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  1. a_killer_wombat

    Zeus Community [Milsim, UK based]

    Global Mobilisation DLC open special event gamenight coming next Sunday! Can I join? Yes! The event is open to the public. What kind of gameplay style? Cooperative organised milsim. While the server is open to everyone, we aim for organised teamplay. Lone-wolfers and griefers will find themselves kicked/banned promptly. Date & Time Sunday 12th May, 17:30 UTC/GMT start Server name & address "Zeus Community #3 ¦ GLOBAL MOBILISATION PUBLIC" IP= Port Number=2320 Teamspeak server address ts.zeus-community.net Mod/DLC Requirements? Creator DLC Global Mobilisation of course! There aren't any other mandatory mod/DLC requirements although our community does provide an optional whitelisted modpack called Zclient. Other important info Please also join our Teamspeak server even if you don't have a mic. We use Teamspeak heavily for briefings, debriefings, and squad level comms. For more information about the community, see original post above
  2. a_killer_wombat

    Arma 3 - Creator DLC Discussion

    At the moment with the static tripod ATGMs, when you exit the weapon you are forced into a standing stance. This can be very frustrating when trying to maintain stealth. Would be great if this was fixed so you can stay prone once leaving the weapon.
  3. I recommend Rydygier's "Liability Insurance" mod which prevents vehicles from dealing damage to friendly infantry when they inevitably run them over. The mod only protects infantry of the same/friendly side of the vehicle so you can still kill enemy infantry by hit and run. The only possible downside of the mod is that it also has the side effect of disabling fall damage for infantry. I personally see this as another benefit though since AI tend to fall off buildings and cliffs. I also experience the APC run over 2 of my squadmates but thanks to this mod, they were able to get back up again. Armaholic link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27485 There is also a Steam Workshop version as well.
  4. In my eyes, the crux of the issue is the limitations in aircraft AI behaviour (particularly rotary wing). In a conventional war zone (state vs state), attack helicopters are very vulnerable to being shot down by all kinds of threats, including assets which weren't primarily designed to kill aircraft such as MBTs, IFVs, even ATGMs. This is why the tactical doctrine for attack helicopters is for them to do as much as they can to limit their exposure to possible enemy observation. This means nap-of-the-earth (NOE) flight, terrain masking, pop-up attacks, standoff range, etc. Unfortunately, Arma 3's helicopter AI isn't capable of performing any of those tactics and as such, are very vulnerable to being shot down by a player. And although AI AFVs do fire their auto-cannons and .50 MGs at aircraft when given the opportunity, I don't remember them ever firing their 105+mm cannons or ATGMs at aircraft (which is what would happen in real-life). This may be intentional by the devs to give AI helicopters a chance due to their limitations in avoiding such threats. If the devs flipped the switch to allow the AI to fire ATGMs and large calibre cannons at aircraft without changing the current AI helicopter behaviour, the AI helicopters would get shot down like flies.
  5. a_killer_wombat

