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  1. Hi all, Recently published my framework for open-source on Github. This framework is aimed towards servers / developers wanting to do things with RPG and Life. This framework is made completely from scratch by myself during last summer. Go check it our yourselves on Github. Unfortunately I do not have time to write a full-on post for this. https://github.com/SimZor/A3RPGFramework Enjoy it, and don't hesitate to open up issues or pull requests! Testing is very appreciated. Sincerely, SimZor
  2. @cap42 CfgFunctions framework is the same as preProc, just that it does it for you with some magic variables attached like _fnc_scriptName etc, and should be just as fast. If you are using CfgFunctions framework, you do not have to do myFunc = {}, I saw you did that somewhere in the script. Just make sure you add the tag, like "CAP", and the function will automatically be made a mission namespace variable CAP_fnc_myFunction. Also, it is really unsecure to add code in a global variable as that can then later be changed by a hacker etc. If you want to do it that way, make sure to compile it finally so it cannot be changed later.
  3. @cap42 It will have to be packed in a PBO, yes. You will have to make a config.cpp with relative configs. And then just use CfgFunctions Framework if that floats your boat, or just preProc. yourself. Just make sure everything is compiled final.
  4. Just PVAR it on server init. Using publicVariable "myFunc"; Just make sure function is compiled before, no need to alter mission in order to do this. For those who says "Server Side Mod", it's not a mod, it's an addon.
  5. Well, you do not have to make a mod, you can also make a addon, PVAR the function and then use it client-side in mission
  6. How is it failing to load? Can you please provide some more information? Any errors?
  7. You are doing it wrong, the format of removing a uniform is the following removeUniform object You are looping all uniform items, which would mean _x is an item inside the uniform. Not the uniform itself. Just remove the loop and do removeUniform command with the object (player) you want to remove the uniform from.
  8. SimZor

    BIS Aircraft Carrier

    This looks very cool. I certainly did not expect this to go along with the Jets DLC. It certainly came as a true surprise. I think this will bring some true, great gameplay!