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  1. Just as the title says, I cant load any maps within my dedicated server, mission loads but then it kicks me out for no reason at all. 1st I made the mission in the Eden editor in the desired map, this time is Chernaurus_autumn from the CUP MAPS mod. (It's just s zeus premade since the modpack doesnt come with it so you have to make it). 2nd Everything works perfectly on the eden editor, I can play the mission normally as a zeus and as a unit and have set everything up correctly. 3rd When I put the .pbo (mission file) on the server and try to load it, everything works fine untill it comes to loading the actual map, at that point it just kicks me out. note: I have checked the server log when this happens and this is the message that appears: If there's any kind soul willing to help me out with this one, this is my gmail: pauloniaco@gmail.com