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  1. Github version ? Just start from scratch & try run the bare number of addons etc Chances are you have a bad download / or messed something up
  2. You are just having issues with downloading CUP Core via Steam Workshop. Steam Workshop can and does mess up at times, normally it fixes itself after so X amount of days. I have seen it bug out and random fix itself after 3-4 days Anyway sounds like you are missing CUP_Worlds pbo which is part of CUP Core Just download CUP Core manually via http://cup-arma3.org/download If you want copy the meta.cpp from your steamworkshop download etc
  3. Your are best off to join arma 3 discord and ask for help there. Majority of your issues are sqf basics and people there will be able to help you out more etc You also don't seem to know / much SQL experience either So i recommend you try use inidb extension, atleast until you got more experience with SQF. Otherwise you be trying to learn SQF & SQL at same time etc
  4. Just ignore the message you will be ok. Arma is just confused, because CUP Terrains has some custom config changes for some 3rd party maps i.e light fixes. I did come up with workaround way to prevent the error message, but will display the missions for the maps and if you load the missionfile arma will just error & quit to desktop :/
  5. SQLite will prob never happen for extDB3, am busy with other projects & RL. I might revisit this if/when dayz sa modding support comes out and if dayz sa has some version of extensions.
  6. torndeco

    DS Houses

    There was update earlier with some small bug fixes & using the new ladder engine detection. That got added in last major patch
  7. torndeco

    extDB3 Real Time

    I think he wants code to 9:UNLOCK 9:RESET <insert commands to setup extdb3 for his mission 9:LOCK This way he can edit code and then get extDB3 to reset itself and run the startup commands again, without having to restart arma. Note: you could skip locking + unlocking extDB3 in this scenario, since security not really an issue during development. There is also a test application for extDB3 for testing out commands / sql queries etc
  8. The Original Australia Map was uploaded to steam workshop by original author. For some reason he removed it and has gone MIA, which is a shame. As for steam workshop content there is separate section specifically for workshop content, so its not as bad as it used to be etc. Anyway this is abit off topic, pretty sure there are other threads debating steam workshop on the forums
  9. Sorry extDB2 is no longer supported and has known bugs etc, just let that extension die etc.. Only some old missions are using and Exile (but community has changes required to implement extDB3) It is also more awkward to build and slower for database queries etc Besides with sqf servercommand, there is little reason for rcon commands, that you can implement better with sqf
  10. It uses a Cmake build system You may need to edit CMakelist.txt as i think i hardcoded some paths (pretty obvious in the file) to make my life easier when building it on windows. There is no support/guides on how to build it But honestly if you can't compile, then you prob shouldn't be messing around with the code.
  11. You can just make up a bat file / script to use steamcmd to download workshop content edit: Steam Workshop for arma also requires a steam account that owns arma3. This requirement would effect arma3server aswell with your request
  12. torndeco

    Chernarus Isles + Source Files

    Really haven't had to work on this at all, been busy with RL & other Projects. Source files are available at https://gitlab.com/torndeco-aplsa/chernarus_isles if anyone is interested etc Source directory isn't to clean with images for satmasks/sat images. But everything should be there & plus few extra backups/versions of images Recommend if you new to editing to look at https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain I didn't look at that wiki when i did chernarus_isles, so there are prob some tips there that could be useful to setting up the project etc GL
  13. Nevermind pretty sure got it figured out. Change your CHAR -> VAR_CHAR and it should work fine. I might look at adding an option to enable it for CHAR, don't wanna change default behaviour incase it breaks on someone. Since its been this way for longtime now.
  14. https://bitbucket.org/torndeco/extdb3/wiki/extDB3 - SQL Look at the options when you setup SQL Protocol Submit a bug report with extDB3 logs (using debug dll, in the optional directory), including a simple database snapshot so i can replicate the issue.
  15. torndeco

    Linux Server issue

    You can ignore that error, its normal