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  1. Anybody knows how to change the insignia in virtual spectator? Not the uniform patch I mean the symbol shown when you click on a unit in spectator mode. Right now is just random is awful
  2. I have no echoes in RHS AK's or PKM's. Anybody here noticed the same? Also is it possible or useful to combine JSRS with Enhanced Soundscape mod?
  3. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Noticed that ak74 kills from one shot to the knee but akm doesn't. Is it intended or a bug?
  4. Fayshkhabur Release thread.

    Very interested. I knew it had something to do with the bridge, but nothing more. Thanks!
  5. About an issue a few posts ago: I've been using HAL with VCOM, and having AI PATHING disabled in VCOM options seems to make it work fine together. I'm not a fan of having one guy occupying his own group after the rest were killed, so I use a script that checks for single unit groups and groups each one of them to the nearest group. Would that create some problem with HAL? So far I've seen nothing wrong.
  6. Maybe some basic levels could be adjusted by the user to suit their preferences, probably there will always be some disagreement
  7. The phoenix palms ended up to be the choice for Anizay, great!
  8. Anizay

    If terrain synth is too heavy on the FPS maybe you can add a transition strip East and North with some mountains like BIS has done in Zargabad. That could hide the map limits. Now that I gave some time to play this map I must say I love it. It's really fun to play and provides very interesting combat situations: the roughness of the terrain makes it unpredictable. Enemies can be all around you hiding behind those bumps. And when stupid AI stands in the open (like they always do) it's less noticeable, so it also makes combat a bit more realistic. The chaotic road network makes the map more difficult to commit to memory which provides better replayability. Also love some details like the amount of ponds (a river would be nice but AI can't cross it so it's better not) and the leaning power poles which seemed odd at first but are actually more realistic this way. Very nice detail: trees of the same class are placed with different heights which make them look more varied than they actually are. I'm also very happy with the choice for palms (I've tried another variety here but it's only a simple object so not a good option in this case). I like the map just as it is but here are some suggestions nonetheless: -The roughness is one of its strong points but sometimes in the green region it seems a bit too much. There could be just a few flat areas here and there that would break the continuous undulating roughness. As a bonus that would also make 3den base building easier. -More variety of walls in particular in the more densely populated places. The mosque walls that are used for the villa suit it fine but are way too extravagant for the more simple houses. You can use vanilla walls for that like Lythium does. -Increase variety by using more vanilla assets that are compatible with the setting. These for example: "Land_Unfinished_Building_01_F", "Land_Unfinished_Building_02_F", "Land_i_Garage_V1_F", "Land_cargo_addon02_V2_F", "Land_Slum_House01_F", "Land_i_House_Small_03_V1_F" -Add some dry grass or little stones in those completely empty bumps that look too clean in the green region. -Improve the industrial areas and make one or two of them bigger. -IMO the huge mosque in the middle of nowhere doesn't make much sense: why would someone build it there? who would go there? I think a cement or mining facility would better suit the place. -I would love to see some powerlines in those poles (I'm not serious I know that is very difficult to do). But you could add just a few poles with lines of the bigger kind. -About the vegetation: cultivated bushes and trees tend to follow straight lines in the real world. Random bushes and trees usually only exist in wild unpopulated regions or on the edges of properties or edges of roads. -Big water towers should be only exist near populated areas. -Satellite antennas on some houses: "Satelit", "Land_SatelliteAntenna_01_F"
  9. And of course Diyala looks a bit more like Diyala now:
  10. I tried the Malden palms in the new Anizay terrain and I think they work pretty good. This could be southeastern Syria or Iraq. These are the model paths: "a3\vegetation_f_argo\Trees\t_PhoenixRupicola1s_F.p3d", "a3\vegetation_f_argo\Trees\t_PhoenixRupicola3s_F.p3d" The only problem is that it seems these palms can only be created as simple objects, so you'd better not try to run over them with tanks
  11. I'm trying to put down an asset that isn't available in the editor. I can do it by createsimpleobject like this: _obj = createsimpleobject ["a3\vegetation_f_argo\Trees\t_Cupressus_stricta_2S_F.p3d",[0,0,0]]; _obj setposatl (getposatl player) Since I want it to receive damage how can i do it with createvehicle since it doesn't seem to have a classname?
  12. That's enough for me. I have a reinforcements script so units will wait until they are called in by HAL. I'm testing a faction mod I'm making (already made a RHQarray for it ), so I really just wanted to know if there was any known issue that could put me in the right track. I'll see if it happens in vanilla as well. Thanks
  13. I have a problem that happened three times already which is some armoured group moves out and ends up on [0,0,0]. Any clue? Have another question. Is there a way to get a spawned group to be instantly recognised by HAL?
  14. kidal doesn't work with alive either, maybe it's related? A good thing to do is to keep HAL setups saved in compositions so it's mostly drag and drop. This is also useful with alive which is even harder to get right than HAL
  15. Is HAL compatible with VCOM AI with AI pathing enabled? With AI pathing enabled VCOM sends groups to assist nearby units facing an enemy threat. I am asking because this feature can take over a group's waypoints that are are assigned via High Command so it seems it could do the same in HAL.