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  1. Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    How did you get this feature to work? I thought voice commands simply translate into a sequence of automatic key presses but there are no keys bindings in vanilla Arma which allow for such a feature?
  2. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Just did a quick test on dev branch myself with the Panther (NATO tracked APC) and Hunter (NATO MRAP). With the Panther, I could hear it from noticeably longer range and without sudden audio "pop-in". However, the Hunter seems to still have the old issue of being almost silent until it is around 300m and then suddenly have audio pop-in with the engine. From that test, I'm assuming that only the tracked vehicles have been fixed so far while wheeled vehicles are still broken. I'm crossing my fingers that BI manage to implement this fix for all ground vehicles before the next patch is due to roll out.
  3. Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    That's great to hear! I hope all vehicles have been tweaked. One of the disadvantages of vehicles, in comparison to infantry, is their noise emission greatly reducing their stealth. This has not been fully realised in Arma 3 so far though. There have been hundreds of occasions where an enemy vehicle has seemingly materialised out of thin air at close range and decimated our friendly infantry. Infantry should be able to hear a vehicle coming towards them from relatively long range as long as the ambient environment sound levels are low, especially if that vehicle is moving at relatively high speeds.
  4. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    After having more time to test, read other opinions, and contemplate, I think I'm actually changing my mind on which system I prefer. If the new weapon deploy system currently in dev branch is not going to change from how it is right now with the lack of aiming limitations, I would actually prefer to stick with the old weapon deploy system. However, if BI do have the time and resources to make minor improvements upon the new dev branch system (such as strictly limit how high you can aim), then I would be for the new system.
  5. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    "wait does this not only further increase bi-pod advantages?" ^ I have no issue with the advantages a bipod brings. After all, in real life, a bipod is a tool for the specific purpose of increasing the stability of a weapon while in the prone shooting position. In Arma, it would make sense if the player would gain the stability advantages a bipod brings anytime he is in the prone stance. "then you have the whole separate issue of now having to still have a key anyway for deploying on windows or ledges for obvious reasons not wanting automatic deployment walking past a window." ^ Again, I think you misunderstand me. I have no issue with keeping a "deploy weapon" keybinding for the purpose of deploying your weapon on objects such as rocks, low walls, window sills, etc. I'm just arguing that it would be better if the bipod would automatically deploy whenever you enter the prone stance since it would save you from having to repeatedly press an additional key. "there is a slight decrease in speed of movement when deployed turning compared to not deployed. perhaps just adjust how fast you can deploy or move when deployed." ^ I personally wouldn't want the aiming speed to be significantly reduced when deployed. In real life, whether your weapon has a bipod attached or not has no significant affect on how quickly you can re-adjust your point of aim while prone. Significantly increasing the amount of time it takes to deploy your weapon isn't the best solution either, from a gameplay or realism standpoint.
  6. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    This would actually be a good solution. If a player has a bipod, anytime the player lays prone, the bipod should automatically deploy and stay deployed until the player exits prone. I would also suggest changing the pivot point (axis) of rotation when deployed so that it is exactly the same place as when un-deployed (lower torso rather than bipod).
  7. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    You've missed my point. Bipod or not, players gain an advantage in reduced sway and reduced recoil when they deploy their weapon. When deploying on a rock, wall, window sill, etc. there is an inherent limitation involved where the player is trading reduced freedom of aiming for increased shooting stability. However, when prone with this new system, there is no trade off. You incur no limitation by deploying your weapon but still gain all the advantages. I'm arguing that this will likely result in players feeling they have to constantly spam their deploy key whenever they lay prone.
  8. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    With this new system, the body stance and aiming movement (animation) of the player is now exactly the same when deployed compared to un-deployed. This means there are no differences in aiming limitatons when comparing deployed to un-deployed. The only difference is the pivot point of rotation, where the lower torso is used as the pivot point when un-deployed, while the bipod (or other part of the weapon when without bipod) is used as the pivot point when deployed. This raises a consideration; if there are no limitations associated with deploying your weapon when prone, is there any reason or circumstance where a player should choose not to deploy his weapon when prone? If there is no reason or circumstance, will this not result in players feeling they have to constantly spam their deploy key every time they lay prone, even without bipod? My suggestion to help solve this conundrum: Remove the ability for players to deploy their weapon when prone if they lack a bipod. (Players without a bipod can still deploy their weapon on rocks, low walls, window sills, etc. as usual)
  9. Weapon Resting & Deployment Feedback

    After some testing, here are my thoughts on the new system compared to old system: Pros: More freedom to easily move the weapon horizontally. Weapon is kept level rather than being tilted when deploying on a slope while facing perpendicular to the gradient (e.g.slope is N to S, weapon pointed E or W). Cons: Too much freedom to aim upwards Overall, I prefer the new system compared to the old system. However, the new system could be improved further by significantly reducing the amount of freedom the player has to aim upwards. My suggestions: Bipod should automatically un-deploy when the player aims above a certain level (in relation to the ground). It would be great if the Bipod legs automatically visually extend and retract depending on the distance of the weapon in relation to the ground. E.g. When the player aims upwards, the bipod legs extend.
  10. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Have you tried ordering "stop" command to your driver? Example: Select driver "tilde/F2/F3" -> "1" -> "6" I find that AI infantry sometimes won't enter a vehicle unless the AI driver of said vehicle has been given "stop" command by the player, even if the vehicle is already stationary.
  11. Nevermind a different missile variant, would be better to give the Scalpel 2 flight profiles (top down and direct) which you can toggle between with the F key, similar to how toggle between different flight profiles with the Titan and PCML. RHS's hellfire missiles also allow you to toggle between different flight profiles in this way.
  12. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Is there a reason why the KH-3A Fenghuang UAV (the Apex DLC drone for pacific CSAT) doesn't have customisable pylons? I'm guessing BI simply forgot to update it in the Jets DLC patch. Would be nice if this would be fixed.
  13. If you fire a LOAL capable missile towards the horizon without a hardlock or even a data link target detected, will the missile still be able to acquire a target automatically once a valid target (e.g. radar for HARM, aircraft for ARH) appears within the missiles own sensor range? Or does LOAL only work if your aircraft knows about the target thanks to the aircraft's own sensors or a datalink friendly sensing the target? EDIT: I think the above post may have answered this question but it would be nice to get a direct confirmation anyway.
  14. I also find it frustrating that it is possible to taxi helicopters with wheeled landing gear when using advanced but you can't with standard.
  15. You maybe right in that the helo time trials are balanced around the advanced flight model. I believe I'm a pretty decent pilot with the standard flight model (K&M) and yet I've only managed to get gold on TT8, 9 and 10. I've tried both TT6 and 7 many times but have yet to score gold. I think the key is that the advanced flight model enables you to fly faster on the straights thanks to lack of a max speed limiter (as long as you don't overspeed otherwise your rotors break). Advanced flight model also gives you direct control over the collective which helps.