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  1. Update available on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2062342317 Major changes since last post: MILITIA Mod now works with either Veteran Mod, CUP, RHS or just vanilla.
  2. AI properly following weapon safety rules: units should never have their weapons pointed at friendlies, maybe force lower weapon if cursorobject is a friendly
  3. The latest update includes a few modules that makes it very easy to set up an occupied area -Read module: put down vehicles and turrets for each faction (I advise only HMG's for now), customise vehicles appearance and put down objects that you want to attach to them (I use PLP materials to bulletproof vehicles for instance) -Area spawn module: it will spawn vehicles read by the read module preserving customisations, crew them and add passenger groups if seats are available. It will spawn units and turrets in buildings in CUP ME and RSO buildings (only the good ones not the those that AI can see through). (I've mapped a ton of positions, so this goes well beyond building positions). A ton of other options: VBIED included -Blacklist module: exclude buildings in area from occupation -Core module: faction selection I'm very happy with the result. I made them for myself but I'm sure other people will have fun with this.
  4. So if one is to create a config for these walls to make them bulletproof what properties should be changed?
  5. Here you have. This is the script I use. Those variables are actually global, by bad. Anyway it works with debug off so the only thing it does is to spawn an empty 20 seconds loop _center = [worldsize/2,worldsize/2]; _radius = worldsize; //for debug b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG = []; b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG_ON = false; ///////////////////FUNCTIONS _removeArrFNC = { _arr = _this; { hideObjectGlobal _x; b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG pushback _x; } forEach _arr; }; _rplModelFNC = { params ["_array","_oldList","_newlist"]; { _obj = _x; if ((getModelInfo _obj select 0) in _oldlist) then { _pos = getposATL _obj; _dir = getdir _obj; hideobjectglobal _obj; b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG pushback _x; _obj allowdamage false; _type = selectRandom _newlist; _new = _type createvehicle [0,0,0]; _new setdir _dir; if (_type == "b3lx_palm_B") then { _pos = _pos getpos [2.2,180+_dir]; }; _new setposATL _pos; }; } forEach _array; }; _removeModelFNC = { params ["_array","_oldlist"]; { _obj = _x; if ((getModelInfo _obj select 0) in _oldlist) then { hideobjectglobal _obj; b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG pushback _x; _obj allowdamage false; }; } forEach _array; }; _rplFNC = { params ["_array","_newobjarray"]; { _pos = getposATL _x; _dir = getdir _x; hideobjectglobal _x; b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG pushback _x; _x allowdamage false; _type = selectRandom _newobjarray; _new = _type createvehicle [0,0,0]; _new setdir _dir; if (_type == "b3lx_palm_B") then { _pos = _pos getpos [2.2,180+_dir]; }; _new setposATL _pos ; } forEach _array; }; ///////////////////GETDATA _trees = nearestTerrainObjects [_center, ["tree","small tree","bush"], _radius]; _all = nearestTerrainObjects [_center, [], _radius]; _houses = nearestTerrainObjects [_center, ["house"], _radius]; //_bushes = nearestTerrainObjects [_center, ["bush"], _radius]; //_other = (nearestTerrainObjects [_center, [], _radius]) - (_trees + _bushes + _houses); ///////////////////REMOVE BUSHES //_bushes call _removeArrFNC; ///////////////////REMOVE BAD MODEL BUSHES AND UNWANTED TREES _bushesToRemove = ["cype_brg_bird_1.p3d", "cype_brg_bird_3.p3d", "b_pistacial1s_ep1.p3d", "b_amygdalusn1s_ep1.p3d", "b_pinusm1s_ep1.p3d"]; _palmsToRemove = [ "cype_palm.p3d", "cype_palm_01.p3d", "cype_palm_02.p3d", "cype_palm_03.p3d", "cype_palm_04.p3d", "cype_palm_09.p3d", "cype_palm_10.p3d", "cype_palm_08small.p3d", "t_cacao_ripe_f.p3d", "t_cocosnucifera2s_small_f.p3d", "t_cocos_small_f.p3d", "t_cocos_tall_f.p3d" ]; _removetrees = _all select {(getModelInfo _x select 0) in (_bushesToRemove + _palmsToRemove)}; _removetrees call _removeArrFNC; ///////////////////REPLACE TREES _treesToReplace = ["t_cocosnucifera3s_tall_f.p3d","t_millettia_f.p3d","cype_amygdalus.p3d","t_ficusb1s_f.p3d","t_ficusb2s_f.p3d"]; _replacetrees = _trees select {(getModelInfo _x select 0) in _treesToReplace}; [_replacetrees, DYAtreesReplacers] call _rplFNC; //REPLACE TALL CUP RURAL BUILDINGS _CUPbldTall = [ "Land_House_K_8_EP1", "Land_House_K_8_dam_EP1", "Land_House_K_6_EP1", "Land_House_K_6_dam_EP1", "Land_House_K_3_EP1", "Land_House_K_3_dam_EP1", "Land_House_K_7_EP1", "Land_House_K_7_dam_EP1" ]; _housesRPL = _houses select {typeOf _x in _CUPbldTall}; [_housesRPL,DYAhousesReplacers] call _rplFNC; [b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 20; if b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG_ON then { _test = 0; _test = count (b3lx_DYA_HIDDEN_DEBUG select {!(isObjectHidden _x)}); hint format ["time: %1, unhidden: %2",time, _test]; }; }; };
  6. Ok, thanks, I missed that in the stuff I read. I'm going to change it. Should I keep the "if (isserver) then {...}" to make it possible to use in multiplayer or every client has to run it?
