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  1. RoF

    Buldozer Error

    Make sure you setup the P drive with mikero's arma3p and not arma tools! Also load TB via it's exe file and not by using arma tools launcher Basically you run arma tools once, so it sets up the registry and knows you agreed to license. Then don't use it again (unless there is an update then do same steps), then just load the programs via their .exe files
  2. In case people find this post via google. Error was due to him having extra mapframe, just use one!
  3. The tools are broken, so its a must to use mikero tools. You will need them for packing your map as well, since addon builder is rubbish. Go here https://mikero.bytex.digital/Downloads and download "Mikero_AiO_Installer_Beta_v1.2.1.35.exe". That's the All in One installer for his tools. After installing run arma3p. It will ask what drive to extract to, press P for the P drive. Then it will ask if you want dubbing, press N. Then wait for it to finish extracting, it can take awhile if your pc is old. Now try your map again and see if its working. Lets rule out bad P drive first, then work out what else might be wrong. You have done some small mistakes, but they shouldn't be breaking sat and mask
  4. Did you use arma tools or mikero arma3p to extract data to P drive? Yes it's normal for TB colours to not match your mask, it changes them and knows what it's doing. Don't Panic!
  5. Do you have them in the correct folder? Are they named correct? By defualt windows hides file extensions, so newbies tend to end up with config.cpp.txt. But windows hides the .txt so they think they have it correct. Make sure the files are in the folder you have selected and not "source" etc
  6. RoF

    Buldozer not loaded properly

    Sounds like you just changed buldozer path and didnt setup P drive correct. Follow a proper guide like these https://armadocs.gitlab.io/terrain/01starting/mikero/ https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:tools:setup-p-drive
  7. RoF

    Create a new terrain tutorial.

    Nice! Just take your time with it all! it can be very overwhelming when you first start, if you are not use to doing certain things. Remember there is an Arma Discord that is abit more active
  8. RoF

    Create a new terrain tutorial.

    Is the folder you used in edited file there? It won't make the folder for you. Also you need quotes around the path if there is spaces in it
  9. RoF

    Create a new terrain tutorial.

    eek! don't use arma tools to mount P drive! Setup P drive with a custom .bat file (pmc covers this as well, but some get confused by it) also make sure you use mikero's arma3p to extract files to the P drive, arma tools doesn't do it correct
  10. RoF

    Create a new terrain tutorial.

    You said before p drive should be setup correct, did you disable automount in arma tools if you used it before? Could be arma tools is messing things up, if you used it before switching to .bat file. Make sure auto mount is off in arma tools (it's up on toolbar somewhere) Restart PC, then run your new .bat file to mount P drive Also Arma discord has arma 3 terrain makers section, it's a bit more active on there
  11. RoF

    Create a new terrain tutorial.

    ArmaDocs Atlas Youtube guides do a lot of stuff wrong, so you just wasting time following them
  12. RoF

    cfgsurfaces.hpp Bushes

    Don't use proper objects as clutter! Thats a big no no Not just for performance, but if players hide behind them, then other players and A.I can see them! Use only clutter objects, not proper objects Also pack you map with pboproject, you mustn't be using it as pboproject moans if you have "access" in config Use the Arma Discord for faster help
  13. RoF

    Terrain looks broken in bulldozer view

    You should use the arma discord, these forums are mostly dead You need to make sure TB matches L3DT otherwise stuff gets messed up You should follow a proper guide, instead of youtube. Your texture layer is wrong size, it must always be as close to 40 x 40 as you can get it. An don't export with 4 surfaces, use 5 if you have normal map, if not use 6
  14. Do you have P:\ in the layers / rvmat, as you don't do that. How do you mount the P drive?
  15. That's normal, your error is most likely due to not exporting a fresh .wrp / not using pboproject. Or could be you grid file is corrupt. Clear all files from layers folder, then delete YourMapName.grid.000.v4w (its saved where TB project is). Then export layers again and pack with pboproject. Also use this to convert your layers, TB does it really slow https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:convert-layers-png-fast