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  1. Sick stuff man @Dan Tronic Can't wait to roam around this new and extraordinary Arma terrain!
  2. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    I remember I used something for CHR: https://pastebin.com/AQK6ny6B It's pretty heavy, but it did the job for my needs.
  3. chernaruski

    Matrix Exile Mod Base Framework

    Do you have any description for Matrix Elite Mod Base Framework? What it does & what features it has?
  4. chernaruski


    lol, "loot refresh rate" aka "Wallmart restock day". people forgot what's the challenge in games these days
  5. chernaruski

    Fixing Inventory Order

    Pretty sure you don't have a fix for this. It's a core Arma3 part of how inventory works. If there was a fix for this I'm pretty sure they would have integrated it a long time ago.
  6. Try this overwrite, its from my old server. I'm pretty sure it works. It should do exactly what you want, since I was using the same logic of RANDOM spawn only.
  7. contact your exile server admin topic closed
  8. chernaruski

    Failed to open object builder

    for future generations: if you'll ever have missing mfc120.dll error appear when running and failing to start OB, install this https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/confirmation.aspx?id=40784
  9. @Ch4rl0 make sure you write in English from now on. All posts must be in English language.
  10. You have too many errors in your logs. Seriously, it has a cluster of issues it seems. Isolate the issue, by starting from clean exilemod, then start adding exile overrides (changed exile code sqfs) you use. One by one. Only then start adding addons for AI,zombies, Vehicles,etc. One by one. The moment you will be able to start the server, you will identify which one is causing it. Isolate it and check logs again to see what error it spits out. AND ONLY THEN you will know what is there to fix and what solution to look for. From rpts you can see that DB is actually working and somewhat exile connected to it. So its a completely different issue from what you initially stated about database and "CallExtension 'extDB2' could not be found". Just go line after line (starting from Starting mission) in your RPT logs and look for code errors debug messages.
  11. your RPT saying you running 64bit and not arma3server.exe, even name of your log files starting with arma3server_x64_2021-03-26_19-17-14.rpt TDAST is cancer, I don't want to even look at it. If you can, maybe use a different way to run your server?
  12. First of all: Are you sure DB login/password in your config files are correct? Have you changed or overwritten any of the exile_server\code original files? "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR! ERROR!" "ExileServer - You have added weapons to your server that spawn in with attachments." "ExileServer - This will allow duping and money farming!" "ExileServer - To solve this, please remove the following weapons from your loot tables and trader config OR replace them with their non-attachment equivalent:" "ExileServer - [""hlc_Pistol_mk25RX""]" "ExileServer - Example: Use arifle_Katiba_F instead of arifle_Katiba_ACO_pointer_snds_F." CallExtension 'extDB2' could not be found "ExileServer - MySQL connection error!" "ExileServer - Please have a look at @ExileServer/extDB/logs/ to find out what went wrong." "ExileServer - MySQL Error: Unable to locate extDB2 extension!" "ExileServer - Server will shutdown now :(" CallExtension 'extDB2' could not be found I see you running arma3server_x64 instead of arma3server, not sure if extDB2 works with x64, anyway worth to try and switching to 32 bit server exe. <<<<< Probably this Also, check that you have all the dlls where they should be (tbbmalloc, extDB2 64 bit dlls and such), sometimes GSP block uploading DLLs .
  13. Pretty sure its a DB connection issue. Can be anything, from wrong config , bad connectivity to a wrong extdb version extdb3/2. Without RPT files and well full review of your configs, there is not much we can help you with.
  14. It does exactly what it should, for each _requiredTools. If you want it to check if one of the _requiredTools is in inventory you need to rewrite the code to something like this I can't test things right now, so take this code as a general direction and as example and try to make it work from there ... if( isClass(_itemConfig >> "Interactions" >> "Consuming") ) then { if ("Exile_Item_CanOpener" in magazines player || "Exile_Item_Pliers" in magazines player || "Exile_Item_Screwdriver" in magazines player) then {_hasAllTools = true;} else {_hasAllTools = false;}; (_dialog displayCtrl 1300) ctrlEnable _hasAllTools; };
  15. No. _itemClassName is the item you interact with (food,drink,etc) and not the tool. What I've meant by "change it" is add a proper magazine check, (as its done in ExileClient_gui_itemDetails_show). If you don't know how to do it, you can try and make changes directly in ExileClient_gui_itemDetails_show.sqf in this part of code: if( isClass(_itemConfig >> "Interactions" >> "Consuming") ) then { _requiredTools = getArray (_itemConfig >> "Interactions" >> "Consuming" >> "tools"); _hasAllTools = true; { if !(_x in _equippedMagazines) exitWith { _hasAllTools = false; }; } forEach _requiredTools; (_dialog displayCtrl 1300) ctrlEnable _hasAllTools; }; the values of _requiredTools are the one you want , so add a check for items you want // _requiredTools = getArray (_itemConfig >> "Interactions" >> "Consuming" >> "tools"); _requiredTools = ["Exile_Item_CanOpener","Exile_Item_Pliers","Exile_Item_Knife","Exile_Item_Screwdriver"]; and the overwrite the ExileClient_gui_itemDetails_show via customcode, as you did hundreds times before.