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  1. Thanks, I just joined the discord. Here's a first screenshot. I'll post others on discord. In this case I tried to add alpha 1-3 to red and the error popped up
  2. I keep having tons of errors (zero divisor, undefined variable data2, generic error in expression, you name it, I have it) whenever I give orders through C2. Could it be the bad performance of my computer? I have CBA and AIC on so I don't get what's wrong. Also groups in high command don't move after giving them waypoints and pressing "commit".
  3. Not possible to put sniper scopes on the mosin nagant, is it a bug or there's a purpose?
  4. b3lx

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thanks George but it doesn't seem to work. I looked into your script and (please correct me if i'm wrong) it seems to use the same method as my function: _primaryWeapon_CowsSlot = getArray (configFile / "CfgWeapons" >> _primaryWeapon >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> "CowsSlot" >> "compatibleItems"); It returns an empty array, same with vanilla weapons Edit: forget it, I didn't know about BIS_fnc_compatibleItems, it works with vanilla and RHS
  5. b3lx

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    How can a I make a function to get all items compatible with a RHS weapon? I usually rely on the following but it doesn't work with RHS. _compatibleItems = { private _class = _this select 0; private _Items = []; {_Items append (getArray (configFile >> "CfgWeapons" >> _class >> "WeaponSlotsInfo" >> _x >> "compatibleItems"))} forEach ["CowsSlot", "MuzzleSlot", "PointerSlot", "UnderBarrelSlot"]; _Items };
  6. Ok. I'll keep looking for a mod though, because I'm not going to resize dozens of textures to the checkered flag size standards. It might do the job occasionally but I need something more straightforward
  7. You are right it does work, even with setflagtexture. I don't know what I was doing wrong before. It places the texture a bit off-center but it's a start. Thanks
  8. I know about setflagtexture, I use it on the RHS small flag. What I'm looking for is a small flag similar to the one provided by RHS because vanilla ones like Flag_White_F are too big and not suitable to put on building tops
  9. I'm making a mod that spawns small flags on buildings. I'm using the small flag from RHS but I would like to remove the RHS dependency. Is there any other addon around with a small flag that can be textured? I also looked into the checkered flag from vanilla but it doesn't have hidden selections
  10. I love RHS but if VTN brings me the dushka on high tripod, T55, T72, D30 and BMP I'm permanently sold. It's an awesome mod. I would just like to be able to use setobjecttexture on uniforms and vehicles publicly though
  11. pick-up mounted ZU23's!!!!! I've been waiting years for this! Thanks guys, really looking forward to the update
  12. Thanks, this is cool but I'm looking for uniforms with untucked shirts
  13. Great mod! Shame on me that I have only heard of this now after four years of Arma. Have a few questions: 1) What kind of AI behaviour is altered by this mod aside from the medical system? 2) Is it compatible with VCOM AI? 3) Can AI deploy the backpack mortars and HMG's by itself? 4) Is it compatible with vanilla weapons, vehicles and uniforms? 5) What is the Identification module? 6) Do you allow retextures? 7) Sometimes I can't heal myself or others even though I have medical equipment. Any idea why?
  14. Can anybody please point me to a mod that provides BDU's or similar (untucked shirt uniforms) available for retexturing? The ones I know of (RHS and DHI) don't allow retextures.