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  1. [IceBreakr/IBIS] Southeast Angola 1974

    IceBreakr strikes again!
  2. Done thew Google translate, so maybe someone who speaks German and do a better translation The sign roughly translate to surfaces road Danger The arranger of the control stations Is following Right driver Overtaking prohibited top speed For trucks 25 km and for Car and motorcycles 40 km When it is dark, it is necessary to bring chalk Parking prohibited Stop in the road is prohibited

    Assault course and or Obstacle course?

    "AAF troops From 1st Battalion & Troops from Hebontes Command and Control OPFOR Section mucking around during a break in CQB training"
  5. Must Hold Back the RRRRRRR Word! with that out the way, you done a fantastic job look forward to driving around on it
  6. fanatic, an actual proper training map, eagerly awaiting the release!
  7. AV-8B Harrier 2 Series Standalone

    sorry to be completely unrelated to the topic, firewill How did get Eden editor font like that?
  8. US Military Mod

    so i was playing around with the setObjectTexture lines from the A2 version and it works, even the ranks, but the Unit Patches don't it might be related to the what is going on with the Squad.xmls, i compiled a list of the setObjectTexture (Click the spoiler)
  9. US Military Mod

    For me the shoulder patches are not working, unless you have to do threw the setObjectTexture command, and yes i it up to date
  10. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Thank you
  11. RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    sorry if this is a bit of dumb question, How the heck to reload the smoke launcher on the M113s?
  12. AIF_Infantrymen's workshop

    Version 2 is now out for the ACU Rank icons, i have change the format of the folders, and the scrip is now in as well, just click the download again If you need support with any of my missions\mod, jump onto my discord Regards Me!
  13. AIF_Infantrymen's workshop

    G'day All It a being a bit but i done with a new mod well sort of i have complied rank insignia for the ACU uniform in RHSUSAF mod, it can be use for both SP missions & Clan uses in multiplayer. Click the spoiler to see some photos NOTE: i have not test it yet in mp, i am going to work on a scrip that should have ability to select what rank you want ------------------------------ Read the Readme.txt for tutorial on how to use, if you a bit of newbie at editing click the showcase mission See the First post for download links Also I now have a discord, hop on it to see what in the works: Click me and you get a cookie with regards Me!