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  1. You mounting P drive with arma tools? That's a big no no, do it the correct way https://armadocs.gitlab.io/terrain/01starting/pdrive/ also turn off auto mount in arma tools if you have it enabled, and restart pc before mounting the P drive the correct way
  2. Clutter stuff is all here https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain#clutter And Atlas guide has config examples
  3. RoF

    Roadlines on the Map

    Believe it or not it's AIpathOffset! It controls where the AI drive on the road, but also the thickness of the road For best results set it to a quarter of the "Width"
  4. verify files in steam https://help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/view/0C48-FCBD-DA71-93EB for your map issue, your grid file is corrupt Clear layers folder, delete Map_name.grid.000.v4w then export layers again and fresh .wrp
  5. Use L3DT > heightmap > change vertical range If you just change Average Altitude, it shifts the sea level up or down. Changing just Altitude Range will squish or stretch the total range (but keep the other ratios where they were). Changing just % above Sea Level will shift the total range up or down. So in your case you would do the first one
  6. RoF

    Roaming AI A3XAI

    Include works fine headgearTypes3[] = { // CUP #include "classnames\cup\cup_Headgear_cat.sqf" // Unsung // #include "classnames\unsung\Uns_Headgear_cat.sqf" // Arma #include "classnames\a3\a3_headgear.sqf" Had to change extension to sqf so mikero's tool would pack it fine
  7. Just use this instead https://gitlab.com/Adanteh/qgis-game-terrains/-/wikis/home it's a plugin that does everything for you
  8. Anyone got a link to these files? All I see is a link to a pirate torrent site....
  9. Don't think lat / long effects weather, it does the lighting a bit. Try looking at sullen sky mod to see how to override stuff
  10. RoF

    Help! I can't make P drive

    no for you p drive, you need to make a folder on your D or G drive, that will act as your P drive like this @echo off if exist p: (subst p: /d) subst p: D:\ArmaMap rem ^^change this ^^ and this The .bat file won't make the folder, you will need to make a folder called for example "ArmaMap" on your D drive. THEN run the bat file, an it will mount that folder as your P drive
  11. RoF

    Help! I can't make P drive

    Follow this https://armadocs.gitlab.io/terrain/01starting/pdrive/mounting/ Use your D or G drive, 12.2gb isn't enough size
  12. RoF

    walking sound

    Copy the road textures that's not working like "main_road_CA.paa / main_road_end_CA / main_road.rvmat" to your map, tag and rename them. open the newly renamed main_road.rvmat and change the paths to your new textures. Then in cfgsurfaces link to the newly renamed files, like you said "files = my_fixed_main_road*" then in your roadslibs, change the path from the broken roads to your new renamed files done! no need to change layers as you are not changing a ground surface texture. Note it is a good idea to put concrete under your roads, as arma will sometimes use the ground texture and not the "road" itself
  13. RoF

    walking sound

    That's the issue, you need to apply the surface to the road itself not just under it. we both answered on how to fix it
  14. RoF

    walking sound

    You on the right track, but there is a easier way! First copy the road texture and the end bit, tag and rename them like you would a ground texture. Then in cfgsurfaces just do class CfgSurfaces { class Default{}; class Water{}; class GdtConcrete; class GdtSoil; class GdtRock; class GdtDirt; class GdtDesert; class GdtGrassDry; class GdtStony; class tag_terrain_motorway_Surface: GdtConcrete { character = "empty"; files = "tag_terrain_motorway*"; }; }; This way you inherit the settings from GdtConcrete and don't have to worry about all the rest. then all he needs to do is point his roadlibs to the new textures
  15. RoF

    Help! I can't make P drive

    Turn OFF auto mount in arma tools Your P drive says 12gb free as you are using a folder on your C drive. The P drive is a fake drive You need to make the P drive folder on your D or G drive, as it has more free space