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  1. BTW , for those who getting lost in all the parameters and tweaking for better performance, it would be nice to have a presets , that you can just load up in addon setting. QoL for a non-advanced users. Also , I would recommend pre-generating a few you would like us to test on a different maps / hardware . Yeah I was talking about in-game changes, to change it "on the go" while tweaking. To be honest I couldn't understand what you mean by "placing markers" Why not use [worldsize/2] as a max radius relatively to map center as your center for spawner and not player or marker location , and just auto-spawn them randomly on map when player near it (1000m or so) ?
  2. There is no doubt performance issue must be a top priority , but I'm sure @Vandeanson is aware of that. There are too many factors to take into account when trying to optimize the whole thing, but there are also a lot of tweaking addon options available for us mission creators, to squeeze a little more out of it. I'm running test mission at the moment , in tandem with Ravage modules. Each of them does their thing and eats a bits of performance. I've seen a lot of mission systems , like DMS (for Exile mod) and such , that have different automatic solutions for AI optimization, self-cleanup scripts which remove corpses, ground item spawn holders and many more. Maybe there is a thing or two you could learn from existing ai systems and their optimization. Also , it would be nice to have some sort of debug monitor, with overall spawned objects / units / etc .... to get a more in-depth picture of what is going on and what tanks the performance at the moment. I'm down to around 50 or less, when the usual is around 70. So I'll have to look into how to get the performance better first , before I really start implementing it on MP server.
  3. Just tried it again, yeah seems like it working now. First impression - woah, this thing tanking FPS badly. + Turning debug on and then off , doesn't clear the debug circle markers. + It seems some of the events spawn outside of the map? https://i.imgur.com/E0UR3Rk.png @Vandeanson , I'm not sure how the addon setting work in MP , as hosted on GSP server game... Initially I though , mission creator can decide what parameters should be used via module , as Ravage do it, and then players could join multiplayer game... Now I understand correctly, any player would be able to configure the settings via addon setting menu or how would it work? I'm so used to text config files with all the params inside , I don't even know the basics of addon config via in-game menu )) There is a part of server addon setting and client, anyone who join wont be able to change it right? Can you clear this out for me?
  4. mmm , tried to have a quick look and got this right at the start when loading the mission via eden Mods I used: ChernarusRedux CUP Terrain Core CBA_A3 CUP Weapons CUP Units CUP Vehicles Ravage VA v2.04 I've created a custom scenario via eden editor with ravage modules such as ambient zeds, loot system, settings and fire it up. Wait ....just a sec...what is this? Why steam downloading all the older versions ? for some reason I have current version + older builds installed. Could it be they load on top of each other and thats why I get these errors? Update: Nope. Still getting scripts errors , after I manually deleted old versions and re-subscribed. Thats even before I get to addon config menus
  5. Anyone have the full updated list for 1.92v ? Or since then there were no changes?
  6. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    @stlassenYep, the only thing that can effect your NV lighting is the altar darkness effect script. Let me check with the senior dev , and the original author of this script , what can be done about it. @tpw , thank you. We took a note of performance issues (at some locations) and will be balancing things out for a better optimization in future patches.
  7. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    stlassen , I'm gonna reproduce it and see what I can come up with...
  8. chernaruski

    Chernarus Redux [WIP Release]

    The work continues ...
  9. Well its not as simple as you would think. Exilemod have its own damage handling system (food/water/health) . Plus I use exile reborn addon , which adds bleeding and unconsciousness (merged with exilemod) , plus you must have infistar on multiplayer server that need to be configured accordingly because it protects of any "unusual" damagehandlers activated. So yeah...its gonna take me awhile to get it all set, if at all.
  10. I'm looking forward on using this, hope I can figure out how to integrate it with exilemod health system , but still a very nice feature that I was missing in Ravage. Does other facewear can be used as a protection ? Respirators are DLC only if I remember correctly , so I'm guessing I can add other types ?
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    try changing interface size in video settings
  12. chernaruski


    You can generate all loaded mods classnames list to RPT with a script. Just load only Ravage mod and do the following: Possibly the original author of a script, Woeful_Wolf, posted this on exilemod forums. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByfqTLjco6LeZXBVeHNYYldEbmc/view I can imagine probably more items have been added since I ran this and posted the list at steam workshop page: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/1376636636/1743353798901101077/
  13. chernaruski

    Game defined base classes

    Thank you very much for an extended answer , @Dedmen. That will clear many things for me personally.
  14. chernaruski

    Game defined base classes

    Offtopic: Let us move to on-topic then , I see no point on dwelling on this misunderstanding. Let me be more specific on my questions , just to make sure we understand each other: Does using base class House/Structure on tree/clutter model , which is suppose to be Static , makes a difference or its pure categorization and it have no impact whatsoever on lets say... performance ? At the moment I'm only interested in props related things, no physx involved. On one hand you say: From the other I guess I should ask what are the "simulation types" or what you mean by "simulation types" ? Try to understand , there is a list of over 200 items base classes and it may confuse at the beginning , like it was with Flag_F and the moving canvas model I tried to do not awhile ago. So I assumed there is more in depth meaning for each base class.
  15. How important is it to config using external base classes (base classes that were defined by the base game) ? i.e is it wrong/not recommended to use "house" on simple non-interactable custom objects, instead of using lets say "static" or "nonstrategic"? I'm not sure what is the whole purpose of pre-defined by the game base class names.