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Port forwarding

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Tried posting this in troubleshooting but got no replies. So i will try here instead.

Hope someone can help.

I host games for my friends and I. But apparently my router have messed something up and i have to redo the port forwarding. I cant seem to find the source i used the last time and a lot of searching have made me confussed. The last time i made the port forward i think i had something for arma, something for steam and something for battleeye. But in most of the searches i did people only mention the arma ones 2302-2305. But cant get it to work with only those (might be a router problem)

So which ports do i need to forward?

And do my friends have to open anything?

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According to v1.62 of Arma 3, ports 2302 & 2303 need to be open (UDP/TCP) to host a server.

Your friends do not need to open the same ports on their router, but make sure your local IP hasn't changed if you've had networking issues. This can happen if you reset your router as your local IP might change, as well as any settings you've applied.


Hope this helps as I had the same question.

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