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  1. Hi, I have two questions: 1- Does VTN break the use of groupchat and sidechat? 2- is it permissible to use your vehicles in my mod without any changes except the crew? I mean like this: class VTN_KAMAZ5350_ZU23_EMR ; class B_MIL_Truck_ZU23 : VTN_KAMAZ5350_ZU23_EMR { scope = 2; scopeCurator = 2; displayName = "Truck ZU-23"; side = 1; faction = "B_MIL"; crew = "B_MIL_Rifleman"; }; And if so, how can I import the use of the zoom optic? Like this it doesn't work.
  2. This makes full sense but I just tried this replacing trees with a test pole and the old trees are still there. No idea what to do next. Here's the config.hpp on my mod: class CfgPatches { class BMFayshkhaburF { units[] = {}; weapons[] = {}; requiredVersion = 0.1; requiredAddons[] = {"BMFayshkhabur", "A3_Data_F", "A3_Roads_F", "A3_Structures_F", "A3_Map_Data"}; author = "b3lx"; }; }; class CfgWorlds { class BMFayshkhabur; // External class reference class BMFayshkhaburF : BMFayshkhabur { class CfgVehicles { class FlagPole_EP1; class Land_shez_palm_01 : FlagPole_EP1 { scope = 2; displayname = "palm_01"; }; class Land_shez_palm_02 : FlagPole_EP1 { scope = 2; displayname = "palm_02"; }; class Land_shez_palm_03 : FlagPole_EP1 { scope = 2; displayname = "palm_03"; }; class Land_shez_palm_04 : FlagPole_EP1 { scope = 2; displayname = "palm_04"; }; class Land_shez_palm_10 : FlagPole_EP1 { scope = 2; displayname = "palm_10"; }; class CUP_palm_01 : FlagPole_EP1 {}; class CUP_palm_10 : FlagPole_EP1 {}; class CUP_palm_02 : FlagPole_EP1 {}; class CUP_palm_03 : FlagPole_EP1 {}; class CUP_palm_09 : FlagPole_EP1 {}; class CUP_palm_08small : FlagPole_EP1 {}; class CUP_palm_04 : FlagPole_EP1 {}; }; description = "BMFayshkhaburFix"; }; }; class CfgWorldList { class BMFayshkhaburF {}; }; class cfgMods { author = "b3lx"; };
  3. Can you explain this further? I'd really like to put small flags on buildings. Why is this not possible in gameplay?
  4. b3lx

    [WIP] =ARC= Tribute

    sorry for one more question: does it work with ai? they used to see through some rso buildings, not all but maybe half of them
  5. b3lx

    [WIP] =ARC= Tribute

    I see JBAD has interiors on buildings that are not enterable in CUP, maybe that is why you prefer JBAD, right?
  6. b3lx

    [WIP] =ARC= Tribute

    Looking forward to this since I'm a great RSO fan, but why JBAD if CUP is already a dependency?
  7. Thanks, I just joined the discord. Here's a first screenshot. I'll post others on discord. In this case I tried to add alpha 1-3 to red and the error popped up
  8. I keep having tons of errors (zero divisor, undefined variable data2, generic error in expression, you name it, I have it) whenever I give orders through C2. Could it be the bad performance of my computer? I have CBA and AIC on so I don't get what's wrong. Also groups in high command don't move after giving them waypoints and pressing "commit".
  9. Not possible to put sniper scopes on the mosin nagant, is it a bug or there's a purpose?
  10. b3lx

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks George but it doesn't seem to work. I looked into your script and (please correct me if i'm wrong) it seems to use the same method as my function: _primaryWeapon_CowsSlot = getArray (configFile / "CfgWeapons" >> _primaryWeapon >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "CowsSlot" >> "compatibleItems"); It returns an empty array, same with vanilla weapons Edit: forget it, I didn't know about BIS_fnc_compatibleItems, it works with vanilla and RHS
  11. b3lx

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    How can a I make a function to get all items compatible with a RHS weapon? I usually rely on the following but it doesn't work with RHS. _compatibleItems = { private _class = _this select 0; private _Items = []; {_Items append (getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _class >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> _x >> "compatibleItems"))} forEach ["CowsSlot", "MuzzleSlot", "PointerSlot", "UnderBarrelSlot"]; _Items };
  12. Ok. I'll keep looking for a mod though, because I'm not going to resize dozens of textures to the checkered flag size standards. It might do the job occasionally but I need something more straightforward
  13. You are right it does work, even with setflagtexture. I don't know what I was doing wrong before. It places the texture a bit off-center but it's a start. Thanks
  14. I know about setflagtexture, I use it on the RHS small flag. What I'm looking for is a small flag similar to the one provided by RHS because vanilla ones like Flag_White_F are too big and not suitable to put on building tops