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  1. Thanks to all who do this. I love editing on them, I don't/haven't published them in quite awhile but I still love doing it and the CUP maps are great to work with. I can always find what I'm looking for. Wanted to thank in both places.
  2. Thanks to all who do this. I love editing on them, I don't/haven't published them in quite awhile but I still love doing it and the CUP maps are great to work with. I can always find what I'm looking for.
  3. Alleged Accomplice

    The new beginner is in town

    I love this, while I'm testing something else I can stop and watch "Bill" be killed over and over cause I have him in a trigger with his name on it.
  4. Alleged Accomplice

    Loadout Script

    I don't do anything to the init of the soldier. If I respawn on start I don't need to, it loads the loadout from the file. Totally different from my supply vehicle/APC/truck respawn script where the truck has to have it in the init. I did the kind of script you have there. I got the truck script from here in the forums. If you are doing two, four, loadouts on soldiers what your are doing doesn't take too long. I did 24 that way, took some time, then I found out about Ctrl Shift C and it comes out in SQF format and all I might have to do is add the scope/optic in the linked items. I have since figured out that 12 loadouts a side is more than you need LOL. Want to be able to do it like the truck script addmagazinecargoglobal ["uns_ak47mag_NT", 35], would be nice to do, magazines[] = ["uns_ak47mag_NT", 5]. Gonna see if that works, doubt it will.
  5. Thanks for all your hard work man.
  6. Alleged Accomplice

    Loadout Script

    I do this in the editor edit loadout/arsenal thing ctr shit c exports the loadout in sqf format like this. // Exported from Arsenal uniformClass = "U_BG_Guerilla2_1"; backpack = "B_FieldPack_taiga_F"; weapons[] = {"uns_ak47","CUP_hgun_Deagle","uns_binocular_army","Throw","Put"}; magazines[] = {"uns_ak47mag","CUP_7Rnd_50AE_Deagle","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_mk2gren","uns_mk2gren","CUP_7Rnd_50AE_Deagle","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_leaflet12","uns_item_condoms"}; items[] = {"FirstAidKit","UNS_TrapKit","ToolKit","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit"}; linkedItems[] = {"CUP_V_OI_TKI_Jacket5_01","CUP_H_USArmy_Helmet_M1_plain_M81","CUP_G_Oakleys_Drk","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch"}; Now if you have a scope on the weapon it has to be added in linked items, else you won't have it. Now you have to make a file called loadouts.cpp or whatever you want to name it as long as you keep the dot cpp part. It will have to have other parts as well not just the loadout. You can get the scope classname by hitting CTRL C and pasting the result into a regular old text file cause it won't be in SQF format class CfgRoles { class east1 { displayName = "Rebel Rifleman"; }; class east2 { displayName = "Rebel Sapper Miner"; }; <-- important LOL ///////these are from a scenario I'm making, name the loadout whatever you want but but do keep that class part. You can have as many as you want. east, west, civilian has to be spelled out and the green team has to be resistance, not shortened as far as I know, it can't be. Next is class CfgRespawnInventory, all in the same file but I separated it. class CfgRespawnInventory { class east1 { displayName = "Rebel Rifleman"; // Name visible in the menu role = "east1"; // Loadout definition, uses same entries as CfgVehicles classes uniformClass = "U_BG_Guerilla2_1"; backpack = "B_FieldPack_taiga_F"; weapons[] = {"uns_ak47","CUP_hgun_Deagle","uns_binocular_army","Throw","Put"}; magazines[] = {"uns_ak47mag","CUP_7Rnd_50AE_Deagle","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_mk2gren","uns_mk2gren","CUP_7Rnd_50AE_Deagle","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_ak47mag_NT","uns_leaflet12","uns_item_condoms"}; items[] = {"FirstAidKit","UNS_TrapKit","ToolKit","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit"}; linkedItems[] = {"CUP_V_OI_TKI_Jacket5_01","CUP_H_USArmy_Helmet_M1_plain_M81","CUP_G_Oakleys_Drk","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch"}; }; class east2 { displayName = "Rebel Sapper Miner"; // Name visible in the menu role = "east2"; // Exported from Arsenal by uniformClass = "U_BG_Guerilla2_1"; backpack = "CUP_B_CivPack_WDL"; weapons[] = {"uns_svt","uns_rpg7","uns_binocular_navy","Throw"}; magazines[] = {"uns_svtmag","uns_rpg7grenade","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","uns_svtmag","SmokeShell","SmokeShell","SmokeShell","SmokeShell","DemoCharge_Remote_Mag","uns_mine_TM_mag","PipeBomb","DemoCharge_Remote_Mag","DemoCharge_Remote_Mag"}; items[] = {"FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit","FirstAidKit"}; linkedItems[] = {"CUP_V_B_GER_Carrier_Rig_2_Brown","CUP_H_USArmy_Helmet_M1_plain_M81","CUP_G_Oakleys_Drk","ItemMap","ItemCompass","ItemWatch"}; }; }; Only 2 here and only 1 side. The sides aren't separated by anything but make sure you put the extra }; at the very end of the file. Also remember the scopes on the rifles have to added in the linked items part. You can get the scope classname by hitting CTRL C and pasting the result into a regular old text file cause it won't be in SQF format.All of that should be saved as loadout.cpp. Now in your description.ext file you put this respawnTemplateseast[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition"}; respawnTemplateswest[] = {"MenuInventory","MenuPosition"}; #include "loadout.cpp" Now in your init.sqf you need to put this to create the respawn inventory thing the game needs to do the whole thing. Also include the respawn on start so you respawn or you might end up with the default inventory or no inventory since the guy in my scenario actually have nothing. respawnOnStart = 1; [east, "east1"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; [east, "east2"] call BIS_fnc_addRespawnInventory; //this is in your init.sqf file THIS is the one thing I never get wrong, I've made scenarios with 24 loadouts, 12 a side, they all work selectable from this screen.I used to know how to put images in here https://images2.imgbox.com/1f/3d/TyASjwX1_o.jpg
  7. Alleged Accomplice

