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  1. HIGH-MACS - HMCS Addon

    This is epic!
  2. Exploring the windmill... doing a recce for the perfect shot... @IFA3, @Female Sniper,
  3. Top gun 2 teaser poster inspired.. firewill's f-14 tomcat, tete's nimitz, vanilla pilot
  4. So I bought some merch...

    I bought a few t-shirts (arma III) . How long does it normally take Too deliver? Thanks.
  5. TAW_Teeha's GPNVG-18 Panoramic Night Vision Goggles, @metro
  6. inspired by "megan leavey", great touching film about a sniffer dog and its handler. @max women , @zargabad , r0dx864's k9 unit.
  7. USMC 2035

    you can find some decent US forces here tho. for arma 3.
  8. Arma3 Videos

    something special..
  9. JDog & TeTeT nimitz, firewill's F14 tomcat. @porto
  10. my black hawk down intro.





  11. Arma3 Videos

    Arma 3 , Black hawk down inspured.. I made this intro, but couldnt finish the rest off. Having trouble with AI units..
  12. @US2000s forces, @mog, @centralafricanrebels