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  1. Great mod! Shame on me that I have only heard of this now after four years of Arma. Have a few questions: 1) What kind of AI behaviour is altered by this mod aside from the medical system? 2) Is it compatible with VCOM AI? 3) Can AI deploy the backpack mortars and HMG's by itself? 4) Is it compatible with vanilla weapons, vehicles and uniforms? 5) What is the Identification module? 6) Do you allow retextures? 7) Sometimes I can't heal myself or others even though I have medical equipment. Any idea why?
  2. Can anybody please point me to a mod that provides BDU's or similar (untucked shirt uniforms) available for retexturing? The ones I know of (RHS and DHI) don't allow retextures.

    Trying some retextures of the AAF uniform. This is just on vanilla. Maybe I'll even make Project OPFOR optional on the next update.
  4. Hi deathfox, I'm glad you are working on this. For the moment I'm busy with other things but will resume my experiments as soon as I can. Good luck
  5. I will definitely give it a go on this. I hate to have to run a script every time I use a terrain
  6. thanks! can this be used to replace with a different building model instead?
  7. Is there a method for replacing JBAD buildings with CUP buildings on a terrain by making a terrain patch pbo with a config file?
  8. Would like to report some floating objects: Garbage and fence [4556.04,5880.62,0] and a wood barrel [1333.81,6763.49,0]. Also want to ask if it's possible to make the new cocoa tree behave like a a regular object like the other trees so it can be hidden with hideObjectGlobal. Thanks for the update!
  9. I went ahead and decided to shoot at them with a ZU just for fun and guess what happened... they all went down, stayed put and didn't even bother to peep and shoot back. Conclusion of the experiment: AI doesn't care too much about rifles but when ZU is in town it's time to show some respect.
  10. That's when you realise there should be another VCOM mod but for players
  11. Ok, I tried again in an open field with some low stone walls. It's a very common type of terrain in Altis. Same situation in two angles: A bunch of guys shooting a few meters behind a wall they could use to take cover. At least most of them are crouched: Same situation but image taken from the front. Are they providing fire cover for the guy in the front? Maybe, but shouldn't they go behind the wall and suppress me while some of them try to flank m? I'm placed behind a sandbag that provides very good cover but I'm alone, and still they have to be lucky to get me. I'll try with other kinds of objects, could be that these walls are not checked by the script
  12. I do love VCOM AI but I'm frustrated it still doesn't help with what I see as the main flaw of AI: they just love to stand in the middle of the open field and shoot. I'm a terrible player but I still can easily wipe out a squad shooting form behind a rock. In the case shown in the picture they have plenty of rocks to choose for cover, but instead they either just stand and shoot or go prone in middle of the road. They can flank and they can provide cover fire but the basic instinct to just lower their damn heads or hide is still alien to them.
  13. Anybody knows how to change the insignia in virtual spectator? Not the uniform patch I mean the symbol shown when you click on a unit in spectator mode. Right now is just random is awful
  14. I have no echoes in RHS AK's or PKM's. Anybody here noticed the same? Also is it possible or useful to combine JSRS with Enhanced Soundscape mod?
  15. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Noticed that ak74 kills from one shot to the knee but akm doesn't. Is it intended or a bug?