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  1. I've watched the video but there are still a few questions : a, Is it possible to build only on fixed positions (where i have composed the stuff in the editor) or could you add a funktion to build the stuff on a variable position (e.g. current player position or a marker on the map) b, Am i right, that currently only one composition is possible to be built ? It would be great to create several compositions and then let them built by selecting them in a list at the fore man. c, Are you planning to integrate an (optional) automated worker "delivery" system ? So that the transportation of workers is not necessary anymore if the player / GM / Zeus does not want to waste time for it. Long story short... i really like the idea and the way this mod is built up. Thumbs up.
  2. gwiddik

    KP Support Missions

    Would it be possible to combine this kind of mission with liberation ? So that the liberation part takes place kind of automatically and players only "support" or "do their thing" where ever they want ? Maybe FOBs / LZs could be designated / linked to each other somehow to give the commander the ability to control the flow of AI a bit ?
  3. This happens if you do several things at the same time ;) Sry. I mean an option to choose the loadout / payload ;) (Like in the editor)
  4. Hi Wyqer, a little suggestion for your next update. How about an option when buying a plane or a helicopter. Maybe as long as landed/parked on a helipad ? Regards
  5. Hey guys, just a short question. Where the heck do i find the config/settings for the AI groups (e.g. Light Rifle Team / Available at the FOB Build Menu) ?? Was looking through all files (i guess) but wasn't able to find it. Thanks in advance and also for your effort. Great work.
  6. @wyqerI: Maybe this was already asked before, but are there any plans to have "real" trucks for all logistic tasks instead of the virtual ones ?
  7. gwiddik


    Report is out. :) @Haleks: If you haven't already told this somewhere.... could you provide us any infos about the base count of AI (NPCs) on which the module's spawn ratio value is based ?
  8. gwiddik


    In my case i populating the map with scenery stuff (camps, wrecks, trash, etc.). I'm doing this by creating a seperate "composition" for every area i want to modify. E.g. one for Chernogorsk, one for Elektro, etc. Imho you can choose between both methods. In general there should be no difference. But when it comes to managing the areas the composition method is way more flexible and handy. You can add and remove areas by just adding/removing a line of code. If you have to change something you only need to check the file of the specific area and so on. If you have all the informations in one big mission file it is way more effort to change something. I guess i will have somewhere between 10k and 20k additional objects on my map when im done. (I'm taking my old ArmA2-/DayZ mission file as a reference). If i now have to change some object information in certain cases the risk of messing up something is much higher if you have one big file instead of several smaller files. And if somethings wrong, then i would have to delete items, check for errors and maybe place them again. Again much more effort then just commenting out a line in the script and checking only the affected composition file. I'm planning to spawn all areas in one step (without using triggers). If its working and has no major perfomance impact, i'll keep this. But if it has some impact, then i'm planning to use triggers so that only areas are spawned where players are active. If there is no player the areas will be despawned / removed.
  9. gwiddik


    I gave it a quick shot last night and what should i say.... it is the perfect solution. I'm still playing around with this script/method. What i currently can say is: If used like written in the thread it's working perfect but only if you are using the eden editor. Stuff that is placed and exported with X-Cam will not spawn. (I guess due to how X-Cam is formatting its object informations during the export in a mission file). For everyone who is using it or is planning to use it, keep in mind that you have to execute the script server-side. If you are using it client-side the Zeds will be able to walk through the spawned objects. Edit for a BIG DISCLAIMER: Like written earlier, i'm using a combination of Exile - Client/Server (Dedicated) and Ravage. If you are planning to use the script in a singleplayer mission, you have to execute it in initPlayerlocal.sqf. Finally i got what i need, thanks again zuzul. But on the other hand i have to start all over again with decorating Chernarus. (Most of my stuff was placed with X-Cam).
  10. gwiddik


    Holy sh.t..... combined with invisible markers thats exact the stuff that would solve my problems (if it works what i have in mind). Thank you mate !!! Will have a closer look into it asap.
  11. gwiddik


    The problem is, that spawned items would not be persistent. Each time you are leaving/entering an area and/or joining a game or respawning after death the scenery would be different. For a bike or something it would ok. A bit immersion-breaking but still ok. But for scenery where spawned stuff should be in the same place all the time, it is way too much. Imho. I'm still trying to understand is how Dean Hall solved this problem in the original DayZ-mod. He had a config file with all the stuff he wanted to spawn (class-types, coords, height, orientation etc). And some kind of streamline-function that checks the position of a player and spawns the stuff listed in the config file within a certain radius. I'm not sure if there is an advantage using this technique compared to a "static" mission.sqm file that contains all the stuff. On one hand you have a big mission file (my old DayZ-mod file was approx. 3 MB with ~ 10k hand-placed items) and on the other hand you have a small mission file but maybe perfomance issues that occur under certain circumstances due to the constant spawning and despawning of stuff.
  12. gwiddik


    I would be very much interested too. Atm moment everything is "hand-placed" on my chernarus map but to fill an entire map solo takes to much time. Some time ago i was trying to convert the original rubble/trash script of the original DayZ-mod but it was a big failure. So if there is a way (script) to put some stuff on the streets..... it would be really appreciated if you could share it :D
  13. gwiddik


    I'm using the modules...was not aware that it is possible to call that stuff via script.
  14. gwiddik


    As far as i know is triggering Ravage modules not possible.
  15. gwiddik


    Disclaimer : This is my personal opinion. You are right if it comes to the features. Ravage has loot, weather, a clean-up system, AI etc. Exile has the same. There is not much difference. The difference between both is imho under the hood. Imho Ravage is a perfect mod as long as you are using it for singleplayer missions/campagins and/or small-scale multiplayer missions up to 10 players. But if it comes to more players, a better/more flexible persistency-solution and/or expanding the mod with attachments, you will quickly reach the limits of Ravage. At this point you need a different platform. Exile offers this platform. It is open, flexible, scalable and expendable. You can add your own stuff when ever you want and you are not forced to wait for the developer. (@Haleks: Please, don't get me wrong ;) ) But on the other hand, it takes a while to become familiar with the framework, you need some coding skills and it takes some time with programming, bugfixing and balancing. Here is another big plus for Ravage. It is convenient and very out of the box. You don't need much knowledge to get a good working, very immersive result. The reason why i use Ravage in addition to Exile are the Zeds. Exile has not built-in Zeds due to the different story approach and the original game-design. (And tbh i dont like the Ryans Zombie Mod, that is used alot by other servers)