?Just saying...:)
  3. ANZACSAS Steven


    Also, if you dont want other mods to overwrite the lens flare entries its still best to add it to your config.Which ever one you prefer.
  4. ANZACSAS Steven

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    lol,i dont use social media.iam oldschool.:)
  5. ANZACSAS Steven

    View distance from planes

    They are for vehicles and aircraft on the ground unfortunately.
  6. ANZACSAS Steven

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    Have i missed something in regards to advertising the release of the DLC?I only found out thru reading these forums.Maybe a pm advertising the release would be good?
  7. Does dave "Go for it!"? 🙂
  8. ANZACSAS Steven

    View distance from planes

    hmm,i dont know m8...Ill keep a look out for ya.
  9. ANZACSAS Steven

    View distance from planes

    Check your object quality settings are on max settings. Does the objects on the terrrain render at a further distance? i use this - setobjectviewdistance 10000;
  10. ANZACSAS Steven

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    I dont see how BI will be able to get proof of original authorship of all code and files unfortunately.
  11. Congratulations team!! Sounds great and best of luck to you.:)All new creations is a big selling point.:)
  12. ANZACSAS Steven

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    If we,the community and moderators cant stop free mods from using unauthorized content, what is going to stop mods from selling the unauthorized content?
  13. ANZACSAS Steven

    WW1 Terrain - Ypres 1917 [WIP]

    Nice m8.Pushing Arma 3 limits is always interesting.
  14. ANZACSAS Steven

    Napalm and WP Smoke marker rockets

    @Mauler,cool info.Nice idea.That can be done relatively quick and easy too. @Dsabre if you need help connecting up the efx give me a yell.:)