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  1. @Alwarren I think I have sorted it! I had 3 vertex groups setup I was using for easy selection of stuff, I removed all 3 and it exports fine now. Strange how it exported fine with them before lol
  2. Basically was trying to export a house to check it in game as I added a 2nd multi material, I've done it a few times already without any issues. Once you export it bugs out with this. I just tested it with 2.83 and it does the same error, also removed 2 material and got same thing. Had it a couple of times before, but reloading Blender seemed to fix it *edit* It just has the 1 LOD at the moment, nothing else to export but that
  3. Had this error a few times, but never known what causes it or what fixed it. ubyte format requires 0 <= number <= 255 Any help would be appreciated
  4. RoF

    Terrain Material

    Ground textures don't work like that
  5. RoF

    Terrain Material

    Ground textures use nopx and not nohq / smdi ambient[] = {1,1,1,1}; diffuse[] = {1,1,1,1}; forcedDiffuse[] = {0,0,0,0}; specular[] = {0.0,0.0,0.0,0}; specularPower = 1; emmisive[] = {0,0,0,0}; PixelShaderID = "NormalMapDiffuse"; VertexShaderID = "NormalMapDiffuseAlpha"; class Stage1 { texture = "a3\map_data\gdt_concrete_nopx.paa"; uvSource = "tex"; class uvTransform { aside[] = {5,0,0}; up[] = {0,5,0}; dir[] = {0,0,0}; pos[] = {0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage2 { texture = "a3\map_data\gdt_concrete_co.paa"; uvSource = "tex"; class uvTransform { aside[] = {5,0,0}; up[] = {0,5,0}; dir[] = {0,0,0}; pos[] = {0,0,0}; }; }; See here for more info https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Parallax_Map
  6. You set it up for each map, no point adding textures you don't use and making the .pbo bigger
  7. It's just what textures you use, so something like this class Layers { class yourtag_yourproject_dirt { texture = ""; material = "yourtag\yourtag_yourproject\data\yourtag_yourproject_dirt.rvmat"; }; class yourtag_yourproject_dry_grass { texture = ""; material = "yourtag\yourtag_yourproject\data\yourtag_yourproject_dry_grass.rvmat"; }; class yourtag_yourproject_forest_pine { texture = ""; material = "yourtag\yourtag_yourproject\data\yourtag_yourproject_forest_pine.rvmat"; }; }; class Legend { picture="yourtag\yourtag_yourproject\source\mapLegend.png"; class Colors { yourtag_yourproject_dirt[]={{255,0,0}}; yourtag_yourproject_dry_grass[]={{255,255,0}}; yourtag_yourproject_forest_pine[]={{255,0,255}}; }; }; and rvmat's the textures you use ambient[] = {1,1,1,1}; diffuse[] = {1,1,1,1}; forcedDiffuse[]={0,0,0,0}; emmisive[]={0,0,0,0}; specular[]={0,0,0,0}; specularPower=1; PixelShaderID="NormalMapDiffuse"; VertexShaderID="NormalMapDiffuseAlpha"; class Stage1 { texture="yourtag\yourtag_yourproject\data\yourtag_yourproject_dirt_nopx.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={10,0,0}; up[]={0,10,0}; dir[]={0,0,10}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; }; class Stage2 { texture="yourtag\yourtag_yourproject\data\yourtag_yourproject_dirt_co.paa"; uvSource="tex"; class uvTransform { aside[]={10,0,0}; up[]={0,10,0}; dir[]={0,0,10}; pos[]={0,0,0}; }; };
  8. RoF

    pboProject error

    eek, someone didn't follow the guide correct lol Look at the path of the output in this pic All your stuff needs to be on the P drive. Change the output folder to the correct folder, then re exports all layers and a fresh .wrp
  9. RoF

    pboProject error

    View->output logs Click the output and binlog buttons and see what the error is, normally near the end of the file. Also in pboproject settings turn "off" warnings are errors
  10. RoF

    Roadshape texture

    I wouldn't of copied it, all sorts of stuff could go wrong. That's why I said do File > Save As, as its re saves everything correct.
  11. RoF

    Roadshape texture

    What do you mean moved? When you re saved project, TB will have moved them for you to the new location.
  12. RoF

    Roadshape texture

    _nomp is not used by Arma, just leave it blank TB will add the correct name itself
  13. RoF

    Roadshape texture

    Also what is this wlk_lokino\data\layers\N_039_003_nomp.paa _nomp ??? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA:_Texture_Naming_Rules
  14. RoF

    Roadshape texture

    Yeah pbo has to be under 2gb. saved\wlk_lokino_001.v4d etc You need to save you project into the source folder, source folder doesn't get packed into the pbo. So any files you don't want in the pbo move them out of there or into source. For your TB project just do "save as" and save it in source or some other folder on your pc. I use P:\source_files\map_name, you only need the .wrp and textures etc in the map folder
  15. RoF

    Roadshape texture

    Did you export a fresh .wrp? Make sure you are using latest mikero tools https://mikero.bytex.digital/Downloads The version before had a nasty error with certain hightmaps. If you are using latest version, try hiding all object layers in TB, then export a fresh wrp so there is 0 objects used. Pack the terrain, if it works, then its a object causing the issue