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    Objects tanoa terrain

    okay. I have the payment version of mikero but I do not know how to do it. Is it a complex process? Are there any tutorials? sorry my ignorance Thanks for the reply.
  2. hello to all, I have doubts about the objects of tanoa. As far as I know, on May 30 bohemia has released the objects of tanoa to be used in your land. The problem I have that using the x-cam I can see and place the objects but when passing them to terrainbuilder these do not appear. I have seen that the files are not seen because they are in .ebo and it is necessary to pass them to .pbo some tutorial of how to do it? any other way of being able to enter those objects on my map? Sorry for my english
  3. Hello everyone. I also have the same problem since the 07/09/17 update. You can open the project but it does not allow you to move, or move an object. Someone has found the solution?