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  1. Started modelling and I'm not happy with the texture results.The rvmat is loaded but the NOHQ is not visible and the texture has less detail than the CO image What could be wrong? This is using a 2048x2048 CO image. The rvmat:
  2. Use what you need: configs, paa's, whatever. If you make better versions I might end up asking you the same 😉
  3. You can use them without making this as dependency. What are you making?
  4. I made a personal use mod to show them in the editor. Another option is to create them as simple objects from the model path, but that is mostly cosmetic as they can't be damaged. You can find the model paths using something like this in the debug console: _alltrees = (nearestterrainobjects [player,["tree"],200]) apply {(getmodelinfo _x) select 1}; _alltrees = _alltrees arrayInteresect _alltrees; copytoclipboard _alltrees;
  5. The Bastek terrain! Indeed, I love it. And now we have these versions of the Malden palms from the western sahara cdlc: a taller model and two withered models
  6. No, this just replaces. But it shouldn't be very difficult to make a module for that. Will try to make it if I have time.
  7. b3lx

    [MP][COOP] Vindicta (Alpha)

    This is a very fun to play guerrilla scenario! I think it could be greatly improved with some changes (don't know if they are possible within the code limitations you alluded to): 1-I don't understand why building resources are collected in police stations. I think they should be collected in factories or buildings in construction. Of course you could be caught stealing them and be arrested, civilians could snitch on you and factories could be guarded or patrolled. 2-While I much prefer this incognito mode to antistasi, sometimes it creates weird situations. I can go to a building shoot some people hide weapons and everything is fine. Some time should be necessary to pass before you could go undercover again if you are near the enemy. 3-Dialogs could be improved with more options (with some utility, of course). 4-Maybe keep one policeman guarding prisioners and later take them to jail. It's way to easy to liberate them. 5-Civilians could drive between towns. 6-More civilians outside towns. 7-Something that would be nice here (it was also missing from antistasi) is some sort of an advanced start in case you are not in the mood to run the initial errands. Maybe start with a camp and some units and simple weapons and vehicles. 8-Make many of these and other features in the game optional.
  8. TERRAIN: Fallujah 1.2 ASSETS: Diyala, CUP terrains, RSO buildings, Veteran mod, MILITIA scripted factions, Max women, Women at work POSTPROCESSING: ReColor
  9. forget my previous fallujah RSO replacement script. Here's a great and fast one I'm working on for RSO, CUP and METIS Nature. The replacement function I use on on the Object Replament Modules mod is good for simple all purpose modifications but for so many different changes on a terrain it's better a specific script like this one. And this is the result:
  10. I think the sights on the ZU23 (both the collimator and the optical sight) are very difficult to use against land targets unless you have someone telling you where to aim. In single player if I don't want to cheat I have to get out of the vehicle to use the binoculars and get back in to aim. Could you make it possible to use binoculars while sitting on the gunner seat of the ZU23?
  11. Major update: -Can set area shape (rectangle or ellipse) -New object selection filters: probability, condition expression, exclusion areas -New object creation options: custom or random direction, snap to terrain, random height (good for trees), simple object mode, expression to run on each created object
  12. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!. I use postInit because contrary to preInit it makes it possible to use together with editor hide object modules. Definitely much faster than after mission initialised. I've been using a different updated version of this script that I put in my object replacement mod. @pognivet this is what I used for fallujah together with another script only to replace trees. Best way is to define the replacement script as a function and call it instead of execVM and call it pre or postInit. You can use center=player and use a small radius to see a preview in the editor. Don't use worldsize as radius if you don't use pre or post init, it will take forever. _center = [worldsize/2,worldsize/2]; _radius = worldsize; //chernarusian billboards [_center, _radius,[],["bilboard_cigara_chernomorky.p3d","bilboard_toaletak_armasan.p3d","bilboard_vodka.p3d","bilboard_beach.p3d","bilboard_everon.p3d","bilboard_likery_bardak.p3d","bilboard_strana_noveho_radu.p3d","bilboard_smadny_maskrnik.p3d","bilboard_bienvenudo.p3d","bilboard_escape.p3d","bilboard_seci_stroje.p3d","bilboard_riviera.p3d","bilboard_pizza_presto.p3d","bilboard_alkohol.p3d","bilboard_hlinik.p3d","bilboard_cibulka.p3d"], ["Land_Billboard_F"],0,false,1,[0,100],{_this setobjecttexture [0,(selectrandom billboardstextures)]}] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //house with arches small and hut with no interior [_center,_radius,["HOUSE"],["Land_Dum_istan2","Land_Dum_olez_istan2"], ["rso_construct3","rso_complex5","rso_complex6","rso_h1","rso_h10","rso_h19","rso_shop3","rso_shop3b","rso_apartmentcomplex","rso_garages","rso_garage1","Land_villa_b","Land_villa"],0,false,1,[12,16]] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //cubic buildings with interior [_center,_radius,["BUILDING","HOUSE"],["Land_Dum_olez_istan2_maly2","Land_Dum_olez_istan2_maly"], ["rso_hut1","rso_hut2","rso_hut4","rso_stores","rso_shack"],0,false,1,[8,10]] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //old building very large [_center,_radius,["BUILDING","HOUSE"],["Land_Dum_istan2_02"], ["rso_big_f"],270,false,1] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //old buildings single piece and double piece [_center, _radius,["BUILDING"],["Land_Dum_istan2_01","Land_Dum_istan2_03","Land_Dum_istan2_03a"], ["Land_House_C_10_EP1","rso_stores2","rso_stores3","rso_shop1"],0,false,1] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //brown house small [_center, _radius,["HOUSE","BUILDING"],["Land_Dum_istan3_pumpa"], ["rso_store1","Land_House_C_4_EP1","Land_Unfinished_Building_01_F"], 0,false,0.5] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //old house no interior [_center, _radius,["BUILDING"],["dum_mesto3_istan.p3d"], ["Land_17str","Land_17strb","rso_h20","rso_h21","Land_14str","Land_Unfinished_Building_02_F"],90,false] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //brown house big [_center, _radius,[],["Land_Dum_istan3_hromada2"], ["rso_h17","Land_5str","Land_villa","Land_6str","Land_villa3","Land_villa_b"], 0,false,0.5] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //house with arches big [_center, _radius,["house"],["Land_Dum_istan3"], ["rso_h18","Land_16str","Land_7str","Land_22str","rso_h6","rso_h15"], 90,false,0.5,[22.7,22.9]] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //house without classname (parasol) [_center, _radius,[],["dum_olez_istan1_open.p3d"], ["Land_House_C_1_EP1","Land_House_C_1_v2_EP1","rso_cornershop1","Land_21str","Land_21str_b","Land_21str_c"]] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //yellow apartment buildings [_center, _radius,["house"],["Land_Dum_istan4","Land_Dum_istan4_big"], ["rso_complex1","rso_complex2","rso_complex3","rso_complex4"], 180,false,0.1] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //phonebooth [_center, _radius,[],["phone_box.p3d"], ["Land_GarbageHeap_02_F"]] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf"; //dumpster [_center, _radius,[],["kontejner.p3d"], ["Land_ChairPlastic_F","Oil_Spill_F", "Land_Plank_01_4m_F","Land_CratesPlastic_F","Land_CanisterFuel_Blue_F","Land_BarrelEmpty_F","Land_BarrelTrash_grey_F","Land_MetalBarrel_empty_F"]] execVM "replaceobjects.sqf";
  13. Updated. Now is possible to use model names instead of classnames of objects to be replaced.