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  1. RoF

    Buldozer cannot load texture

    Data directory must be P:\ Also make sure you path is correct in map frame
  2. Use pboproject to pack your map not addon breaker
  3. Make sure you use Arma3p by Mikero, NOT Arma Tools
  4. Did you setup your P drive the correct way? https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:tools:setup-p-drive
  5. What m1lkm8n said is 100% is correct. Why don't you post the error pboproject gives you instead of presuming it's to do with big hills? An big hills are not an issue, I've packed mount Everest before lol
  6. Badly setup P drive can make the tools crash, make sure you do it this way and not via Arma Tools https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:tools:setup-p-drive
  7. What happens when you resize it? You might want to ask on the terrain makers channel on discord, someone might have an idea to fix it... https://discord.gg/arma Everyone is on there now instead of these forums
  8. RoF

    Mikeros Tools Makepbo Error

    Pretty sure you need to add it the "path" one, not add a whole new one *edit* Just checked and mine is in the path one
  9. RoF

    Mikeros Tools Makepbo Error

    yeah its just sometimes people have had the same thing. So they reinstall all the tools including makepbo , then install makepbo again (just run installer, don't uninstall) and it seems to fix it
  10. RoF

    Mikeros Tools Makepbo Error

    you tried installing makepbo twice?
  11. It says it on his thread and workshop page https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1174073713 Under "how does it work"
  12. [E2TB] Export To Terrain Builder - a small module for Arma 3 that allows you to export data to Terrain Builder in .lbt file format. That's wrong, it exports to clipboard so you can paste into a .txt file not .lbt. And its used for replacing the built in exporters for eden and x-cam which don't work correct for some rotations. You are also missing ObjectPlacementTBH from Terrain & Maps, https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1242712395
  13. RoF

    Buldozer is black

    Why are you changing the sizes? That's going to mess with the scale, an TB won't even adjust the vertical scale... As for buldozer, did you setup the P drive correct? https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:tools:setup-p-drive And the map frame settings are wrong, it should be 1m/px for sat / mask. And 30 cell will look like something from the 90s... You really need to do a guide instead of just clicking on things and hoping for the best
  14. RoF

    Terrain Builder Sampler Properties

    ah you should have mentioned it was for dayz in your first post. Dayz terrain making is in a pretty bad state compared to A3
  15. RoF

    "Dlc bug"

    Just follow a proper guide like pmc https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial or the old Atlas guide. 99% of these youtube videos do stuff wrong