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  1. Great release, superb addon, while messing with it using Zeus I noticed it is not available in the Zeus menu.
  2. Thanks Jacmac, love this script, very useful.
  3. daskunk

    When your stuck in Zeus

    When your stuck and not sure what to do next or cant figure something out press Y and have a go at this lol.. Superb add on for the weary I think hahahaha http://youtu.be/Vty_dVDyGVE
  4. daskunk

    Arma 3 Seagulls & Sounds

    All these sounds would be available separate to the map in the mission editor Alpha Kilo thats what i meant about getting the sounds to use in the editor, Not have them implemented in the map.
  5. daskunk

    Arma 3 Seagulls & Sounds

    Construction Factory Ambient townlife Traffic School Hospital eg: Emergency Vehicles Airport Dogs Barking Sheep Chickens Goats etc etc etc As content makers for the game we need these sounds to showoff this game to it's full. Not just to satisfy our need for environmental interaction ?
  6. daskunk

    Arma 3 Seagulls & Sounds

    Please please give us some seagulls. I really am truly shocked that these sounds are not in the game. Please ? http://youtu.be/YFLnIGaPnLA
  7. If you want your mission to start 45 mins after initial start use BIS ammo boxes.... if you want it to start in 2 minutes use VAS.... VAS Rox
  8. This is the first time i have noticed this to be honest, but it just doesn't seem right that this should happen. After 849 hours of play in this game and probably 800 of them in the editor i may be becoming a little OCD about things lol
  9. TY MadDogX for moving this for me.
  10. I posted this in the wrong forum i asked it to be moved to dev branch to see if it was just an issue with my gfx or others have experienced this also, before i made a ticket for it.
  11. for the life of me I can't understand why i should lose close view textures when only increasing my view distance by so little an amount.
  12. My apologies this was supposed to be in the dev section, can a mod please move it for me ? http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?152866-Development-branch-discussion
  13. Very strange. dual core intel 840 gtx 650ti gfx card 4 gig ram http://youtu.be/EnVttu59f50
  14. Larrow your a star m8 thanks very much. And yes i forgot to name it Capture lol, thanx for your help to Zen much appreciated. I thought i may be able to understand how it works but its a tougher task atm for me i think i am trying to run before i can walk. Once again thanks for the great support and help chaps o7 Skunk
  15. Now getting this error bud... from rpt waitUntil { _Sector getVariable "owner" != sideUnkno> Error position: <_Sector getVariable "owner" != sideUnkno> Error Undefined variable in expression: _sector File C:\Users\Gary\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\-1PARA-DaSkunk\mpmissions\AfterTheRainV01.Altis\init.sqf, line 65 Error in expression <ile {(!(_GameOver))} do {