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  1. ArmA 3 Discord Bot for "managing" mission files Ive wrote a simple Discord Bot last night to let my Clan members upload their missions via Discord. What it can do: list all pbos delete a pbo drag/drop a pbo in a Discord channel to upload it Readme This project is an early dev version and a hobby project, some basic knowledge is required for setup. You need to host the Bot yourself(own api token) and on the same machine as your gameserver is running ! currently only tested on windows !!! Permission setup may not be perfect, i take no responsibility if the Bot will break anything. How to install and FAQ https://github.com/Skullfox/discord-viper Discord https://discord.gg/bTBUVBB
  2. DeathF0X

    [FOX] Realism

    When its done ^^
  3. Looks nice, title reminds me ...
  4. DeathF0X

    [Discord] Sentinel

    Update: +Added 10s timeout for Server query +Added Steam News
  5. [FOX] Realism is an collection of features to enchant the ArmA gameplay. Most of them are updated version of older standalone mods from myself. Content/etc may changed overtime. Required: CBA_A3, Ace³ Most of the features can be adjusted/disabled via CBA settings Features: Info: few videos show older builds or the old standalone version of the features ! Whistle Throwing Knives Throwing Magazines Scuba Land Rebreather & HALO Goggles NVG Knocking Inventory Fuel Empty Magazines
  6. Ive created an ArmA Discord bot year ago, totally forgot to post it here 🙄 Sentinel is a hobby project so dont expect 24/7 up-time. Features: Display and subscribe to Arma News (Launcher) Query Gameserver (needs some rework 😜), Outputs Wiki commands or post the link based on page size Display your ArmA Unit from the Units page Steam workshop addons posting via ID How to subscribe to news: !news subscribe (only the serverowner can do it ) If you need help: !help !help command Discord Server: https://discord.gg/bTBUVBB Add Sentinel to your Discord server: https://discordapp.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=434120898132574228&scope=bot&permissions=519232 Spoiler for screens
  7. DeathF0X

    Get position on top of object

  8. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=708665067 DES Elevator Description: This is a small addon, that allows player to access roof tops and balconies. It is inspiered by Zooloo75's Acces Points script. Usage: Just go to a door of the five usable buildings and select "Go to roof" or "Go to balcony", then you will be teleported. Available buildings: Tanoa Land_MultistoryBuilding_01_F Land_MultistoryBuilding_03_F Land_MultistoryBuilding_04_F Land_Shop_City_04_F Land_Shop_City_05_F Land_Hotel_02_F Land_Cathedral_01_F CUP Land_OrlHot Land_Mil_House Land_Mil_House_dam Land_A_MunicipalOffice Land_HouseB_Tenement Land_Mil_House_EP1 Land_Mil_House_dam_EP1 Land_Dum_istan2_01 Land_Dum_istan2_02 Land_Dum_istan2_03 Land_Dum_istan2_03a Land_Dum_istan2_04a Land_Dum_istan3_hromada Land_Dum_mesto3_istan Land_Dum_istan4 Land_Dum_istan4_big Land_Dum_istan4_big_inverse Land_Dum_istan4_detaily1 Land_Dum_istan4_inverse
  9. DeathF0X

    Server Transfer System

    1. All users need the addon installed 2. Call the function on the server !!! 3. If you dont know SQF, open a new TAB and learn SQF. // code needs to run on the server! _player = param[0,objNull]; _id = owner _player; ["IP","PORT",TIMEOUT,"PASSWORD",AUTOJOIN] remoteExec ["STS_fnc_Transfer",_id];
  10. DeathF0X

    MPMission FILES

    Then you maybe ask in Life Forums for help or here https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/forum/200-arma-3-find-or-offer-editing/
  11. initServer.sqf //example addMissionEventHandler ["HandleDisconnect", { params ["_unit", "_id", "_uid", "_name"]; _gear = getUnitLoadout _unit; [_unit,_gear] remoteExec ["fox_alive_fnc_savePlayer",2]; format["%1 left the server.",_name] remoteExec ["systemChat",-2]; }];
  12. DeathF0X

    Server Transfer System

    @KeganH STS vanished from Steam Workshop If someone needs it, Armaholic has it still uploaded http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=33152
  13. DeathF0X

    [FOX] Advanced Urban Zipline

    Build: 2.1 * Shooting disabled (tbd) + Diary entry includes fix * drift off fixed * New keys !!! * cant remember all changes
  14. DeathF0X

    [FOX] Advanced Urban Zipline

    Gonna check it