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  1. Alleged Accomplice

    [SCRIPT] Explosive-To-Vehicle

    I will have to go back and make sure about the file but I did try it with base and markers and it didn't work. The test mission I have didn't have a respawn marker, you just spawned in where the guy was.
  2. Alleged Accomplice

    [SCRIPT] Explosive-To-Vehicle

    This used to work for me with multiple selectable respawn positions but now it does not. I have tried the new stuff posted by RCA3 and that didn't help either. I don't know if the file at Armaholic is the latest or not. ZooLoo75 is no longer around and I cannot find it in his dropbox.
  3. This is just going to be a link to the workshop guide I made. Some of you are going to look at it and go, "well I have known hot to do this forever" and maybe you have alluded to it as well in posts but I have never seen it detailed anywhere. I got to this from stuff posted here and elsewhere, bits and pieces and I saw one somewhat complete but not quite piece of the puzzle and i put them altogether to get this. Not all of us have spent 10 years editing ARMA 2 and then 3. Everything I do on it it like a puzzle, I know no one will likely ever play a scenario I make but the puzzle solving part of it satisfies my brain a little bit. I do appreciate and thank those who have helped me. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1986342104
  4. You can set the height but when I saw this post I set it to 7 but I still spawned on the ground. It only raises the module up in the editor.
  5. Alleged Accomplice

    Custom Karts Race In Eden Editor

    They made karts and then didn't give a crap about it. I saw one guy in a youtube video that had made a simple track that counted laps and everything. Said he was going to post again how he did it, he has never been back to youtube again since that day.
  6. Alleged Accomplice

    Respawn vehicles with a trigger

    Pierremgi, you fixed something I did not think could be fixed, then the updates made a mess of it. I want to say thank you again though an so I am saying it now. You might be able to fix it but I won't be in ARMA 3 WWII to use it. I'm done with it. I spent all that time on WWII scenarios with what you made being integral to those scenarios and now it is totally screwed up. I'm gone, I'm done. I cannot work with a game like this where its updates screw up everything. Sure I'm still gonna play it now and then but I'm done with as and editor for the most part. I want to thank you again and then say screw you BI, you are a bunch of pieces of shit.
  7. Alleged Accomplice

    WWII Shapur, War for Oil my new scenario

    OK I took more than a month away from editing. I wasn't doing anything right, thus all the stuff you see previously posted about this and other scenarios. It is now fixed, everything works.
  8. Alleged Accomplice

    Village of the Damned updated

    I aint exactly figured discord out, seems mostly to me that 10 minutes after you post it it gets buried so deep no one will see it anyway. I thought of and may add images but really its a simple map. The dependencies are basically this, nearly every damn thing WWII that is in the ARMA3 WWII universe. Not all of it, some of it is dead and isn't being used. When you get the scenario an try to load it, expect a long wait if you don't have the WWII stuff, its going to take awhile to download it, less you got a 40mb connection or higher. Almost all of my of my errors are me setting up the conditions of my triggers which those fine editors you suggest don't have anything to do with. I have ATOM anyway. I get tired and suddenly my condition that was supposed to be != east is suddenly == east. Suddenly I'm using the name of the last sector in the trigger for the new sectors trigger OR last but not least I forget to connect the new sector to the sector control module and then wonder why the sector can't be captured by either side. EDIT: Don't take any of that the wrong way, i'm sick and can't sleep so it sounds a bit gruff. Perfect time to start editing again LOL.
  9. Alleged Accomplice

    Village of the Damned updated

    I took a month or more break from editing, I kept making the same damn mistakes and it wasn't getting better. Now I have updated my first one with the 12 selectable loadouts and fixed the spawn points like I wanted them. The neutral sectors were messing me up for some reason but as soon I got done with the loadouts took me 10 minutes to fix the spawns on the neutrals where you couldn't spawn. Village of the Damned No one will likely play this or the others but I like doing it so I continue.
  10. Alleged Accomplice

