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  1. ANZACSAS Steven

    Military Aviation

    I would say may or may not maybe....😛
  2. ANZACSAS Steven

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Around $25 AUD iirc. I like your "Pizza Economics" or "Beer Economics" model.😁 I use a "Night at the cinemas economics" model.In Australia, movies aint cheap and they dont last long.1 Hour appox.Makes game time seem very good value for money.Our life partners (furry or not) may not be in full agreeance though...lol
  3. Vanilla maps has already been made i think m8.Run a Google search and it might save ya some time.:)
  4. ANZACSAS Steven

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Back in Arma1 in VTE we had based it around online MP use and missions.We didnt have the ppl or time to cover both SP and MP missions.Prolly following the same successfull approach maybe.Looks to be a similar strategy with the missions.If there are AI issues its a problem with the terrain.The objects and their placement aswell as severe terrain changes disallowing AI to ascend or descend effectively are almost always the cause. A look into these areas should help resolve these issues from my almost 20 years experience making terrains and mods. I dont have it yet but will prolly when it goes on sale at a later date.$25 is still a bit steep for me considering i jsut bought GM CDLC for $10 appox iirc. Keen to see what this CDLC evolves too.Looks good from the screenies i've seen. Steve. Thanks. 🙂
  5. ANZACSAS Steven

    Prarie Fire discussion

    Hey Ebud!! Thanks for all your work.If it wasnt for you early pioneers we wouldnt even have NAM mods! Good to see you still poking around.:) I'am all for CDLC's.
  6. ANZACSAS Steven

    Prarie Fire discussion

    The choppers look like they are the old CSJ uh1's from OFP, the CH-34 looks to be the same as the OFP version aswell.Both too outdated for UNSUNG imho.Not really impressive mod DLC.
  7. ANZACSAS Steven

    Virtual Vehicle Spawner (VVS)

    I tried that myself and had no luck.Though, Iam not at all a competent scripter m8.:(
  8. ANZACSAS Steven

    Any Jet or Helicopter Campaigns?

    No, Not really m8.😀
  9. ANZACSAS Steven

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    Thanks m8.I've been really short of pc time so i havnt had time to mess with the lighting/water values.If you've changed to BIS lighting, the water colour code i sent should work good.:) If you dont have that anymore, give me a yell via pm.I'll resend.I still gonna do a couple of tests using a tiny bit of the old lighting values. Steve.
  10. ANZACSAS Steven

    South Asia v1.5 No errors!!

    Hi m8, Sorry bud i missed your post.:( I re-uploaded the mod a lil while ago (without any edits) due to Steam not updating correctly.Is your version 1.6 and do you still have this problem? I just ran the terrain now to double check and everything ifs fine my end.Also havnt had any reports of any issues since then. Thanks. Steve.
  11. ANZACSAS Steven

    You've played to much Arma when:

    Your style and efficacy of moderating is still sorely missed, still today. People just listened.🏆
  12. ANZACSAS Steven

    You've played to much Arma when:

    @Placebo, Hey bud, Good to see some old souls still around!!
  13. ANZACSAS Steven

    [HELP] PBO locking system

    Thats a pity bout the paywall.I would use that function.BI should have this as an option in addon builder...Way too many addon raiders these days and Nothing gets done about it.Kinda shits ya when you might spend months developing code just for ppl to copy it and upload as a different name with NO mentions of the sacrificial dev/author.
  14. ANZACSAS Steven

    Sangin District Helmand Province.V4

    FYI, A2 OA skybox and TKOH skybox are the same files.