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Fantastic work! Only now I wish Arma simulated the difference between light barrels and heavy barrels so that the automatic rifle variants of standard rifles such as the SPAR-16S, MX SW, and CAR-95-1 with high capacity magazines still have an inherent advantage for prolonged automatic fire in comparison to the standard rifles with the same high capacity magazines. Ideally, prolonged automatic fire with a light barrelled weapon would result in an accuracy penalty while a heavy barrelled weapon would not. Would it be possible for the LIM-85 (FN Minimi) to accept 30 round 5.56 STANAG mags like it's real-life counterpart can?
  6. YouTube Advert: Who are we? Zeus Community, an open community which has been playing Arma since the OFP days in 2001. Our Teamspeak server is our primary home with more information available via our website, forum and Discord channel. Links provided below. What should I expect on your server? We strive for Milsim oriented gameplay. In the hierarchical command structure, players are expected to follow the orders of their superiors and take responsibility of their subordinates. Communication and teamwork is key. Lone-wolfing, purposely ignoring commands, and other selfish behaviours will not be tolerated. We do employ some basic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and radio procedures for the sake of efficiency but nothing overly complex which can't be understood quickly while playing. We play mostly cooperative (PvE) missions at platoon scale (around 30 players) though we have been known to play Team vs Team (PvP) missions on occasion. How many ArmA 3 servers do you run? Two main game servers: One “vanilla” public server and one “addon” server. The vanilla public server is open to anyone interested in milsim gameplay, experienced or new, as long as you don’t break server rules of course. For the public server, there is not a mandatory mod requirement though we do often play missions which require official DLC such as Apex for the Tanoa terrain. However, it is strongly recommended that players to connect to our Teamspeak server (even if you don't have a mic) since we use Teamspeak for pre-mission briefing, post-mission debriefing, and on-mission squad comms (instead of group/green channel). We also recommend that players install our optional custom modpack called "ZClient" which includes very useful clientside mods such as ShackTac HUD (see Info Repo link below). On the other hand, the addon server requires all players to have a working mic and installation of our custom addon server modpacks which includes gameplay enhancing mods such as ACE3, ACRE 2, RHS, additional terrains and more. It is recommended that newcomers try out our vanilla public server before considering moving on to our addon server where gameplay is slightly more hardcore (e.i. always revive vs permanent death). What times do you play? Zeus Community #1 Public: Gamenight every Sunday & Thursday, start 18:30 UK time (GMT/BST) Zeus Community #2 Addon: Gamenight every Saturday & Wednesday, start 18:00 UK time (GMT/BST) Why should I choose Zeus Community? Milsim gameplay but without the role-playing fluff. While the missions we run on our servers do employ a hierarchical command structure, the community itself (outside of gameplay) does not have player ranking, role whitelisting, or any other unnecessary RP fluff like some other milsim communities. No need for "Sir! Yes sir!". No mandatory training or minimum attendance required. We are an open community so we don't punish players if they happen to have a busy life and can't commit to playing games on a regular basis. We only ask that you don't slot into mission critical roles (e.g. squad leader, pilot, etc.) for a mission if there is a reasonable chance that you may have to go AFK for significant periods of time. Also, although we do employ basic SOPs, radio comm procedures, and we do organise optional training sessions, we don't require newcomers to undergo mandatory training before they can play. Just listen to your leaders, follow the example of more experienced players and you will quickly familiarise yourself with how we operate. In-community developed, custom missions. Using the 3den Editor tool, 99% of the missions we run on our servers are developed by the community, for the community. While we do allow our community’s developers creative freedom, we still maintain quality standards for our missions. Do note that, despite a coincidence in the name, we actually rarely play Zeus Game Master missions (our community name predates ArmA 3's ZGM gamemode). High frequency of brand new missions to play. Most milsim communities are stuck with a relatively small pool of missions to replay for months where new missions are produced on an infrequent basis. Our community on the other hand, benefits from a combined pool of around 600+ missions and produces an average of 5 brand new missions across both servers each week for the community to play. Mission diversity. Unlike many other milsim communities, we don't limit ourselves to particular factions, equipment, vehicles or mission objectives. In one mission you may be a guerrilla fighter with limited equipment tasked with ambushing an enemy convoy, and then in the next mission you may be a tank crewman in a combined arms scenario with CAS and artillery support. Even revive or respawn mechanics (or lack thereof) can differ between missions. Diversity is the spice of life. Servers Zeus Community #1 Public - IP address: Port number: 2302 Zeus Community #2 Addon - IP address: Port Number: 2310 Links Teamspeak: teamspeak.zeus-community.net Website: https://zeus-community.net/a3/ Forum: https://zeus-community.net/a3forums/index.php Information Repository: https://goo.gl/mLQgP5 Steam Group: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/ZeusCommunity Discord: https://discord.gg/v6yng8p Questions? If you need more info, our Information Repository (link above) provides extensive information and tutorials. Also, feel free to message me if you have any questions or queries.
  7. Squad name: Zeus Community Timezone/location : UK (GMT/BST), Public (vanilla) server = Sun & Thurs 18:30, Addon server = Sat & Wed 18:00 Gamemode preference: Coop Milsim Contact email: N/A (PM me if you have questions) Website address: https://zeus-community.net/a3/ Short description: Milsim community, organised teamplay, no mandatory training required, open to experienced or newbie. Language: English
  8. a_killer_wombat

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Sorry, I'm not at all familiar with 3D modelling or what those terms mean in Arma. Could you tell me what's so promising about that particular update?
  9. a_killer_wombat

    DUI - Squad Radar

    Here is the timestamp where this feature is explained. Edit: Another question, how does your mod deal with KIA? As explained in the above video near the end, ShackTac's solution is that a squad member has to look at the dead body at close range for them to be confirmed KIA and so have their name removed from the name list. I quite like that feature as well or something similar to it. Edit 2: I will add this as feature request on GitHub
  10. a_killer_wombat

    DUI - Squad Radar

    One of the features that I really like about ShackTac's radar is the ability to remove/hide the vanilla "squad bar" (bottom left corner) and instead use the radar's name list to select subordinates. This feature helped clean up the HUD and thus improved immersion. Would it be possible to develop this feature for your mod as well?
  11. a_killer_wombat

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    Speaking of broken convoys, I've re-played the Fixed Wing Showcase relatively recently and found that the enemy convoy you are tasked to destroy seems to have issues moving as it's supposed to normally. Probably caused by the same issues mentioned here.
  12. a_killer_wombat

    General Discussion (dev branch)

    We could also use jungle/Pacific camo for the few NATO vehicles which still lack such camo textures (e.g. Hunter series, HEMTT series, etc.)
  13. a_killer_wombat

    Speakeasy VoiceAttack profile

    How did you get this feature to work? I thought voice commands simply translate into a sequence of automatic key presses but there are no keys bindings in vanilla Arma which allow for such a feature?
  14. a_killer_wombat

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Just did a quick test on dev branch myself with the Panther (NATO tracked APC) and Hunter (NATO MRAP). With the Panther, I could hear it from noticeably longer range and without sudden audio "pop-in". However, the Hunter seems to still have the old issue of being almost silent until it is around 300m and then suddenly have audio pop-in with the engine. From that test, I'm assuming that only the tracked vehicles have been fixed so far while wheeled vehicles are still broken. I'm crossing my fingers that BI manage to implement this fix for all ground vehicles before the next patch is due to roll out.
  15. a_killer_wombat

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    That's great to hear! I hope all vehicles have been tweaked. One of the disadvantages of vehicles, in comparison to infantry, is their noise emission greatly reducing their stealth. This has not been fully realised in Arma 3 so far though. There have been hundreds of occasions where an enemy vehicle has seemingly materialised out of thin air at close range and decimated our friendly infantry. Infantry should be able to hear a vehicle coming towards them from relatively long range as long as the ambient environment sound levels are low, especially if that vehicle is moving at relatively high speeds.