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  1. it won't work trough decription.ext ,cause it editing missionconfigfile (not configfile) (actualy it depends on engine if the exact class can be readed by game from missi.. ,but using addons is preferable by some reasons) , and you'll need some other lines in the class too ,for it would work for the engine (when you writing class _ {/*anything*/}; in this cases it overwriting the class entirely (and most of classes (including these) need some parameters('lines') for they would work)).
  2. Miss on community wiki

    because you changed it sec ago, after my post! yes, now (with few my additional edits) its right, thanks
  3. Miss on community wiki

    I'm not stating that i'm not maybe missing something, but if so FIX it, do not just revert back to errors WTF is that ???, this is totaly wrong, if you getting into ,make the info real, and if there is some "hidded stuff" that most readers don't know that places sence into this, make it normal, this is point of wiki
  4. Miss on community wiki

    *edit commited on community wiki
  5. Is some ways ,better then checking all objects with loop, to execute somethng when dynamic simulation waking up unit ?
  6. Visual sensor in game represents electro optical scanning devise which recognizing visual patterns of targets. Hypothetical situation: vehicle enters some reed thicket, and i want to add action for masking it, after which it’s visual recognition range will be divided on certain value; 1. question: is it possible without: making new class of the vehicle (with lower visualTargetRange) and respawning it;?; (due to the topic's question is "change camouflage and |_|targetsize confgs" i do not understand how it could be misunderstood) 2. also other question came up (it is made trough addon and not an answer on question 1): at marked m-atv: visualTargetSize=0.01; ; and oviously it doesnt work (countng sensor on a-10 the recognition range should be few tens of meters), (visualTarget=0; works as expected);
  7. again with help of arma3.ru: setUnitTrait .
  8. Want to add ability to mask vehicles during the game.
  9. Is any way to change these vehicle confg values during mission?
  10. Was curious if in arma is build in, unique for each connection to server id.
  11. Does anyone know for sure: can directplay id of joined player be same as of previously disconnected (without server restart), and is it possible to get exact set of numbers (not rounded) of directplay id with onPlayerConnected{DPID=str _id}; (or by any other way) ?
  12. Miss on community wiki

    Thanks for info., but hope at least the issue will be fixed
  13. Because there is no way to register on wiki to fix|offer to fix it self, writing here in hope what someone who have access to wiki will fix it. 2.8 #include For arma 3 is wrong, should be (as addition if for Arma 2 currently written is still correct): " You can also include files from current addon: #include "<file>" or #include "<custom folder>\<file>" Addon locations are saved to memory. To include a file from one of them write: #include "\<.pbo's (or folder's (if -FilePatching on)) name>\<file>" // Arma 3\myAddonFolder\addons\myAddon.pbo\<file> "
  14. Did you figured it out ? (met same problem)