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  1. chernaruski

    Ravage Mod

    No one is questioning anything here , I've only asked if its possible to separate the two. Maybe you misunderstood me, it was never my intention to tell anyone when and how to manage things. Just posting my opinion. Its not a problem , just a nuisance if micro-updates continue, so I wanted Haleks to be aware of MP server side keys issue.
  2. chernaruski

    Ravage Mod

    Don't get me wrong scenarios are great , but in my opinion its poor practice to join them with main framework and update mod because of them. Micro-updates of missions/scenarios don't add much to the fundamental features of this mod that most of multiplayer users or mission creators are using because...well they create their own thing using Ravage. i.e : If you use Ravage mod as survival system on MP server , you are not really interested in missions/scenarios that bundled together , furthermore in updating mod server-side for every future mission/scenario related bug-fix or micro-update with a fresh bikey. I'm not sure why you decided to bundle them together... you always can create official mission/scenario collections and feature them on mod steam page or here and keep main mod as a separate thing. People that are interested in scenarios won't miss them, be sure of that. Maybe I'm missing something, but I think main mod should be separated from any scenario / mission ...
  3. chernaruski

    Ravage Mod

    Haleks, can you please separate Ravage mod from any future Scenarios / Missions?
  4. Place to report mods that use & repack Ravage Mod files , despite Haleks's clear statement "You may not reupload this mod on Steam" at the original Ravage Mod topic. Extinction Mission Mods - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=882350776 11thmeuzombieX - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206802838
  5. chernaruski

    Problems & Bugs

    It has nothing to do with Exile. I was using hordes before the update, there was a problem with horde spawner that caused zeds spawn to stop due to GlobalMax limit and the fact the zombie spawner didn't clean the spawned zombies. So I removed the module, and actively used the Ambient Zombies only on a live Exile+Ravage server. Then the update came out , and I tried the module out again. This time, it was basic place the module down in editor and see how it works. No other scripts such as DMS, Occupation, A3XAI was present. The results are in video. So everyone here have hordes spawner working correctly? I just needed some confirmation or not , to understand where I should start looking.... Flag it Unconfirmed then. Strange glitch then.
  6. chernaruski

    Problems & Bugs

    Don't know if its only me having this, but I've posted a bug in the original topic about Horde Spawn Module working weird and despawning zeds when coming close to the spawned horde. Please confirm or disapprove (and add it to the list).
  7. chernaruski

    Problems & Bugs

    We should probably sticky a list of all known bugs here. So the people could check if they found something new and should report it , or its a known issue that is not fixed just yet.
  8. chernaruski

    Mods Discussion

    Post-apocalyptic maps to play Ravage Mod on: Derelict (alternative versions of Altis, Malden, Stratis) ChernarusRedux Chernarus 2035 S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Live Zone (pre-alpha) Pecher Feel free to add atmospheric post-apo / ravaged / desolate maps.
  9. chernaruski

    Ravage Mod

    My first (after the update) zombie horde spawner simple test in editor returned these results: module settings placement results (youtube video) Horde spawned and de-spawned, right before I reach the location. Didn't bother testing it on live server, just yet. New zeds dirty uniforms looks nice. Its the same rust texture that is applied to damaged containers / vehicles ? Maybe something that looks more like blood is possible to apply? Dealing with the horde spawner and making it work for MP scenarios is the right direction to work on, the basic balancing of a spawners work in MP environment is a must. We always here to test it out for you Haleks. No way I'm coming back from Ravage to Zombies&Demons zombies ;-)
  10. chernaruski

    Scenario Menu - Bug with mission names

    Your scenario is PBO-ed , not unpacked in folder... , right? Doesn't work for me when PBO-ed. More reports on this here... something global maybe?
  11. chernaruski

    GF Drop Loot Script

    Yeah, I've tested on Ravage+Exile. I use zombie module from Ravage and Exilemod based server and was wondering if someone uses your script to drop loot from zombies. Didn't work for me, just needed confirmation . In a meantime I'll try to figure why it doesn't at the moment. Exile have its own loot drop/cleanup system built in, so maybe need to alter a client code (or merge with your script) for it to work properly. Maybe its even better to intergrate this loot drop script via the "killed" event handler that is built in Ravage's Ambient Zombies module.... need to sleep on it.
  12. chernaruski

    GF Drop Loot Script

    Hey George, is this fully working in MP , if I'm to deploy it on server with Ravage Mod zombies ? Does anyone tested this script with Exilemod loot spawning , does it work independently? I was trying to implement it on Exilemod+Ravage server, it seems Ravage zombies don't drop any loot... Also , was wondering , how is the dropped items cleaning works? Is it built in? Or it requires ravage's cleanup module to be on or any other scripts that do the job?
  13. I was thinking more of a simplistic way of turning you to zombie. For example. If you get infected and you die , your body will turn into a walking dead with all your gear on (or not). So your teammates will have to kill your "resurrected" body or you will have to find the Z to retrieve your gear. Unfortunately, I can't test properly infection script right now, since I'm running exilemod+ravage combination. First need to figure out how to integrate it in to exile's damage handling , since it have its own system. + MP
  14. Hey Vandeanson, I was lurking the forums and found your scripts that enhance the Ravage mod atmosphere , and was surprised that there are no zombs related "missions" . Bandit camps, crash site...are cool, but its missing something related to zombs. Is there something that holding you back from scripting events related to zombs? What I had in mind: "Capture point" with zombie hordes waves , or "Clear that area" where the player must clear some location or city... can brainstorm more ideas, but you know better what are the actual limitations when creating something like that. What do you say?
  15. chernaruski

    Ravage Mod

    Glad to see my recommendation about horde clean-up got noticed, but very sad about the future development news. I really hope so you will overcome your difficulties and continue creating one of the most atmospheric mods out there. Thank you for your work, Haleks.