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  1. Just delete that file, its not needed. I wish that bit would just get taken out of the pmc tutorial tbh, its caused nothing but issues for newbies Also jump on the Arma Discord (its text chat, not voice) https://discord.gg/arma It a lot more active than here, these forums are basically dead. Everyone is over at #Terrain_makers on it
  2. Ok try deleting "Your_Map_Name.grid.000.v4w" file, and everything in the layers folder. Then export layers again
  3. Does arma give any error when you load up the map? @HorribleGoat You have any ideas about this one
  4. What isn't showing in game? the Sat (far away texture) or ground texture (what you see when really close to the ground) or is it both?
  5. tiles have nothing to do with resolution, that's just the size the images get cut up into in the layers folder. An also controls how many colours you can have in an area, most people use 512 x 512 as it gives you more surface detail and greater control. And if you are changing to 1m/px from 2m/px but keeping the same image, TB will resize and add extra colours to the mask. Which you don't want to happen as it will push you over the colour limit
  6. erm that exports the whole document, what about when you using other shape layers for stuff? They will all get exported as well, an if you have polygons that will mess with the roads working. Or if you have polylines that you use for TP etc, they will end up on your map as undefined roads. If you use multiple layers for different roads (like most people do), you should export using selection of layers. If you keep all roads on one layer (bad idea tbh) it's best to export using active layer.
  7. Yes it does BUT it does error checking, Addon Breaker doesn't.
  8. If you aint using mikero tools, you are just giving players another buggy map. An when stuff start going wrong with missions etc, who do you think they will start complaining to? So you can ignore the errors and pretend your map works fine, or use mikero tools and know you map works. But at least your roads work, shame its getting broken by Addon Breaker everytime you pack it
  9. Your whole process is messed up, you need to go back to the start and re learn things the correct way. Otherwise you are just giving people a buggy map
  10. How are you separating your files? On your steam page, it says pmc wiki batch files. Is that correct? If so, then you have done it wrong, as those batch files use mikero tools. And you haven't even had them installed! Pboproject can't find those .rvmat as that's where your .wrp file is looking for them. It's not making the path up, it's what is inside you files. If pboproject can't find them, nor can Arma. I suggest you re export your layers and re do all the batch files from start again. Stop using Addon Builder, you will never get a correctly working map from it. Don't try any work around like packing temp. If pboproject says you have errors, then that's what they are
  11. Addon builder doesn't give hardly any error reporting, it will say it finished successfully. But your config could be full of errors that cause more errors in game. Pboproject will warn you of 99% of errors. The official tools also don't extract the files correct, this is why everyone says to use mikero tools as they work. Even some of the BI dev's use his tools! As for the PATH fix, on your desktop, right click "This PC" or "My Computer" and choose properties. Click the Advanced system settings, then Environment Variables. Under "User variables" Click Path and Edit On the next section Click new and put C:\Program Files (x86)\Mikero\DePboTools\bin like this
  12. try uninstalling Rapify, then re install it. If it still does not work, you may need to add mikero tools to your windows PATH
  13. Sometimes people have to install makepbo twice
  14. Your doing it all very wrong, you don't use pbomanager or "Export a new WRP, binarize it, and replace". You export you .wrp, then pack it with pboproject. Do NOT use pbomanager or arma tools Go install mikero tools, otherwise you won't be able to make a working terrain.
  15. Are you packing the map with addon builder? As that doesn't make maps correct. You must use Mikero Pboproject. Also using Arma tools to setup the P drive will gives you issues, as it doesn't extract the files correct. try installing mikero tools again https://mikero.bytex.digital/Downloads make sure you download and install all these Arma3P DeOgg DePbo DeRap ExtractPbo MakePbo pboProject Rapify