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  1. Barden

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Sure thing, my mistake! With the Gun pointed at you, on the left you have the .30 cal port for the 1919, on the right you should have the slot for the gunner optic. Here's a few pictures where you can see the visible Optic on the Gun Mantlet. Two Captured Stuarts I hope these images help present what I'm talking about. Something I only noticed after pulling the pictures is how you guys have used bolted on hatches to cover the old Machine Gun ports that it originally came with facing forward on either side of the hull. Nice touch 🙂 (Had to edit the post since some of my pictures where of the M3A1, with improved Turret and chassis, sorry!)
  2. Barden

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Very cool! These look amazing 😄 I didn't want to bring it up because it was still WIP, however I feel it's my mistake for bringing it up in the very late stage. Will you be adding the vision port for the Gunner's Optic to the M3 Stuart's Gun mantlet? Like I said, my mistake for noticing it and not bringing it up before, but better late than never I guess. In any case besides this extremely good work and it looks so damn amazing and can't wait to drive this around a desert, or any other WW2 situations, if a Italy or Normandy skin is going to be made. Especially can't wait to drive around in the WC51with the 37mm doing early US Tank Destroyer Battalion Prototype Africa stuff! Thanks again Cheers 🙂
  3. Barden

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Great work! Even staying in theme with the black helmet bands, since USMC didn't get the ones the army did, and had to make their own out of rubber.
  4. Barden

    USMC Packs Vietnam

    Well done! I recommend retexturing the camouflage tents to be the Mitchell camouflage seen here: Then you'd be golden. Still great work :)
  5. You place them down in the editor, and then double click them to edit their modules. The modules themselves are pretty self explanatory visually. The Mod is not tested with ACE, but all the modules that we have should not be affected by ACE. Valkyries can only be played via the Helicopters (action menu) OR if you manually add the MP3 to your mission file which you can learn how to do so here!
  6. The reporter's view distance was also turned down like his other settings and was definitely running 64bit. However I believe next update the issue is resolved as it was reported and resolved in the phabricator. So one can only wait to see if this mysterious cause of the issue has indeed been fixed which on the beta build we are sure we did.
  7. Roadkill we've actually had a few others step forward over the past months about that exact problem, running with ONLY UNSUNG. So definitely shouldn't be a mod conflict, however because the issue has seemed to be so limited we've been unable to reproduce and impossible to fix. We had direct line contact with the guy and he wasn't running anything on higher than High level in video settings and he was running a memory allocator and was still getting the crash issue. Thank you hg2012trigger for the rpt. file as it might give us some insight as to what is happening. Doung and Da Krong are the biggest concerns, as Dông Há is an older map and expected to have issues until we updated it from brg_africa foliage. Cheers again!
  8. Joining the UNSUNG Discord we have a channel for upcoming events. You don't have to commit to joining any community and this will take off any burden of having to actually turn up to anything. Just watch the #upcoming_events on our discord invite here: https://discord.gg/2RXqmjb This way you can see multiple community's public events and even some unique ones.
  9. Perfect for the Nam simulation :) Nah it's known mate. Londo's been looking at ways he can fix that up afaik.
  10. No mate it's all good! Only poking fun <3
  11. Soon™ Basically no work has been done on it yet for not having anyone assigned or involved to do it yet. I think there was a want to convert it to it's proper time period correct model from the model we have with a re-texture which will come in due time. If you know anyone wanting to do that sort of work feel free to contact Eggbeast through PM.
  12. Considering they have a bug tracker and although you've already explained it here on the forum, I think they would like you to fill out a report on their bug tracker to help with their organisation of tasks and fixes, especially with Tanks dlc coming out there may or may not be a lot of issues in modifications following game updates or dlc releases. EDIT: Sorry first edit sounded a little mean! Teams have their own ways of dealing with bug reports and tracking issues so it's helpful to follow methods given for their organisation to help fix it quicker especially if it's a major patch needed after any game update. Try to take pictures with the report though as that extremely helps them understand the situation and replication of the issue.