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  1. Hello, I have more than 100+ models of buildings/apartments purchased from many 3D sites, in short, medium & large sizes. Can deal with their resolutions, roadways, memories, paths etc. all the time, there's no issue. However, it seems like a very laborious task to create geometry lods separately for each large building. Especially, if there are interior parts of the big 8-storey building for instance. Well, it isn't what I didn't do, I always made the buildings' geometry lod beforehand by combining the various quadrilaterals manually. These were the little houses. And then they didn't cause much trouble, they didn't take my time. - But in this, when the building is so large and it has many interior parts, applying the same old method can turn into a torture. You just cannot simply create a few geometry lod square and leave model alone thereafter. Worse, it will delay the releasing date of the building pack Would like to know if there is a more practical, faster way to create easily geometry lods for big static objects (with interiors) Many thanks -cdrv