  7. I think this is what is happening but look, I solved it by accident trying to debug it, no joke: _DEBUG_ON = false; [_DYA_HIDDENARRAY] spawn { while {true} do { sleep 20; if _DEBUG_ON then { _test = 0; _test = count (_DYA_HIDDENARRAY select {!(isObjectHidden _x)}); hint format ["time: %1, unhidden: %2",time, _test]; }; }; }; I thought you need to run hideobjectglobal in the server to be multiplayer compatible
  8. maybe a trigger detecting units and vehicles near a bridge that will execute a script where they are moved with setvelocity to near the beggining of the bridge, then setdir to the bridge direction and then again setvelocity until they reach the other side? I'm gonna do this, I don't care they will look weird, but they WILL CROSS THE DAMNED BRIDGE!!!
  9. I have a weird problem where after hiding a massive number of map objects with hideobjectgobal through a preinit script they become unhidden after some minutes into the game. It happens when there is a high load like many spawned groups. Anybody has a clue?
  10. Since you are looking at vehicles for your super AI, I would like to share two issues with vanilla and every AI mod out there. Don't know if there is anything you can do about this in the scope of your mod... 1 - Armed vehicles don't stay far enough to be effective, they always dive into the action and of course are readily neutralised. The other problem with this is that in mixed dismounted and vehicle groups, vehicles always arrive first at their target without any cover. I don't know if this is possible to solve without messing with waypoints, though. 2 - Crews don't disembark properly. In the case of unarmored vehicles they should disembark far enough to keep their vehicle and driver at safe range. In the case of APC's they can approach to directly assault a position but then rapidly disembark and cover, like these guys do: https://streamable.com/e7mzfv Thanks!
  11. I think you guys should reconsider scopes for the Mosin. It's a very common platform for conversions: https://i.imgur.com/z8Rz3Kd.jpg
  12. b3lx


    Gave up on this one and did a total remake based on VTN mod:
  13. MILITIA FAST FACTIONS Scripted factions compatible with your favourite weapons mod: Veteran Mod, CUP, RHS, or just plain vanilla FEATURES: - Compatible with your favorite weapons mod: Veteran Mod, CUP, RHS or just plain vanilla (not so realistic considering the available assets), - Factions can be of any side - There can be limitless factions without cluttering your assets - Variation and randomness, loadouts are created at spawn based on probabilities - Works with spawn scripts - Language, faces and names are coherently assigned to each faction (considering the available choices) - Each faction has an assault team that can be used as special force or different loadout pattern from the main faction - Custom insignia and flags for each faction, they are added to vehicles used by faction and can be removed or replaced in-game - Special (scripted) ammobox with specific faction weapons - Custom made uniform textures - Spawn modules that work with most CUP ME and RSO buildings (only the ones that work), - User created/adapted factions can be reloaded on-the-fly with no need to relaunch arma (makes it much less time consuming) - Extending factions for VTN mod users without infringing their rules REQUIRED ADDONS: -works with just vanilla but it's intended to work with Veteran mod, CUP or RHS. DOWNLOAD: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2062342317 http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=35984
  14. Mods: CUP Core, Diyala Map, Diyala Versions
  15. DIYALA VERSIONS I have been using the Diyala terrain for Middle East scenarios, but after having twisted it with scripts to make to look more like Syria or certain parts of Iraq, and dealing with the problem of AI not crossing the irrigation canal, I decided to settle for a faster, easier and readily available solution: just select the terrain in 3den. This set of three versions for the Diyala terrain chosable as different terrains (no irrigation, olive trees and different palm trees) 1 - Diyala (no irrigation): Same Diyala but without the irrigation channel. It's a vegetation strip instead 2 - Diyala Olives: No irrigation channel, some custom edits for Diyala and olive trees instead of palm trees 3 - Diyala Palms: No irrigation channel, some custom edits for Diyala and a different model of palm tree (Malden palms) instead of the original Tanoa ones Needs the orginal Diyala terrain as dependency. Respects @CypeRevenge work: no upload of original Diyala. Just a bunch of config.cpp and scripts. Modular: You can delete unwanted terrains and keep only one version if you want. Keep DiyalaCore.pbo and objects.pbo and at least one of the terrain configs: DiyalaPatch.pbo DiyalaPalms.pbo DiyalaOlives.pbo REQUIRED ADDONS: Diyala Map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=680808574 DOWNLOAD LINK: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2061233414