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  1. chernaruski


    Congrats boys! 🍾 We reached 100 members , we are the largest club on BI Forums! 😉
  2. chernaruski

    Chernarus Winter

    You will have to add the new winter tree model names into class Woodsource in your mission > config.cpp class WoodSource { name = "Trees"; models[] = { " t_", " bo_t_", // A2 trees " str_", " Smrk_", " les_", " brg_" }; }; Winter trees used in CUP Maps are coming from CUP Terrains Core > cup_terrains_winter_plants So the only thing you will have to add is probably : // CUP Winter Trees "cup_t_"
  3. chernaruski

    ACE + Exile integration

    Sorry bud , we all working men too you know. I'll check it out when I can , I do interested in the combination of ACE with Exile and how it works out in the end. Unfortunately , the main thing that is downer from you description is the "No need to eat or drink" which is huge con for my "survival" themed plans.
  4. Yeah that lurker cache is not complete and is pain in the ass to work with Have no idea why no proper static archive exist or created before the forums went down. but hell, it is what it is. @bob_the_k , I think we have pretty active club members here on BI that can help out with your questions, if no info can be found @ the old cached site.
  5. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    in your case remove Chernarusredux_buildings_Lamps from mission addons[]= array
  6. First of all, try a different browser. From the looks of it, it's possible the "Details window" doesn't open for you properly because of popup blocker, missing java or whatever web tech is used to open it. Second, you can always join BI of ARMA3 discord server for a faster help, if not from BI directly, from game veterans or other users that can answer common problems. Third, relax. Take a breather. 😉 everything will work out in the end ps: have you contacted support@bohemia.net ?
  7. chernaruski

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    Actually, when building a terrain you can decide if AI can or can't lay down on a specific surface. i.e in tall grass surface (or any other), you can force AI not to use prone position. But that is for map makers to decide, not sure if you can change that with .FSM it's in CfgSurfaces and called AIAvoidStance. Can go for config override, something like : class CfgSurfaces { class Default { AIAvoidStance = 2; }; };
  8. chernaruski


    as post 1.8 fix ? https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/183264-ravage/?do=findComment&comment=3384892
  9. chernaruski

    How to create dead flat bush?

    The destroyed "tent" collapse effect is not another model , its a built in thing. In models you have Named Properties > dammage , where you set the effect model will have when destroyed. Most of the vegetation models have "tent" values set , so the object collapse "tent" like. The folding effect tho, I have no idea how to call with a command, pretty sure there is none to it.
  10. chernaruski


    Can confirm. A very strange AI behavior , when using resurrection module. Bugreport: Resurrected units slide on the floor as zombies. (Tested on a multiplayer server)
  11. Or even better have a small second server running just for debugging and testing 😉 when on live server -noLogs server startup command can be used.
  12. hm I would be careful using this out of the box , wouldn't it mean it deletes the corpses including dead player corpses or ai corpses you want to loot later on? wouldn't it mean, you interfering with a built in garbage collector that is suppose to do this anyway?
  13. chernaruski


    12:19:21 Error in expression <g_gear_s = ["Gear", [ ]]; _itemswArr = rvg_uniforms_lv0 + rvg_uniforms_lv1 + rv> 12:19:21 Error position: <rvg_uniforms_lv0 + rvg_uniforms_lv1 + rv> 12:19:21 Error foreach: Undefined variable in expression: rvg_uniforms_lv0 Anyone knows why would server report about these? Ravage mod related or its mod compatibility ? Looks like something went wrong during gear tiering ... The only gear mod I've added to Vanilla , is CUPWeapons. Mods list: @CBA_A3;@ChernarusRedux;@CUPTerrainsCore;@CUPWeapons;@DboHorses;@Ravage;@VA(edited)
  14. chernaruski

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    Organizing stuff will make it easier not just to check whats coming up, also will help you with priority and workflow. I have big hopes for this as my main random event server add on 😉. Keep up the good and steady work 🤘 I don't remember if I wrote this in discord , but are you planning any events that includes zeds? All missions/events I've encountered so far are all AI soldiers bots. How about making something with Ravage zeds ? i.e Clear the area of zeds - get crate , Clear the area of zeds - save barricaded friendly ai - get crate, ....
  15. chernaruski


    Alright. Maybe use the script or something similar instead? Overwriting configs is hardcore ) , very often creates different compat issues. Best regards from our CPU's 😉 more optimization is always welcome.