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  1. Thanks you so much! Idk why I didn't see it lol
  2. Hello everyone, a few days ago I was trying to texturize an object and I ran into a problem. When I put any texture or color, these strange lines appear on the surface of the object. I've also done the UVs. Any solution?
  3. AlexAltea

    s_000_000_lco.paa Terrain builder

    Yes, as you said that's the correct way to configure the P drive but in the Buldozer Configurator there's an option that can be checked accidentally and can cause this error.
  4. AlexAltea

    s_000_000_lco.paa Terrain builder

    I said that because it happened to me, I configured the Buldozer with the installation folder of Arma 3 by default and when using the Buldozer the layers did not load. The Buldozer did not look for them in disk P they looked for it in the Arma directory 3 and that's why I had the same error as him.
  5. AlexAltea

    s_000_000_lco.paa Terrain builder

    Go to Arma 3 Tools > Preferences > Buldozer Configurator and re configure it, be sure that you don't check the option "Use Buldozer from the install directory of the game. " Also check that in the mapframe options the output root folder is like this: "p:\yourmap\" Good luck!
  6. Hello, I'm making a map and I've noticed that at different distances the texture of the grass changes so the map becomes very ugly. I want to know if this is due to the configuration of the map or something similar.