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  1. Joining the UNSUNG Discord we have a channel for upcoming events. You don't have to commit to joining any community and this will take off any burden of having to actually turn up to anything. Just watch the #upcoming_events on our discord invite here: https://discord.gg/2RXqmjb This way you can see multiple community's public events and even some unique ones.
  2. Perfect for the Nam simulation :) Nah it's known mate. Londo's been looking at ways he can fix that up afaik.
  3. No mate it's all good! Only poking fun <3
  4. Soon™ Basically no work has been done on it yet for not having anyone assigned or involved to do it yet. I think there was a want to convert it to it's proper time period correct model from the model we have with a re-texture which will come in due time. If you know anyone wanting to do that sort of work feel free to contact Eggbeast through PM.
  5. Considering they have a bug tracker and although you've already explained it here on the forum, I think they would like you to fill out a report on their bug tracker to help with their organisation of tasks and fixes, especially with Tanks dlc coming out there may or may not be a lot of issues in modifications following game updates or dlc releases. EDIT: Sorry first edit sounded a little mean! Teams have their own ways of dealing with bug reports and tracking issues so it's helpful to follow methods given for their organisation to help fix it quicker especially if it's a major patch needed after any game update. Try to take pictures with the report though as that extremely helps them understand the situation and replication of the issue.
  6. Use the module in the editor under UNSUNG for rug_dsai and you should be able to disable it there via the options available. I believe this enables the default voices on vanilla units again.
  7. Faces of War [WW2]

    Good movie :) And yeah as hard as it is to create some of the roughest fighting terrain in the word, they did a pretty damn good job of giving it the feel of it.
  8. This should help! TL:DW, If you want to use it out of infantry slot, it has to initiate in a radio slot AT LEAST ONCE and then you'll be able to scroll to receive an option to pull up the radio interface. After that it can sit anywhere in your inventory until you take it out. If you want to play it from a vehicle or crate then it just has to be in the vehicle inventory and then the scroll wheel option should then be available .
  9. Also I highly suggest testing without ACE or any other mod before reporting. I know ACE issues will arise but we don't test it ourselves so it's good to understand if it's a conflict issue or actual bug on our end. We'll prioritise fixing bugs on our end and trying to fix conflicts by contacting the teams it's conflicting with to sort out the issue but we obviously don't want to reach out if it does not involve their mod at all and is entirely an issue with UNSUNG alone.
  10. I believe it may just not be there in the editor. We've pushed an editor and zeus fix in the latest update which will be going out shortly in which might solve your issue.
  11. Would definitely be challenging but by god satisfying.
  12. US Military Mod

    We have some footage of the M16A1 HBAR being used in Vietnam. Not sure "how much" use it got but I assume it was late war as it made use of the 30 Rnd magazine and it is visible in at least two clips of footage from firing it in the field. Wasn't visible specifically if Marines or Army were using it, but it was enough to say it was used at least.