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  1. Veteran Mod, ReColor, CUP Terrains Core, Diyala, b3lx militia
  2. oh! I thought they were global variables. Thanks! By the way let me just ask you: I'm still using the stable version, can I change to 1.23 without major problems?
  3. Why would these variables be still nil with 30 minutes of mission time? And everything seems to work fine https://imgur.com/a/pU2TyWu
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if I can use a patch to reduce the forest sounds in diyala since I'm hiding most of its trees. Can it be done with a simple solution like inheriting the whole EnvSounds class from another map instead of replacing all the individual sound classes ?
  5. I meant that a VTN AKM looks and sounds different from a CUP AKM which makes them inconsistent to use in the same mission, and so I prefer to use just one. But I don't think they are incompatible since I believe both VTN and CUP use the same damage values as vanilla (please correct if this is wrong). By incompatible I was referring to using different damage values which I believe to be the case of RHS.
  6. b3lx


    I put in missions folder and it worked. Why did I put it in MPmissions first and hosted a server I don't remember. All is fine now, thanks!
  7. b3lx


    It shows up "move to rally point" when pointing to barracks sometimes but no other action shows up. Same happens in Malden:
  8. b3lx


    thanks dap, but I see no option for recruiting in the action menu. this is me in the barracks:
  9. b3lx

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    It works fine in Shapur now. It's great for some quick action. Only thing that could be improved is to allow for the battle to continue even if one of the sides is ordered to retreat. Trying to get away successfully or pursuing a fleeing enemy can also be interesting, especially when the battle was short
  10. b3lx

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    It only happened when I used RydBB_MC trigger but if its a mod thing I would like to know what is so I can fix it, I'm using my own faction mod. Anyway since I get problems on the Shapur map as well I think there must be some minimum map size or something like that that is behind this
  11. b3lx

    [SP] HETMAN: War Stories

    I'm having two problems that might be related. I cannot get HWS to work in Shapur (hangs forever in loading), I wonder if the map is too small. Also I've been trying to use a RydBB_MC trigger to limit battle area in Altis without success, it either returns something like "failed initialization: no forces available" or it hangs forever.
  12. b3lx


    How do I play in single player? I spawn alone without squad mates, and lobby slots don't show an AI option
  13. Obvious🤦‍♂️. Didn't think that one through. Thanks!! I'm going to make some experiments
  14. Haha, this is more than I could hope for! I imagine a player doing a boring patrol mission and enemies shooting from totally unexpected positions. You better start taking patrols seriously, soldier! Could it be possible or desirable to add a "hold" or "sentry" action (where you put "door", "grenade", etc) to make the AI hold positions there until some trigger puts them on their way again? This is maybe too complicated but for instance if enemy is detected and is in line of sight stay and shoot, if not in line of sight then exit building and do your thing.
  15. This is amazing! I caught up a previous discussion here and it was fascinating to follow. I see that this script solves at least partially some of the problems that were mentioned there. But I have two questions: Are you keeping up a list of building paths that can be augmented by everybody? Can this script be incorporated in general AI behaviour like every time an AI squad gets a hold waypoint near a building it checks if the building has custom paths defined in a list of recorded path arrays and searches/occupies it? I'm thinking of a few squads moving in and occupying window positions to provide cover for a squad advancing towards enemy. And I'm also thinking of RSO buildings which are often discarded by map makers for not having AI paths. I mean this could be the basis of an alternative building pathfinding system right?