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  1. hbeiramar

    A3 Launcher suggestion

    Refer to the link below to suggest features to maca. http://support.launcher.eu
  2. This ain't the place for receiving help on this matter. Refer to the extdb thread here or here for important content information.
  3. hbeiramar

    64-bit Executables Feedback

    Get a better PC, what's your pc specs? Bye.
  4. hbeiramar

    What addons in custom missions

    Surely can't you keep track of the addons you use as you are placing them in the editor...
  5. hbeiramar

    [WIP] No Cure

    The map is amazing man so far and I love the other features your making for this. Great job!
  6. hbeiramar

    Server monetization program

    I think charging access to a server shouldn't be allowed.
  7. hbeiramar

    Tanoa Trains

    Unique, very nice.
  8. What type of saving method you want? MySQL? iniDB or just namespace ...
  9. Deal with it, kids will be kids and ddos. And TeamSpeak may of taken some measures but good old Linux has the kiddies backs in hand...
  10. hbeiramar

    Blender > O2

    Hey, Keys: V = Select vertices Y = Y Axis Hope this helps
  11. hbeiramar

    The Bushlurker Monument

    Nice work! Glad to see the community coming together to tribute bushlurker.
  12. hbeiramar

    Questions on modeling buildings

    If your still looking for more tutorials, poytebush did a nice series on his channel here. Good luck!
  13. hbeiramar

    How to make Object floating on the water

    Correct you need buoyancy, @KokaKolaA3 read up on it here.