    RESPAWN Modules

    Gonna put this here cause it took me a bit to figure out how to clear the vehicle of its default loadout. You can see the _veh is used after clearitemcargo and the other two. Do not use "remove" on vehicles. I wanted to load a chair into the thing but I can't get it in LOL params ["_veh"]; // Since we're calling this code from a script file, we need to pass in the vehicle as an argument (the "_this select 0" part below) _veh lock 0; // And you can put in comments after a double slash to remind you what each line does if (bob == _veh) then { clearItemCargo _veh ; clearmagazineCargo _veh; clearWeaponCargo _veh; _VEH addweaponcargoglobal ["uns_ak47", 35]; _VEH addweaponcargoglobal ["CUP_hgun_Colt1911", 35];
  8. What am I doing wrong? It crashes as soon as I open an sqf file
  9. Alleged Accomplice

    Should Arma 4 have pilotable Naval Assets?

    It should have at least simple ships, all of them simplified so its not such a pain, something like was done in BF 42 and in BF2 Forgotten hope mod with the WWII ships. Also it should have the ground not be the bottom of everything so you can have real craters and have real in ground defenses. Neither of those things will happen.
  10. Alleged Accomplice

    Eden Editor Supply Drop HELP!

    You could put those in a box that you load on the chopper or sling underneath and have it dropped. I cannot get any chopper to hold anything but basic default supplies. So when it does a supply drop it is unlikely to drop anything that is not default. A vehicle would work even better, doesn't have to be big, just put that in the vehicles init. I don't know how to change the supply drop and I know the AI is not real trustworthy if you have them bring supplies but they can do it but you'll have to load the box IMO. You look around here you'll find a script for it or an addon.
  11. Alleged Accomplice


    Thanks pierremgi. Works great. I messed up and put two vehicle respawn modules and it threw an error. I didn't read the instructions LOL.
  12. I want to change this name to Bailing_Out, my in ARMA name but it doesn't let me. Alleged_Accomplice is a name associated with a guy who talks politics quite a bit on other sites. Its not that agree or disagree with him its just I do not talk politics. This name goes with my email

  13. Using pierremgi's vehicle respawn module, if you tick keep the appearance and pylons the loadout is restored to original. I thought keep actions and arsenal would do that but it does not.
  14. Still works. Throws errors about the paint but I think it has something to do with that apc having so many different paint jobs in game. Maybe not who knows. Took out this if _savePaint then {[_newVehicle, _paint, _parts] call BIS_fnc_initVehicle}; from fn_vehicleMonitor.sqf and used this in vehicle init [this, 5, {_this allowDamage true;}, 1] call FRED_fnc_vehicleRespawn; and it went away. I am probably putting the wrong thing in the vehicle init or something. I cannot limit number of respawns. The fact that the ammo loadout comes back just like it was every time, thats all I ever wanted really. After it respawns 2 or 3 times times the loadout goes to default. If I put allowdamage false after the 2nd or third respawn it becomes invincible. [this, 15, {_this allowDamage true;}, 5] I put that in, after 5 I get default loadout but it still respawns
  15. Alleged Accomplice

    [SCRIPT] Explosive-To-Vehicle

    I found an addon, it works, not yours, I'll have to get that to try it. Wait a minute, it says I'm already subscribed to your modules, how have I not seen the explosive one HUMMMMM. Not paying attention is my guess LOL