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  1. Lets not discuss this please. Its authors decision , no matter the reasons , lets respect it and move on. You can always google and find it, or even wait for more new cool stuff posted here , this time by the original author. PS: don't want to close this thread, but I will if posts will be adressing this decision and not script related stuff.
  2. Are you running AVS - Advanced Vehicle System by any chance?
  3. chernaruski

    Extended Base Mod

    I might be wrong, its been awhile I dealt with exile code, but if I was you I will do the following: First you need to activate the hacking feature in class CfgHacking by enableHacking = 1; Then if you want to add new containers to be hackable the same way safes are: You will need to add a new class to class CfgInteractionMenus in your mission config.cpp Check how Class Safe is structured. Copy paste rename the classname and in target = "Exile_Container_Abstract_Safe"; specify your crate classname.
  4. chernaruski

    Loot problems on Rosche

    Guys, please use English. Its against BI Forums guidelines & a common curtesty to write posts in any other language.
  5. Done. Too bad. Good script.
  6. I thought you talking about your post. You didn't say anything and didn't provide any info, just asked to remove this post. Its called quoting mate. Thats the description that has been given to this script. No problem , if you are the original author I will remove it. I need to verify somehow it's your work first tho. For example, if its your git (your work) edit and add something to README.md.
  7. chernaruski

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Try this: Go to your bandit mission file (that specific one that you want your spawned vehicle to be rotated) and add this line after a line that spawns the vehicle. For example mission with a strider , there is a line that spawns a vehicle with this line: _vehicle = ["Exile_Car_Strider",[(_pos select 0) -30, (_pos select 1) -30]] call DMS_fnc_SpawnNonPersistentVehicle; simply add this after: _vehicle setDir x ; where x is the number , direction values from 0 to 360 (0° = N, 90° = E, 180° = S, 270° = W)).
  8. chernaruski

    Banned infistar,why?

    If you've been banned locally, check infistar logs for more info. If its globally (you can't join other exile servers), go to infistar discord or open support ticket to see why.
  9. Check our #promotion section : https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/284-promotion/
  10. Haven't searched for it. I don't use the respect points at all. You will have to find the solution yourself by testing things. You sound quite confused. What Ryan's Z&D have to do with Exilemod and Ravage integration? You can't simply add ravage zeds faction name and be done with it. You will have to change the mpkilled related code and use that new override file. (ExileServer_object_player_event_onMpKilled maybe?) Or use the built-in Ambient Zeds module MP Killed Event Handler and enter a proper command to update players respect points on every ravage zombie kill.
  11. Don't activate the ressurection module. Its Ravage mod bug. Nothing you can do about it. Haleks, Ravage mod developer, tried fixing the dead bodies strange behaviour (sliding bodies / poping up) , it didn't work. Go check and also report this bug in Ravage mod thread .
  12. chernaruski

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year and many many more to follow 😉 Best wishes to you and your family lads
  13. @nagyszebi07 https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/222189-dialog-mapwidthrailway-issue-since-arma-3-190-update/
  14. Select units. Apply this code: All credits to @foxhound https://foxhound.international/arma-3-eden-scripting.html