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  1. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Is there a reason why the KH-3A Fenghuang UAV (the Apex DLC drone for pacific CSAT) doesn't have customisable pylons? I'm guessing BI simply forgot to update it in the Jets DLC patch. Would be nice if this would be fixed.
  2. If you fire a LOAL capable missile towards the horizon without a hardlock or even a data link target detected, will the missile still be able to acquire a target automatically once a valid target (e.g. radar for HARM, aircraft for ARH) appears within the missiles own sensor range? Or does LOAL only work if your aircraft knows about the target thanks to the aircraft's own sensors or a datalink friendly sensing the target? EDIT: I think the above post may have answered this question but it would be nice to get a direct confirmation anyway.
  3. I also find it frustrating that it is possible to taxi helicopters with wheeled landing gear when using advanced but you can't with standard.
  4. You maybe right in that the helo time trials are balanced around the advanced flight model. I believe I'm a pretty decent pilot with the standard flight model (K&M) and yet I've only managed to get gold on TT8, 9 and 10. I've tried both TT6 and 7 many times but have yet to score gold. I think the key is that the advanced flight model enables you to fly faster on the straights thanks to lack of a max speed limiter (as long as you don't overspeed otherwise your rotors break). Advanced flight model also gives you direct control over the collective which helps.
  5. General Discussion (dev branch)

    There is this bug that has been around for a year which I'm hoping shouldn't be difficult or time consuming to fix: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T125949 When in the "high prone" stance (otherwise known as sitting stance), when you move either left (A), right (D), or backwards (S), your avatar immediately resorts back to regular prone stance after releasing those movement keys. It can be very frustrating anytime you are trying to slightly adjust your position while remaining in the high prone stance.
  6. Release Candidate Branch Discussion

    How do we find the "patch notes" of the latest RC build? I know the RC build and dev branch build aren't 1 to 1 and I would like to see what is making it in for 1.84 EDIT: Nevermind, seems like this is the place to look: I would really like to see this fix make it into 1.84
  7. General Discussion (dev branch)

    I believe you can taxi helicopters with wheeled landing gear as long as you use advanced flight model. It is unfortunate that you can't taxi with standard flight model though...
  8. Laws of War DLC Feedback

    It's always great to hear from those who've had real-life experience. It sounds like you are playing through the "East Wind" campaign at the moment? That's the old campaign which comes with the base game. I recommend you check out the "Remnants of War" campaign which was introduced with the Laws of War DLC and which takes inspiration from the ICRC and International Humanitarian Law. It should be more up your alley. I also recommend the 3 mini-campaigns you can play if you have the Tac-Ops DLC (Beyond Hope, Stepping Stone, Steel Pegasus) since it includes the best crafted single-player scenarios in Arma 3 in my opinion and incorporates more issues of humanitarian law in comparison to East Wind.
  9. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    To get the target lead indicator you need to: Pilot an aircraft/vehicle which is equipped with that functionality (Wipeout, Neophron aren't equiped). Have your cannon selected ("F" to cycle through available weapons). Have an aircraft selected as your current target ("T" to target at centre of screen or "R" key to cycle through potential targets picked-up by sensors. You should see white brackets around the target). You don't need any mods or DLC to use this functionality. Vanilla vehicles such as Buzzard, Cheetah/Tigris and Blackfoot/Kajman are equiped with this functionality by default.
  10. Jets DLC Official Feedback

    You no longer get that target lead indicator for ground vehicle targets, that behaviour has been removed via one of the main stable branch patches awhile ago. Now you still have a CCIP indicator which accounts for range but you have to manually lead moving ground targets yourself. You only get a target lead indicator for air targets and only certain vehicles provide this functionality in the first place. I believe the Wipeout and Neophron attack jets don't provide this functionality while the air superiority/multi-role jets and SPAAGs do.
  11. Looks like I was the one who was mistaken, consider myself corrected.
  12. I think you've misunderstood. Anti-radiation missiles are essentially passive radar missiles, i.e. the missile itself has it's own radar sensor which is receive only (doesn't emit radar). The missiles itself "listens" for incoming radar emissions and then, once it senses an incoming radar emission, it can lock and home-in on that radar emission until it reaches the source of the emission, e.g. enemy vehicle with active radar on. The aircraft which launches the anti-radiation missile doesn't necessarily need it's own passive or active sensors to engage, it relies instead on the missile's sensor. Most aircraft have their own passive radar anyway, i.e. radar warning receiver. However, I imagine the way it will be implemented in Arma is that the aircraft will need to have a passive radar sensor for it to successfully use an anti-radiation missile but that isn't a huge issue since almost every pylon wielding aircraft in Arma 3 has it's own passive radar sensor (the AH-9 Pawnee being the single exception for whatever reason).
  13. I'm guessing the effectiveness of the M247 Hydra 70 (70mm HEAT warhead) must be close if not more than an M72 LAW warhead which is 66mm HEAT and the LAW is capable of penetrating 200mm of RHA which is enough to penetrate the top/roof armour of modern MBTs. You can argue that it is not only a matter of penetration but also what the damage potential is of the penetrating jet and the resulting armour spalling/fragmentation. Rightly or wrongly, the HE Shrieker and Tratnyr rockets seem to do the same if not more damage to buildings and structures when compared to their AP rocket equivalents which leaves the AP rockets without a useful application. HE rockets can also just as easily disable an APC/IFV via mobility or firepower kill and, thanks to the superior splash damage, you don't even have to rely on direct hits. Honestly, I personally would like to see AP rockets k-kill APCs/IFVs in 1-2 hits and k-kill MBTs in 2-3 (assuming each hit actually manages to penetrate through the armour). One AP Shrieker/Tratnyr rocket hitting an MBT on its roof (high angle dive) should be roughly equivalent to an infantryman carried LAT hitting an MBT on its roof, i.e. it should be pretty devastating.
  14. Is it me or are the AP Shrieker rockets too weak against armour? They use HEAT sub-munitions now which is nice but with the recent changes to rocket dispersion, even taking out a stationary IFV is harder than it should be. A standard IFV seems to require around 3-4 direct hits to k-kill whereas an MBT requires >7 direct hits (discounting hits soaked up by ERA). That may not sound a lot at first but bearing in mind that you will likely miss many of the rockets you fire even at close range due to the significant rocket dispersion and pilot error, and then couple that with the fact that you only get 7 rockets per rocket pod... I'm guessing the AP Shrieker rockets are loosely based on the real-life M247 Hydra 70 rockets and I can't easily find what the real-life effectiveness of those rockets were on armour but from a gameplay perspective, the current AP rockets are too weak to be effective against armour (IFV/MBT) and the HE Shrieker rockets seem to be just as effective against anything thin skinned (MRAP/truck/car) which makes the AP rockets kind of redundant since the HE rockets can be used against infantry as well. I think it would be an improvement to increase the damage a single AP rocket can deal against armour and thus make them a more viable weapon. EDIT: I've not yet tested the CSAT equivalent, AP Tratnyr rockets, but I'm guessing they suffer the same issue (the AP Tatnyr rocket pods hold 20 rockets instead but that's balanced out by a much greater dispersion). I also agree with the above post about inclusion of ripple fire by holding done trigger similar to DAR and Skyfire.
  15. General Discussion (dev branch)

    Speaking of which, please could you enable us to customise keybinding for the "shift+click" map way-point. At the moment, anytime I set shift+click waypoint while in a fixed-wing or VTOL aircraft, my throttle unintentionally increases. I'm sure many players have "increase throttle" key-bound to left shift like me. Same goes for map line drawing.