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  1. gdt_desert is used by Altis, that's why clutter won't work. You need to give it a unique name, normally YourTag_TerrainName_desert for both the rvmat and paa's and the class name should follow the same rule for config, try the pmc one https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial#configcpp Looking at your picture, you have your TB project saved in your map folder, it should be in your Source folder! The way you have it, it's getting packed into your pbo and will cause issues. You also have roads commented out, so it's loading the roads from Stratis, if your map is smaller than Stratis that will make it crash. I suggest you restart and follow a proper guide like the above PMC one (always up to date with terrain making changes) or Altis guide. Also stay well clear of youtube guides, people like JAF just talk nonsense
  2. Edit it in Excel \ openoffice \ LibreOffice (or whatever its called now) like you would for pitch and bank Excel method for randomizing object pitch: 1. Export from TB with custom format with comma separator, nothing else changed 2. Open in excel, select "Delimited" box and click next 3. In the "Delimiters" box, uncheck everything except "Comma" 4. On this same window, set the "Text qualifier" drop down menu to "{none}" and click next 5. Click finish - Import should be successful 6. Select column E and enter the expression =x+y*RAND() where x = minimum number, and y equals the range above that. If you want the max pitch to be 5.0 and the min pitch to be -5.0 (same as 355, still works on TB import), the expression should look like this: =-5+10*RAND() 7. Hold Ctrl when pressing enter to randomize all the values in the whole column. Each box should have a random number between -5 and +5. This changes everytime any value is changed 8. When ready to export, click File -> Save As, and select .csv (Comma Delimited) as the export format. 9. Enter a new name, save, and open in NPP. 10. Find and Replace -> [,] with [;] 11. Find and Replace -> ["""] with ["] 12. Save and import into TB credit to Rylan for the above
  3. RoF

    PboProject duplicate Lod

    Making a map open source just makes more issues tbh. As people try to learn by starting with a ready made map instead of learning to make a new one the correct way. So they then run off to youtube and all its broken and wrong guides which makes more issues.
  4. RoF

    PboProject duplicate Lod

    turn off warnings are errors in pboproject If this is your first map, you're going to really struggle using source files
  5. You create the the map frame via the map samplers and it HAS to be at 200000 E 0N. You can use the config.cpp to set the real world coords and correct UTM zone for arma And everyone uses .asc, even BI has a .asc file in the a3 samplers
  6. @rossoe would be the person to ask, since he wrote the guide Also if you go on the arma discord (don't worry its not voice chat lol) its a lot more active than here. So you will get help quicker and from more people
  7. Pretty sure that task is broke. Use this QGIS guide instead https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:qgis-real-world-data-tutorial
  8. Don't use the tools and don't use them to extract files. Do it this way https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:tools:setup-p-drive
  9. Do you have an editor.sqs file in the same folder? that can mess it up. Maybe try changing it to lowercase, arma can be funny with uppercase in some places. Did you use mikero arma3p instead of arma tools to setup the P drive? maybe you have some other bigger issue going on, if you used the tools to extract the files
  10. Try taking out the P: also make sure your shape file is called roads in the folder. If you have polygons on the layer, the exported file gets renamed roads_polygons or something like that.
  11. What's your path like in P:\scripts\userconfig.sqf ? Should be like this roadpath = "/rof/rof_mull_of_kintyre_c/roads/"; must be a slash at the end
  12. Just delete that file, its not needed. I wish that bit would just get taken out of the pmc tutorial tbh, its caused nothing but issues for newbies Also jump on the Arma Discord (its text chat, not voice) https://discord.gg/arma It a lot more active than here, these forums are basically dead. Everyone is over at #Terrain_makers on it
  13. Ok try deleting "Your_Map_Name.grid.000.v4w" file, and everything in the layers folder. Then export layers again
  14. Does arma give any error when you load up the map? @HorribleGoat You have any ideas about this one
  15. What isn't showing in game? the Sat (far away texture) or ground texture (what you see when really close to the ground) or is it both?