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  1. zuzul


    Thanks Evil Organ! I clearly missed that one, sorry for that! This seems quite somethong for immersion. I'm really curious to see it in game.
  2. zuzul


    Could we have more info on this one? Maybe you have a description somewhere in the wiki?
  3. Many thanks for this information. So without music, the wind sound shall be gone. I'll give it a try after work.
  4. Hi there! Still using this really amazing mod. I got a question: when I change the weather by the MCC, I cannot supress the wind sound. Does anyone known how to? Have a nice day!
  5. Hi, I jst finished a game with my team and for the second time the Alive War room has not updated the data. I asked the players to use the Alive Player Save & Exit and I'm using the Admin "Save and Exit". Maybe I do something wrong. Here is the last part of my .rpt file: https://pastebin.com/iJk8p4kd All hints are welcomed. BR, Zuzul
  6. Hello everyone. We are having so much fun on Alive, a huge thanks for this amazing mod! Here is a little trailer I've made (voices are in French, sorry about that). Alive rocks!!!
  7. Hi everyone, in an insurgency campaign, what is the best way to see the progress of the insurgency faction and the hostility of the civilians towards the players faction? Regards, Zuzul
  8. Hi there, I got a question : sometimes the automatic tasks are not correctly succed, especially the "Destroy buildings" and "clear town". I'm using the Tasks manager from the Alive tablet, but I might use it incorrectly: I'm shifting the task to "success" and then disable/enable auto tasking to create a new one. But this method is keeping the old task for the players visible in the Arma tasks System; Do you have any advices? Zul
  9. Turning the radio off is not the same thing ; you will loose too much information. And a repeatable triggers on the entire map should always be avoided, in SP as in MP.
  10. Many thanks. And you're absolutly right for Discipline mod, I should have thought about it!
  11. Hello, I may have a stupid question (i wasn't able to find the answer in this forum, sorry if it has been asked before): what is the use of sending SITREP and PATROLREP to the IA commander? Does it have impacts on the game itself or is it mainly for the players use? Also, I want to mute the playing character to report everything on radio (like spotting ennemies): there is some mods to do it, but is there one you know is working great with Alive? Regards, Zul
  12. yep, no vehicule virtualised, should be an error on my side. I'll check the stringtable files and propose you a translation, hopefully this summer. Regards
  13. Hi there, I want to say first a big THANK YOU for the Alive mod. This is simply fantastic. I love it, my team loves it, this is quite perfect. I got a little question: does the vanilla vehicule respawn works with Alive? I might have done something bad in the vehicule respawn module, but I better ask you before checking my mission. Second point: I don't see any French translation of the radio messages and tasks. I haven't checked the repository yet, but will it be of some help to you guys if I do it? Regards, Zuzul