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  1. I was thinking more of a simplistic way of turning you to zombie. For example. If you get infected and you die , your body will turn into a walking dead with all your gear on (or not). So your teammates will have to kill your "resurrected" body or you will have to find the Z to retrieve your gear. Unfortunately, I can't test properly infection script right now, since I'm running exilemod+ravage combination. First need to figure out how to integrate it in to exile's damage handling , since it have its own system. + MP
  2. Hey Vandeanson, I was lurking the forums and found your scripts that enhance the Ravage mod atmosphere , and was surprised that there are no zombs related "missions" . Bandit camps, crash site...are cool, but its missing something related to zombs. Is there something that holding you back from scripting events related to zombs? What I had in mind: "Capture point" with zombie hordes waves , or "Clear that area" where the player must clear some location or city... can brainstorm more ideas, but you know better what are the actual limitations when creating something like that. What do you say?
  3. Ravage Mod

    Glad to see my recommendation about horde clean-up got noticed, but very sad about the future development news. I really hope so you will overcome your difficulties and continue creating one of the most atmospheric mods out there. Thank you for your work, Haleks.
  4. Ravage Mod

    Couldn't find how I can clean the spawned hordes. Isn't there a built in cleanup function in horde spawner module? If not, in my opinion, it really should have one. No point of having a horde roaming around the trigger when the player is miles away, he may decide not to engage it and just continue to a different objective. Also I would like to ask for your help, maybe there is a temp solution for this: I've noticed that my server stops spawning any zombs, even the ambient ones when it reaches around 220+ server threads. Despite the fact the global count is very high (around 500) , but in action there are only around 80-100. Lets say you run at some location that have a couple of hordes spawn triggers , you spawn one , you spawn another and two more ... hordes concentrated in one place of the map... you continue to a different location, but the server threads are up to 220-240 due to this and when you reach next town you have no ambient spawn , not even single one. And around 100 "useless" back there. Any ideas how to solve this? + Few zombz related suggestions Resurrect dead players body as zombies. With or without the loot. Adds so much depth and uniquity to any zombs related mod. Z Infection , zombies infect player upon hit . Can be cured only by a specific medication or even better by more then one medication type.
  5. [SP/MP] Antistasi - Warlords of the Pacific

    Hey barbolani, I'm very happy you back to coding this ! Finally I've started testing Warlords of the Pacific on my server , digging your code , tweaking it a bit , dying a lot , etc :-) Thanks for your work , very unique Arma content right here. I'm looking where can I change the french voice of my character (commander) is it possible to change ? class CfgIdentities configs the AI and Maru's voices...