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  1. Desperta Ferro

    Ravage Mod + Exile integration

    Sry I don't know why I thought it was the ravage music. Both Exile and Ravage have epic music so I got confused. After some research I know how to change music. Thanks!
  2. Desperta Ferro

    Base Building 2.0

    Every time you put more pics it looks more impressive. Do you know when this update will be ready more or less? I have a private server with friends and I would like to test it. No hurry, take the time it needs xD Good work!
  3. Desperta Ferro

    Ravage Mod + Exile integration

    Hey how can I disable ravage soundtrack? The ravage music is awesome but I want to play an intro music per example and the ravage ost is overlapping the song. I've tried puting an Ambient module from ravage and select Ravage Soundtrack = no but this doesn't works.
  4. Desperta Ferro

    ExileZ Mod

    Maybe this helps? If you edit the sounds maybe you can put a siren sound? I have not seen the files though. When I get home I will try to see how it is.
  5. Desperta Ferro

    Script for check vehicle damage

    Wow nice! I am looking forward to it. Cheer up with it! Hey @Archer_MT, I've used both (SARS and ARS) and work fine for me, maybe you haven't installed it well?
  6. Desperta Ferro

    Script for check vehicle damage

    Hey thanks for the answer! 🙂 Yes I'm using the super advanced you mention what I like very much for the repair/salvage parts. But what I am loking now is for something like I've mentioned in the last post:
  7. Desperta Ferro

    Script for check vehicle damage

    Well, I thought the Health scanner only works on character health, not vehicle, but yes, I just proved on a vehicle and works. What exactly I am looking for is something like this: But with an option like "Check Vehicle", and when the animation ends then show the % of the vehicle damage on each part. If there is nothing like that no problem, I will manage with the xm8 health scanner.
  8. Hello! do you know any script with which a vehicle is checked and then a message appears with the broken parts and the severity of it? I know that the advanced repair system does something like that because it only gives the option to repair / rescue the parts that can only be repaired / rescued (which is also great), but is there a script that does this in specific or similar? I've searched but can't find anything, maybe I've searched wrong. If not, how can I activate the default UI of the Arma 3 damage vehicles?
  9. Oh I see... I was afraid of that. In any case I will ask in the main Arma forum in case anyone knows anything. If only to minimize the problem a bit, because there are cases that are exaggerated. Thanks again for your help!
  10. Hey there! Thanks to chernaruski I have achieve to spawn ravage zombies in my exile dedi server, but I have a problem between the vehicles and the zeds. Many times, when I collide to a zed is how if I collide against a wall and the car stops. Or there are cases even the vehicle tips over. When I used ExileZ I thought it was a problem of zombies from Zombies And Demons, but it seems that is not the problem. Maybe it's a problem with Exile? Or if it is a problem of Arma 3 I can ask in another more appropriate section of the forum. I've uploaded a video to show you what I am taling about (some times It gets even worse like I've said) (Sorry for the music, I didn't realize that Spotify was on xD.) https://streamable.com/ccun7 Cheers!
  11. Desperta Ferro

    Ravage Mod + Exile integration

    I have tried this but I can't make it work... I've proved adding the module directly to de default mission.sqm of Exile.Altis and creating a mission from zero (for the outdated mission files and that) adding some exile player slots and ambient zombie too. In both cases the mission doesn't start, It keeps loading forever. But when I remove the ambient zombie and "class rvg_fnc..." from description.ext the mission work. I wonder if there will be any guide to add ravage zombies to Exile for dummies. 😅 If you need more info, like the code or something just tell me!
  12. I don't find the "Exile Auto Start.bat” script that is mentioned in the guide, can someone help?? EDIT: SRY I've founded in the Arma directory download
  13. Sorry for asking so many questions, it is to avoid possible problems with the server in the future. 🤣
  14. I'm reading it and the config.cfg of @ExileServer says requiredbuild 1.80, is there any issue if I change this to the current version? (1.94) Or I should change the version of my Arma game?, if there is any way to do that.