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  1. Desperta Ferro

    DG Base Attacks

    Very good script, I'm using it on my server and I love it. Congratulations!
  2. Desperta Ferro

    Exile Scavenge Framework

    Hello! I know this script is old and maybe not functional? But I've managed to put into my server but when I get the Message that I've found something nothing happens. Any ideas? Or maybe there is a script that does something like that that works?
  3. Desperta Ferro

    Persistent Tree Chopping by flyingdutchmen

    Oh well if you want to try tell me then
  4. Desperta Ferro

    Persistent Tree Chopping by flyingdutchmen

    What panel do you use? Mysql Workbench?
  5. Desperta Ferro

    Persistent Tree Chopping by flyingdutchmen

    I think it is not that difficult. What exactly do you not understand? I will try to help.
  6. Desperta Ferro

    Persistent Tree Chopping by flyingdutchmen

    For what I've seen in the files, You have to put the content of exile.map in your mission folder. Be careful, surely you have already the config.cpp and initServer.sqf files on your mission, so on those files you have to merge the content. Find your CfgExileCustomCode and copy //You have to copy this line inside your CfgExileCustomCode ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest = "custom\ExileServer_object_tree_network_chopTreeRequest.sqf"; And then copy: ExecVM "custom\removetrees.sqf"; At the end of your initServer.sqf. Then if you are using 32bits go to: @ExileServer\extDB\sql_custom_v2 And copy the content of exile.ini at the end of your exile.ini. And then on mysql workbench or your mysql program run query.sql to create the tree table. Remember that you have to change the database name in the 2 first lines if your db name is not "exile". CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `exile` /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 */; USE `exile`; to CREATE DATABASE IF NOT EXISTS `youDBname` /*!40100 DEFAULT CHARACTER SET latin1 */; USE `yourDBname`; I hope this can help 😄
  7. Desperta Ferro

    Set sunrise and sunset time

    My idea is to be able to manually set the sunrise and sunset times. Ex: sunrise = 7:00 and sunset = 20:00. I wanted to know if there was any option in exile to set it. If so, I will ask in a more appropriated forum. Do you by any chance know something about this or some post?
  8. Hello all, Like I say in the title, anyone knows if there is any option to set those variables in Exile? Or do I have to find a script that does this? I've searched but i didn't find anything clear to do this, maybe I didn't search well...
  9. Desperta Ferro

    Problem with Admin Toolkit 2.2.2

    Yes... But i did't find anything better 😞 . Do you know any admin menu that works well for exile? I'm playing only with friends so I don't care about people hacking, etc. Infistar looks awesome but I think is a bit exaggerated to pay for playing with friends. If i don't find anything better than Admin Toolkit I'll think about buy infistar admin menu or maybe try to fix admin toolkit, but my programming skills are almost nill.
  10. Hello all, I have this addon for the admin menu for my server but there are several options that does not work, anyone has the same problem and/or know any solution? I have the steamid and serverComandPasword well set. If need more info ask me. Thanks!!
  11. Desperta Ferro

    Ravage Mod + Exile integration

    I have been wondering if there are any system to add dynamic missions (something similar to dms?) related to ravage, like clear areas from zeds, save survivors... I didn't find any addon/script for exile which could implement this. Any ideas? PS: i don't know if I would have to write another thread for this, if so tell me pls.
  12. Thanks for your opinion z80cpu! I have a machine with an i7 4770 with 32Gb of ram. I Think I have a "good" hardware for a dedicated server for arma and I would like to get the most out of the server but I don't know if it is worth the effort like you say...
  13. Do you recommend using extdb3 over extdb2 in Exile? The performance is noticeable?
  14. Desperta Ferro

    GF Auto Loot Airdrops Script - Mod

    There goes my like. Thanks!
  15. Desperta Ferro

    GF Auto Loot Airdrops Script - Mod

    It works!! Thank you, you are the best 😁