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  1. chernaruski

    Game defined base classes

    Thank you very much for an extended answer , @Dedmen. That will clear many things for me personally.
  2. chernaruski

    Game defined base classes

    Offtopic: Let us move to on-topic then , I see no point on dwelling on this misunderstanding. Let me be more specific on my questions , just to make sure we understand each other: Does using base class House/Structure on tree/clutter model , which is suppose to be Static , makes a difference or its pure categorization and it have no impact whatsoever on lets say... performance ? At the moment I'm only interested in props related things, no physx involved. On one hand you say: From the other I guess I should ask what are the "simulation types" or what you mean by "simulation types" ? Try to understand , there is a list of over 200 items base classes and it may confuse at the beginning , like it was with Flag_F and the moving canvas model I tried to do not awhile ago. So I assumed there is more in depth meaning for each base class.
  3. How important is it to config using external base classes (base classes that were defined by the base game) ? i.e is it wrong/not recommended to use "house" on simple non-interactable custom objects, instead of using lets say "static" or "nonstrategic"? I'm not sure what is the whole purpose of pre-defined by the game base class names.
  4. when you do, don't forget to do it similar to this ;-)
  5. As I highlighted, all was working perfectly fine after I used pmc guide to set it all up. Was modeling for a few weeks now, and then it just decided to stop loading textures on ALL models. I never run OB from launcher. Even if I wanted steam wont let me 🙂
  6. Anyone had similar issues? OB suddenly stopped loading textures. Bulldozer preview was configured 100% fine and working and then just stopped loading model textures on all models. I tried re-installing , verifying , double checking textures paths , double checking the default texture folder P:\ is set, as it was when it was working and then just this: sometimes this , with some visual artifacts No textures, strange lines instead of smooth gray mesh (if textures are not set). The only things I've noticed in the logs that it has some error logged: Invalid module. Missing link to InitPluginModule function (127) Have no idea if it was there before, never checked since everything was working. That's it. ObjectBuilder.log - https://pastebin.com/i33X5FKQ
  7. chernaruski


    @haleks , thanks man. No worries, no pressure. Your project , your pace. - Another thought I had in mind lately is about Zombie Horde Module... When spawning horde I can decide how many zeds , what they wear and where to spawn them, but in addition to the placed "Themed" zeds I have the ambient ones spawning. Was thinking to myself "Ok, so I'll place Zombie Blacklist area to stop ambient ones from spawning here..." , but it looks like it effect ALL zeds. It would be nice to have a checkbox with option of blocking Ambient Zeds from spawning in the areas where Zombie Horde module is active. That way, we have more control over the zeds overall count and therefore over overall load on players machines.
  8. chernaruski


    @haleks if you still around and interested in continuing ravage mod dev , I have a few more recommendations : 1. Zombies dirty uniforms : the clothes do look better when they are covered with dirt and such , but on some clothes (for example - priest ropes, coats and such - CUP's units one) it looks really strange and reminds me of a "glitched" texture. Well , its quad-bike dirt rvmat , so I understand why... Have you considered applying the vanilla injured (blood all over the clothes) rvmats instead , so the zeds will be covered with blood instead? One of the following: I've tested the coveralls_injury and it looks really nice , like if the zeds had a major banquet lately 😉 2. While running Exile mod , I had to use Exilez spawner to spawn zeds. And what I really liked about it is the total control of how/when/where they will spawn. With Ravage it feels like you have only a partial control over the spawned zeds. Since I heavily use the zombies modules I would like you to consider adding features like: - Integrating some kind of a loot drop script , to make zombies drop loot when killed. I know its easy to implement , for example with GF loot drop script. - Possibility of adding vests/backpacks/head-wear/face-wear to zombies, the same way we add custom uniforms override list. - Direct control over the zed type. At the moment Ravage have Walking, Running & Bolting zeds, wouldn't it be better just to use % value for each ? walkers_pos=50% , runner_pos=40%, bolters_pos=10%. like so... I know all of the above is possible to do with 3-rd party custom scripts, but maybe you will be in favor of adding it directly to zeds spawn module so the server owners/mission creators will have it all in one package. 3. Bleeding & infection chance when hit by zombies. I miss the extra challenge of not being hit by zeds or you will have to deal with consequences, such as cleaning the wound / infection , looking for bandages or bleed out, looking for that holy grail of anti-virus injector , having to deal with health deterioration because of the infection. 4. Adding 4-th extra tough zed type which will appear only during night time. This one may be tricky, since it will require a new model and animations for it to be added. Thats why this is at the bottom 😉
  9. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    ChernarusRedux - WIP
  10. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    Tronicka Caves ? Its in bottom left corner of the map , down the sea shore, just right to the Kamenka river.
  11. chernaruski

    Scripting General & Library

    10. How to make Ravage zombies drop items when killed: I used GF Drop Loot script as a base , heavily edited it & removed gear , weapons , grenades and attachments drops from it , since I wanted zeds to drop only basic items (i.e Ravage mod items). I've put this code in to the Killed EH , inside the Ravage Ambient Zombies module (screenshot attached) placed in my mission: Yes I know you can make it better , delete irrelevant stuff, but it was made as a quick solution and a pilot zombies loot drop script. Just wanted to try the basic way and use Killed EH without calling for script from init. I tried to make it work this way, cause the original way was not working for me on Exilemod integrated live server. Additional things I would love to add/see: - Make it so not every zombie drops loot , only x% of the time. - Make specific items have higher chance of drop then the others. - Find a way of making the items appear under the body or as inventory of the dead zed (vanilla way) and not as a dropped item (sometimes feets away from the body). All credits to @GEORGE FLOROS GR for his easy to understand script.
  12. chernaruski

    GF Drop Loot Script

    Yeah, of course. Didn't work for me for some reason. Yesssss! It works via Ravage module - EH . I've just copy pasted code directly , you must delete all the commented stuff first of course. Now its time to do some tweaking.... config the items , its randomness to spawn or not (I don't want every zed to drop items), and remove the unneeded stuff such as weapons/vests/etc cause I want zombies to drop only basic items.
  13. chernaruski

    GF Drop Loot Script

    Couldn't make it work with Exile. Event handlers changed somewhere... Until I find out what exactly causing this, maybe there is a way to call for your script via built-in Ravage Ambient Zombies module? PS: I'll just add the whole code to Killed EH and see what happens ))