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  1. I was thinking of using getUnitLoadout to get the player's loadout, and then using BIS_fnc_inString to look for each of the restricted weapons, one by one. If it returns true, I can remove the weapon. But that idea is going to take a really long time to code, is there a faster way that I can compare player's invenotries to the restricted weapons list?
  2. Thank you. A loop does sound like a pretty good solution. Should I run the loop in initPlayer? Also, is there a way I can display a little message to the players if some of their items/weapons have been removed because they are not suited for their role? For example "Weapon or item in your inventory does not fit your role and has been removed."
  3. Hello, I would like to add weapon restrictions to specific classes. For example only AT's can carry launchers, only engineers can carry explosive charges and only medics can carry medkits. In my mission, players will be given a virtual arsenal at the start, but I don't want them to pick up anything they are not supposed to later on. So the restrictions should always apply. I have seen a few topics on how to restrict the arsenal but that is not going to work. Does anybody know how I can do that? Thank you
  4. MrSydney

    Mods removed from Steam

    Ok thank you
  5. Hi, I was busy making a mission the past few days and I used the Ares zeus tools mod, but this morning I did not see it on the launcher or the steam webpage. Is it possible that this mod was removed from steam and if so, is there a way I can recover my mission? Thank you
  6. MrSydney

    Respawn/Bleedout timer

    It's perfect. Thank you for the help
  7. MrSydney

    Respawn/Bleedout timer

    Thanks, I will try it later and let you know if it works
  8. How do you make a timer that only displays to the incapacitated players showing them how much time they have left until they bleed out? I tried using hints but ran in to too many problems
  9. Hello, I want to make players not receive any damage while they are incapacitated. I have used the second solution provided by "pierremgi" here: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/227037-we-are-going-to-make-incapacitated-player-invincible/?tab=comments#comment-3390498 . It works really good apart from the fact that if players are shot while their characters are in the ragdoll state between being alive and the "incapacited animation", they can still receive damage and be killed instantly. For example players who are shot with a weapon with a high firerate will always be 'incapacitated' and then 'executed', but if they are incapacitated and then given time for the character to roll over on his back, they would not receive any damage. I do not want this, I want players to be invinsible the second they lose control over their characters and become incapacitated. Is there any way to do this?