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  1. Heli Transport script

    Many thanks will test it tonight on dedi :)
  2. Heli Transport script

    Cheers :)
  3. Heli Transport script

    Hmm does not work on Dedi but is ok on MP so will need some tweaking but will do that over the weekend :)
  4. Heli Transport script

    Nice find works great , will need to test on MP and dedi but looks cool so far cheers :)
  5. Heli Transport script

    thanks but that is for SP only and does not work on dedi :(
  6. Hi does anyone have a reliable Heli transport script out there they could recommend ? needs to be MP - I did have one a long time ago throw smoke it lands and takes you where you need to go but cannot find it anymore :( Need it to transport players around if no pilot is on Thanks
  7. Saint Kapaulio Terrain [ W.IP]

    a small update replacing the bridge so now AI can travel over it , and removed the road under the water - v.10
  8. Enemy occupation system (eos)

    Is there a way to save the green zones that have been cleared out so when I restart my sever it do not have to clear them out again ? was thinking about using Inidbi has anyone done that yet ? Thanks
  9. Enemy occupation system (eos)

    I am playing as Independence but they do not seem to spawn what am I doing wrong ? Ignore resolved changed trigger to "GUER"
  10. BMR Insurgency

    Ahh perfect sorry I missed that part as that was what I was interested in as did not want to start again on the zones LOL Many thanks for your kind works should be pushing another update in the next week or so - so any issues suggestions let me know :) and ill be pushing this mission as it is AWESOME :)
  11. BMR Insurgency

    Wow looks impressive and love it on my Island :) Does it have any Plans for Persistence ?
  12. Saint Kapaulio Terrain [ W.IP]

    Update v1.09 Added a new village and clean up a lot of misplaced objects. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939686262
  13. Saint Kapaulio Terrain [ W.IP]

    Cheers, any bugs please let em know so i can sort them out !
  14. Saint Kapaulio Terrain [ W.IP]

    Updated to v.1.08 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939686262
  15. Building system

    Yep ibuild is what ZoneKiller's has taken over I believe as it looks the same - but i think the major draw back is that the parts take no damage, which is a real shame :( lets hope some talented person release an amazing base building addons ............