    Bridging Kit, build, destroy repair them

    Ok fixed a way to blow the bridges up, it is the bridge to the north on the map. You actually blow up ammo boxes which are hooked by trigger to bridge pieces. When the ammo box is gone so is the bridge piece. Need something tougher than an ammo box that the game pays attention to. Need to line up the bridge repair parts better but if you use this you are going to have to line them up yourself anyway so this is usable as is both ways it is done on this map. I will make the repair a 2 part repair later cause that will work better just like the two different triggers in different places I used to build the north bridge in 2 phases works better.
  11. Bridging Kit <--Link to mission The editor placed bridges can't be destroyed, by me anyway. At first I started with building one with triggers and show/hide, fine easy enough. You pull the bridging truck into the triggers and it sets off the show/hides over the time set in the trigger. Tried everything to blow up the bridge, won't work, like I said for me anyways. So I made more triggers that used the change position modules to move pieces out of the bridge when the enemy put a certain vehicle there (one with a variable name of course. Then I set up some more triggers and change position modules so the side that built the bridge could repair/put another piece in the missing pieces place. Works, not elegant and since I can't write sqf files for nothing it is all with modules. This isn't an addon and its not really a mission so I could only think to post it here. I will improve this in time but for dummies like me this should do. Here is the description, it is important. I tried to find a way to build and kind of destroy/repair bridges. You can't actually blow up the bridge parts but you can move them (destroy the bridge) after unhiding (building the bridge) them. You can also replace the moved part (repair the bridge) when using the repair truck. All of this is a pain to set up the way I've done it but now that it is done I can just save it all to custom compositions. So can you if you like what I've done here. Save the bridge, the show/ hide modules and triggers that cause it to be built, destroyed and repaired altogether. When you put the bridge somewhere else or on another map you will have to line the bridge pieces up again in the editor. You may have to add pieces or take out pieces. You will have to connect new pieces to the show/hide modules. 2 sets of triggers and show/hides build the bridge in 2 parts at different times. I've added some instructions to the map with markers. You save the stuff that setups up the build/repair/destroy vehicles in another composition. Remember those vehicles have to have variable names and those names must be in the triggers that set off what they accomplish. Any questions I will try to answer in the comments.
  12. Alleged Accomplice

    WWII Shapur, War for Oil my new scenario

    Dang I missed one spawn point but now its fixed
  13. Alleged Accomplice

    WWII 7 sectors

    WWII 7 sectors Slightly improved version of the modern one posted. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1238574779 WWII for 7 sectors of German versus Soviet good times. Select everything on the map and save to your custom compositions. Spawn points that work, the sectors flip. You can spawn in any sector you own (except the enemy main and you can easily change that) which is a problem sometimes in sector control, well it is not a problem with this setup. The spawn in vehicles cannot be destroyed Then add tanks planes and vehicles soldiers and loadouts . I will soon post a loadout framework for these 2 sides. Then I will post a vehicle framework. It is setup for a Soviet attack so the Germans own all but one sector, just change the sector owner if need be.
  14. Alleged Accomplice

    WWII Shapur, War for Oil my new scenario

    Fixed the spawn points. Gunter, I thought I described it pretty well. It says WWII, which anyone who plays ARMA 3 mods knows is a huge download. I tested and tested but I neglected one thing, getting farther up the chain of capturing sectors and seeing if I could spawn back. The reason, I'd never had that problem with other scenarios. I like to put that I do not do AI so people know what to expect. I know that these will likely not get played with many people but I still make them. I've read you many places and you are always informative, thank you for that.
  15. Alleged Accomplice

    7 Sectors

    I use this to make my sector control scenarios easy. Just subscribe, get it, open it, highlight everything on the map and save to your custom compositions. 7 sectors Workshop description: I have had problems with spawnpoints in sector control mode made with markers and triggers, If no one is near them then the spawn point dies no matter how the trigger is set. If you own 3 sectors, it would be nice to be able to go back to one if you die and say get a tank or something else. This missions spawnpoints use a vehicle synced to a regular respawn module, this vehicle will be hidden if your side does not own the sector, the other sides vehicle will not be hidden and they will be able to spawn on it. The show hide module is used to do this. The vehicle in this case is indestructible and unable to move. I used quadbikes to publish this since most play modern even though the first time I did this I used Jeeps and Kubelwagons because I play WWII mods Replace the vehicle with one matching the mod you play and it is better IMO if it is one of the smaller vehicles so you can spawn some place where you aren't going to be immediately shot. This is set for Blufor and Independent. Easy to change in the triggers conditions and change the sides module for sure or it won't work. No real mission here, just highlight all the stuff on the map and save as a custom composition then delete the mission, I highly doubt I will be updating it for any reason. Then use it on your mission. Copy and past to add more sectors or delete sectors and the sectors add on parts (the other modules and triggers that cause the respawn position) to have fewer