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  1. 1para{god-father}

    Need help on Server from External IP

    I have checked and all is allowed i have even turned them Avast and Windows off for testing but still cannot cannot see the server from outside 😞
  2. Need some help connecting with my server I am setting up I have it all running but cannot see / connect from outside - I have tried port forward / and now trying UPNP but no luck at all - not sure what else i can try - server seems fine and can connect on local IP but not external - 17:39:15 Dedicated host created. 17:39:25 Game Port: 2302, Steam Query Port: 2303 17:39:28 UPNP initialized 17:39:28 Mission Liberation on Saint Kapaulio Terrain read from bank. 17:39:28 Host identity created. 17:39:28 Roles assigned. 17:39:28 Reading mission ... 17:39:40 Mission read. 17:39:40 Game started. My router seems to be setting it up correct but cannot see it still - YES UDP 2302 2302 YES UDP 2304 2304 YES UDP 2303 2303 YES UDP 2306 2306
  3. 1para{god-father}

    [Release] Liberation RX

    Do you know a way to add supplies as a reward if you complete a side mission i.e get 200 Supplies ?
  4. 1para{god-father}

    [Release] Liberation RX

    Perfect many thanks indeed much 🙂 appreciated
  5. 1para{god-father}

    [Release] Liberation RX

    Perfect it seems to be running now - just a few Q - 1) is there a way to turn off or change the Ranking system ? 2) The cash point / telephone does it just use the models - and is there a way to get all the locations other than going to each location and getting the pos ? 3) How can i remove the admin command - as after testing i don't want that it removes temptation of cheating 🙂 Thanks
  6. 1para{god-father}

    [Release] Liberation RX

    How easy is it to port this to a new Terrain - could you let me know , is it just replacing the mission.sqm and markers etc.. ?
  7. 1para{god-father}

    [RELEASE] HALs Store v1.5

    Yep that sounds like a great plan as no need for a UI and you can put a lot of stuff back in when you scavenge from dead AI 🙂 get like 50% back from sell price
  8. 1para{god-father}

    [RELEASE] HALs Store v1.5

    Any way to add in selling items back to a trader ? i.e drop it all into a ammo crate and sell all items back to the trader to get some money - good way to earn some cash 🙂
  9. 1para{god-father}

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Anyone else getting this when you steal AI vehicles they don't seem to shoot at you Anyone know a way to LOCK all AI vehicles ?
  10. 1para{god-father}

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    First of all love the mission one of the very best I have played ! Just wanted to know if it is possible to restrict building base parts so they only spawn and starting base so you have to load them / lift chopper , transport to the base so more realistic logistics of base building ? Thanks
  11. 1para{god-father}

    3D satmap on Gimp or PS

    Many thanks for your post , that helped me out a Lot
  12. Does anyone know the class name for the old wooden bridge I think it was in A2 maybe even a1 cannot seem to find any class names for A2/1 I am sure I have seen it in CUP but no idea where Any help most welcome :) Thanks
  13. 1para{god-father}

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    I am playing a Campaign with a few mates, and if we all die and return back to the Sector again in say 1 min with a halo , it all starts again it wipes all the destroyed vehicles units....and they all spawn fresh so it is like starting again, which is a pain as sometimes we nearly captured the sector. Is there a parameter i can tweak to keep the sector alive for longer if no players are there ? Thanks
  14. 1para{god-father}

    Base Building ?

    Is there any Base Building Mods/scripts out there similar to say Exile ? Cheers
  15. 1para{god-father}

    Heli Transport script

    Many thanks will test it tonight on dedi :)