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  1. Trying it now, looks good so far!
  2. Hi snkman, thanks for this release! Been using TCL and am now going to try GLX. I want to share a thought on something that bothers me in Arma. It's something that happens in every game I've played with vanilla or different AI mods and seems very unrealistic: infantry and vehicles move too close to the enemy. I think especially unarmoured vehicles like technicals should move to suitable places where they can provide some support fire without getting killed by some dude 10 meters away. Transport vehicles even worse, reinforcements become pretty useless as often everybody dies disembarking a truck. The great majority of real combat footage I've seen portrays long range engagements and everybody ducks as soon as bullets strike near. In Arma the AI treats bullets as if they were a minor inconvenience. Do you have any plans to improve this?
  3. There are a few objects that support user textures like leaflets, photos, and three of them actually called user textures. I would like to create a similar object with different dimensions than the existing ones. I'm talking about a simple transparent square or rectangular plane. Do I need to go through all the "blender - object builder" routine to do it or is there some easier way for such a simple object?
  4. I was looking for a solution for this exact problem a few days ago. I decided to overdo it by spicing the building destruction a bit. This is what I came up with: b3lxFN_BldExpl = { params ["_bld","_r"]; if (isNil "_r") then {_r = 20}; private _houses = _bld nearobjects ["house",_r]; private _roads = _bld nearobjects ["road",_r]; private _all = _bld nearobjects _r; private _objs = _all - (_houses + _roads); {deletevehicle _x} forEach (_all - [_bld]); private _latF = {params ["_spr"];((random (_spr*100))/100) - ((random (_spr*100))/100)}; for "_i" from 0 to 20 do { private _lats = 10;//SPRAY AMOUNT private _latx = [_lats] call _latF; private _laty = [_lats] call _latF; private _debris = "Land_CinderBlock_01_F" createvehicle (_bld getpos [5,random 360]); _debris setdir (random 360); _debris setvelocity [_latx,_laty,20 + random 5]; }; private _hpos = [(getpos _bld) select 0, (getpos _bld) select 1, 30]; for "_i" from 0 to 20 do { private _lats = 5;//SPRAY AMOUNT private _latx = [_lats] call _latF; private _laty = [_lats] call _latF; private _papers = (selectrandom ["Leaflet_05_Old_F","Leaflet_05_F"]) createvehicle (_hpos getpos [5,random 360]); _papers setdir (random 360); _papers setvelocity [_latx,_laty, 30 + random 50]; }; }; addMissionEventHandler ["BuildingChanged", { params ["_previousObject", "_newObject", "_isRuin"]; if (_isRuin) then {[_newObject,20] call b3lxFN_BldExpl}; }];
  5. First you correctly treat _VEIC as an array of objects: But then you wrongly treat _VEIC as an object: You might try a nested forEach: { private _v = _x; {_x assignAsCargo _v} forEach units _grupo; } forEach _veic; (units _grupo) orderGetIn true; (units _grupo) allowGetIn true;
  6. b3lx


    Made some KRYPTEK stuff for the weirdos. Had to do a bit of GIMP tile cheating, though
  7. Helps very much Pufu and thank you for the detailed answer!
  8. Very interesting real world examples you brought in. It shows that legally restrictions can actually be very tight. Also the "life servers" example is interesting and I had forgotten about it, it is quite close to my examples 9 and 10 which were supposed to be "clearly" permissible, this shows that a default license can be more restrictive than I first thought. Nonetheless there is some common sense going on: I wouldn't think people posting on arma photography section would have to ask every mod author for permission to use content in their photos, but I also can see that if an author takes a particularly hard dislike to a posted picture this may be asked to be removed.
  9. Thank you for your answer. I wouldn't post this without reading all that. Everybody knows you can't share a mod's content without permission and I'm assuming the most restrictive license anyway. The question is that for each of the examples I gave it can be debated to what extent they are to be considered an improper use. Since maybe that was not clear enough I added two cases that illustrate that there are things we already know even the most restrictive license doesn't restrict.
  10. I've seen a few general discussions about this but I'm still in the dark. What is to be done if you want make a release based on a mod that doesn't have a EULA? My policy is to ask the authors themselves, but I end up nagging people too often ("If I can't do this can I do this instead?") so I think there should be a clear and authoritative answer. And by the way I am not talking about law here but just about what is proper conduct. I have a few specific examples that I have doubts about. Maybe you @PuFu are the right person for this, I don't know (sorry to tag you if you are not). A few examples. In all cases I'm assuming the following: -Final result is to be shared publicly -Original author is to be informed and credited -Original mod is not altered in any way Case 1: Making a new class in your own mod basing it on a class of another mod ( class myunit: soldier_othermod { ) Case 2: Making a new class in your own mod and assign it weapons or other items from another mod (class myunit { weapon = "othermod_weapon") Case 3: Making a new class in your mod and add items by script Case 4: Making a mod that alters by config.cpp the lighting on another mod's terrain Case 5: Making a script that replaces objects in a terrain (hideobjectglobal and createvehicle) Case 6: Making a script that puts your mod units in a another mod's vehicles Case 7: Making a script that changes a texture on another mod's vehicle (setobjecttexture) Case 8: Assigning a an insignia to another mod's unit (BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia) Case 9: Posting a picture of in game action depicting a mod's content Case 10: Using contrast and colour settings that drastically change a mod's textures appearance. Finally, is there anything on the above list that an author cannot restrict using a EULA? I feel that 5-8 are outside of an author's restriction ability but I would like confirmation.
  11. yes, debug console. I also put in there the code for weapon attachments by mistake, remove if you don't need. by the way I got this from here and just adapted it
  12. b3lx

    Arma 3 could have been BIS at its peak

    One thing that this discussion highlights is that there are two important conflicting interests: A) to value years of community work in making Arma a more interesting game and B) to update Arma engine so that the game can improve further. I could bet the overwhelming majority of modders out there will not sacrifice B in favour of A. Besides, when A4 comes with a better engine even if the assets are a bit crappy (hope not anyway) we already know what the community can do.
  13. no worries 😉 we're just sharing thoughts here
  14. only "some editing"? I can barely imagine the amount of effort needed to make mags interchangeable, sounds consistent and damage systems compatible between those three AND adapting to each update AND in the end you can't even share it with people. But sometimes we just got to have exactly what we want 😁