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  1. sam851 - I check this and looks like Mohawk can take small crates, but MH9 will crash, so there is a problem all time. kaysio - Yes, if you make some change in IL_fnc_Do_Load and give names to this objects. In this part of IgiLoad: if !(_force) then { _obj_lst = nearestObjects[_spoint, _supported_cargo, _sdist]; } add something like this: if (Object_To_Disable in _obj_lst) then { _obj_lst = _obj_lst - Object_To_Disable; }; all should look like this: if !(_force) then { _obj_lst = nearestObjects[_spoint, _supported_cargo, _sdist]; if (Object_To_Disable in _obj_lst) then { _obj_lst = _obj_lst - Object_To_Disable; }; } Object_To_Disable - replace this with name of your object. This is to show you where make modifications = this code will not work. It is fast create, so one object = one if.
  2. Are you talking about "Arma 3 Vehicle in Vehicle Transport"? If so: "For proper function it needs suitable transport vehicle with cargo space defined in model and in config."
  3. Ok, Finally, logistics in Arma 3 will be better supported. I have to take a closer look this: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Vehicle_in_Vehicle_Transport And I think... At the same time it looks like it is the "The End" for IgiLoad. I am happy :) and sad :( at the same time.
  4. This is Arma problem https://feedback.bistudio.com/T75669 - you can voteup https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/163358-igiload-script-logistical-support/page-5#entry2567914
  5. Try to use this in line 1172: if (((_box_num > _slot_num) && !_done) && !(_x getVariable "R3F_LOG_disabled")) then It is not nice way, but this should work. You can try this version of IgiLoad - changed for Epoch: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/30207-igiload-script-updated-0350/
  6. I just dowload this from market and I'll test it. First feeling - I like it ;)
  7. IgiLoad 0.9.11 TODO list: New AddAction script. Actions will be add to vehicles in distance IL_AddAction_Dist. I'll try to add actions needed to player not all - Done 50% Change functions names from IL_Name to IL_fnc_Name - Done 100% Separate vehicles and cargos configs from core - Done 20% Vehicles and cargos config in separate files. Maybe to "configFile >> "cfgVehicles" >>" and loaded if needed - Done 0% New force load/unload functions. - Done 100% Add stringtable.xml - Done 0% Improving the use of backpacks during a parachute jump. - Done 5% Debug to diaglog and/or hint. - Done 100% I still do not have a way to calculate the size of the objects - BoundingBoxReal do not return real values for lots of objects. I'm think about few things, but it is too early to talk about them.
  8. Adding new heli... Not now - now I want to focus on core and configuration. C130 is in IgiLoad, I can make fast check is this the same or not and make some small changes. "ammoboxes"... Nope, only SupplyBox and nothing smaller: https://forums.bistudio.com/topic/163358-igiload-script-logistical-support/page-5#entry2568705 (https://youtu.be/FaAX5uljeDU)
  9. Link to this C130 pls. Have you add correct params for this C130 or only new type in array? I think IgiLoad will back to live, slow, but... :) 0.9.11 is WIP with changes in core (and new bugs) ;)
  10. EEEMB - Adding vehicle to array is not all. Script have to know where to look for objects to load, where is cargo space, where eject players and more. "Also, it would be cool if vehicles could be added to the script at will as long as the class name is known" - if you want separation core from configs, I'm working on it in separate brench (this need time)... Snakeyes - Are you using IgiLoad modified by EliteWarfare from http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/30207-igiload-script-152015/ If not thene try it.
  11. dzrealkiller - What is truck type name, is it supported by IgiLoad? What is cargo type name, is it supported by IgiLoad? Do you have showScriptErrors on? If not try to turn this on https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma2:_Startup_Parameters . Do you have action menu "Disable loading outside" whene you are driver?
  12. SpanishSurfer - No, IgiLoad is on hold because of the important things. I will inform when I start working on Heli DLC.
  13. CapBlackShot - I'll take look at this. This can be problem with colisions on Covered version. UPDATE: I can not reproduce this problem. There remains only the question of desynchronization.
  14. CapBlackShot - Can you describe exactly? What types of vehicles? If something is loaded on a vehicle that is loaded or someone is in this vehicle? If loaded vehicle is empty this can be desynchronization or something in game and I can not fix this.
  15. Baconide - The default settings are not ideal for every mission. Object falling from the 1000m gains high speed, so the parachute does not have enough time to open. Change line 80: [color="#FF0000"]IL_Para_Drop_Open_ATL = 150;[/color] [color="#00FF00"]IL_Para_Drop_Open_ATL = 300;[/color] 300 is example, you need to find the appropriate value for your mission. If this do not help - try to set "IL_Para_Drop_Velocity = false;".